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The Fear Of Missing Out

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe fear of missing out, or FOMO, can cause a constant obsession with anything, and everything – whether it’s work, the news, or social media. And it can burn us out – physically, mentally and emotionally. It can actually compromise our adrenals, stress us out, scatter us mentally, and emotionally cause sadness, or even depression. We were not designed to live this way.

If we don’t unplug, take timeouts during our day, have an entire day of restoring ourselves, or actually take a vacation to unplug, we lose perspective of the great mystery that is life. We also sacrifice our freedom.

The most important spiritual benefit of taking time out is that our intuition becomes sharper. We don’t miss out on the messages our Guides, Angels, our Loved Ones on the other side, and the Divine may have for us. Yes, we have asked for their help, but for them it’s like t getting a busy signal on a phone line. They can’t get their message through to us. Continue reading

Romancing The Zodiac

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comFor many years I wrote a weekly horoscope for a local newspaper. It was a fun and funky paper with a demographic core group of loyal readers aged 23 to 33, and a 70% female to 30% male readership.

The editor asked me what type of horoscope I thought the newspaper needed, given that the male readership ratio was so much smaller compared to that of women. I told her that we needed to do a horoscope for males and females of each sign. We needed to break down the walls between men and women, because the newspaper’s advice column seemed to suggest neither sex had a clue about what was going on in the others’ head.

My plan was to write the horoscopes combining elements of Astrology and Numerology, but the meat and potatoes, the predictions within each horoscope itself, would come from me using a different Tarot deck each week. I did an overview for the week ahead, one for males and one for females, in  which lot of the astrological elements were taken into account. This was followed by a male and female horoscope for every sign of the Zodiac. Continue reading

Less Is More Equals Less Anxiety

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI was meditating the other day, and really needed to too! The whole first half of the day I had frantically been running around. There were so many things I felt “I had to do”. But after meditating I realized that many of the things I was so obsessed with get done, was really pointless. The frenzied day I embarked on just resulted in less money in my pocket, and additional stress when I ran into someone I really was trying to avoid. That ended up giving me a tension headache.

I could have been doing something else, something more constructive, like sitting in my comfy couch meditating and enjoying the wonderful serene rainstorm. That storm was really awesome; I really enjoy them. Continue reading

Morning Has Broken

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comJoy and inner peace only comes into our hearts as we invite the feeling into our awareness.

Sometimes we have a situation where we start to feel fear, anger, hurt, resentment. We know we have tried to do everything right, but nothing seems good enough, perfect enough, strong enough. Bitterness begins to creep into our minds. It is in these moments that we have to become determined to think of at least one small sliver of good, of positive in the situation.

Everything in the universe has a negative and positive, much like a battery. There is duality and polarity in every situation. It is universal law. Say, for instance, there is a problem at work. There is one co-worker who is difficult and out of sorts all the time. We have to learn to be a bit more diplomatic, learn to deal with such a person while staying centered and balanced, while at the same time teaching them how to have grace in harsher times. We can be the hero. Continue reading

A Black Bird Visits My In-Laws

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comA black bird is believed to be a good omen by some, while others see it as a sign of misfortune. My experience with a black bird sign proved to be both.

I was over at my in-laws’ house one day when we noticed this black bird trying to get into the room. I thought the bird might be injured the way it was acting. It kept hitting the window hard, trying to fly inside. I felt this must be some sort of omen, but decided not to share this notion with my in-laws.

At that moment I got a call on my phone from my ex-wife. Our son had fallen off his scooter and broke his arm. After the call, the black  bird was still doing his thing, but eventually gave up and flew away. I thought then that this must be the news the black bird was bringing. Continue reading

Inconsolable World

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comYou don’t have to be an empath to be affected by the state of the world today. The media visuals trigger deep neurological fright and flight fear responses, even in the most hardened individual.

Here, where I live, not many of us feel comfortable, or are too grieved by the state of the violence to talk or mention it. And if not spoken about, in our minds, perhaps rightly so it does not exist. It is like the mass version of the Heisenberg principle – the idea that if we do not see something, it does not exist. This may be a state in physics, which ended up in the idea that molecules define the charge once we have perceived them, yet it is not the same of our planet, our global selves, our networked economies and ecologies, the resolution of the future, the solution for all persons. Continue reading

How To Attract True Love Into Your Life

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever felt so good that not even the most negative person you encounter can ruin your day? That is the type of energy you need to envelope yourself in to be a magnet for attracting love and all that is positive into your life.

I have known some very sad individuals, who constantly get nowhere in life because they seem to be perpetually negative and assuming the worst. Whatever they look at or hear, they always put a negative spin on it – whatever it may be.

These negative people are to me a type of ‘energy vampire.’ They try to bring you down to their level so that they can feel better. If you are protected, however, you can remain in balance and alignment spiritually and emotionally. You can empower yourself on all levels, so that you essentially have an invisible, but very powerful shield of protection around you. This way you can deflect their negative energy. It goes right back to the sender, or the one who is trying to drop their ‘poison’ on you. It renders harmless their ‘psychic attack’ by way of their pessimistic words, harmful thoughts and negative energy. Continue reading

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