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A Vision Quest For Intuitive Business Wisdom

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn business and finance, there is a mystical thread secretly woven into the fabric of success that is rarely recognized. It is an esoteric wisdom that transcends spreadsheets, profit margins, and market trends. This hidden and largely ignored business secret is known as intuition.

Intuition is a road less traveled in business, but I predict that it will become more prevalent in the future. One key development I foresee is that more companies will hire intuitive business consultants to help them with decision-making, alternative strategies, team building, trend forecasting, and so on.

Hiring an intuitive business consultant will become a business strategy that will elevate many companies beyond the mundane. Embracing intuitive wisdom in a business context isn’t just about unlocking business success; it’s about weaving a transpersonal narrative intertwined with the cosmic threads that lead us to a destination that transcends the ordinary. It is a destination where success is measured not just in profits, but in alignment with the cosmic forces that shape our business journey.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, I often found myself at a crossroads, faced with decisions that went beyond the boundaries of conventional understanding. It was during these moments of uncertainty that I began to long for a deeper, more intuitive perspective.

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The Future Possibilities Of Business Telepathy

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn the dynamic world of business, where the exchange of ideas and the capture of customer attention are paramount, a form of communication that goes beyond conventional channels is an intriguing prospect. Consider, for example, the possibilities of telepathy as a groundbreaking business communication strategy.

While the concept of telepathic communication in the business environment may seem strange, esoteric, and far-fetched, I foresee a future where this transpersonal phenomenon will change the way businesses operate and communicate.

I envision a future where parapsychological principles and transcendental phenomena will increasingly merge with emerging technologies, and this heightened form of communication will be used to foster mutual understanding, teamwork, increased innovation and creativity, and a common purpose in the business environment.

Telepathy transcends the physical or material and extends into the realm of consciousness, intuition and psychic perception. It is the vicarious transmission of thoughts, ideas and information from one mind to another without the use of known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

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The Transformative Power Of Silent Meditation

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSpirituality is perceived in the East with many similarities to what is believed in the West, but with an entirely different way of talking about it. For example, in terms of Easter philosophy a person’s individual identity is not their ego.

Identity is the journey of self-discovery that consists of affirming one’s individuality and being able to express everything that we are. This can be achieved through meditation, prayer, or various other spiritual and recreational practices that clear the mind through engaging in an activity that soothes us and brings us into silent contemplation.

Silence does not detach us from our soul essence. On the contrary, it allows us to be fully present and completely ourselves, without the limitation of words and actions. It is not aimed at denying our true spiritual nature. On the contrary, it is a time of authentic self-awareness and beingness.

Different Buddhist traditions refer to the natural state of mind as a state of enlightenment. In the Sanskrit and Tibetan traditions, we also find terms that speak of a clear, open mind. In Tibetan philosophy, enlightenment or awakened energy is called byang-chubs – literally purity and wholeness.

Being calm, at ease, and silent constitutes a state of mind that would happen naturally unless something is bothering us. These internal obstacles cannot be blamed on others or our external reality. Life is always complex and rarely calm.

In fact, these obstructions are seen as being nothing but habits, the result of karma, that obstruct the free and unconditional luminosity of the mind, like clouds that cover the sun on a summer day. Karma does not mean punishment. It is the result of previous actions. They are the result of what we do and what happens to us.

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Trusting The Truth Beneath The Surface

Click Here now for a FREE Psychic Reading at PsychicAccess.comSpring is around the corner where I live, unfolding before my very eyes. But it has long been in the making, beneath the surface of Winter.

Similarly, rebirth or renewal is always on the spiritual horizon of our lives. Transformational energy is evolving and gaining momentum beneath the surface constantly – just waiting for the perfect moment to emerge and burst into bloom.

A psychic reading can see, hear, and feel into that energy to help connect your awareness with it. This is the most valuable way to approach any reading and ensure you receive the most from it.

Faith serves an integral role in mining the value of this energy from within. Our everyday physical senses are not equipped to hold the finer subtle matter, never mind the mystical or transcendental. But these senses are not the be-all and end-all in perceivers of truth.

Common constructs of society in the physical world put the burden of proof upon the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Ancient seers, knowers, and teachers, however, have long understood and communicated that more exists than the imperfect instruments of the senses can measure. They have cited faith as evidence and have highlighted a higher dimensional reality reached by it.

The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu sacred text, is one such recorded source of Divine vision and knowledge of all that is. In this epic verse, Lord Krishna describes a world where the roots are upward and the branches down, like a tree reflected upon a lake.

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The Mystical Phenomena Of Shared Death Experiences

FREE psychic reading at, Click Here NOW!!!After a Near-Death Experience (NDE) at the age of 20, my perception of reality changed in remarkable ways. The most significant development was that I somehow became attuned to the experiences of people transitioning to the afterlife, also known as a Shared Death Experience (SDE).

Since then, I have had several amazing SDEs that have given me rare glimpses into the mysteries of life and the spirit realm. These psychic encounters revealed to me how our consciousness, choices, and beliefs in this life shape our ultimate journey beyond the physical.

Sometimes people who are close to someone who is dying experience something extraordinary. They feel as if they’ve shared in their loved one’s journey to the other side. A shared death experience, also known as a “shared passing” or “shared crossing,” is an end-of-life psychic phenomenon in which relatives, caregivers, or sometimes even compassionate strangers share a dying person’s transition experience.. People report that these experiences can be profoundly transforming, touching their hearts, minds, and spirits in powerful ways.

These phenomena usually occur when someone is dying with whom we have a strong relationship or bond, but it can also happen when we are in the vicinity of someone who is dying. SDEs often happen to people who are in the same room as the dying person, but they can also happen to someone who is geographically distant at the time of death, especially if you are psychic or highly sensitive.

Despite how meaningful these experiences can be, they’re often overlooked in hospice and palliative care. This means that professionals who help people through grief may not know much about SDEs, leaving those who’ve experienced them without the support they need to fully understand and embrace these profound moments.

My Shared Death Experiences

SDE experiences can include witnessing a review of the deceased’s life, seeing a farewell vision, or even accompanying the deceased part of the way to light or another realm. In my experience, SDEs are varied and very unique to each dying person, but they typically share one common characteristic for me, which is that I see a vision not only of the person at the moment of death, but also of them being happy, safe, and joyful in the afterlife after they have passed.

Some of the profound SDEs I have experienced have been:


My first SDE was when I was working in an adult care facility. One of our residents was in hospice care. As she gracefully passed from this world to the next, an overwhelming sense of love filled the room. It was a love that transcended individual connections and manifested as a universal force that enveloped her being.

In that sacred moment, I witnessed the convergence of divine energy, as if her consciousness was dissolving into supreme love itself. It confirmed for me once again the interconnectedness of all beings that I first experienced during my own NDE.


The night a friend’s husband died, I had a vivid dream in which I saw my friend’s husband illuminated by a radiant light and standing before a majestic throne. The throne was like that of a deity as described in some religions. Towering angelic beings, as tall as city buildings, surrounded him, exuding an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort.


When my father’s health began to fail several years ago, my husband and I moved in to help care for him and spend time with him in his final days.

On the night of his transition, I was awakened by the joyful sound of my father laughing out loud. Although he had been very ill and weak for some time, his laughter exuded the energy and vitality of a healthy, strong man.

When I opened my eyes, I saw an amazing sight. My father was sitting at the head of a seemingly endless table, surrounded by a multitude of people. Laughter filled the air and happiness radiated from everyone present. My father was engaged in lively conversation, his spirit alive and vibrant.


When my brother-in-law passed away, I experienced another aspect of SDEs. As he neared the end of his life, an overwhelming urge compelled me to play the song I Can Only Imagine by the Christian rock band MercyMe. At that poignant moment, a vision unfolded before me. I saw Jesus Christ reaching out to embrace my brother-in-law. With deep tenderness, Jesus lifted him up and carried him into a radiant, eternal light.

This experience showed me the diverse, unique nature of SDEs, as each experience seems to highlight the individual’s consciousness and personal spiritual beliefs.


When a dear friend tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident, I witnessed a compelling scene. I saw him step into a bright light, guided by unseen hands, where he was warmly greeted by a gathering of loved ones and spiritual beings. The outpouring of love and support during his transition served as further evidence to me of the interconnectedness of souls beyond the physical realm.

Through these and other SDEs, I came to understand that our consciousness and personal spiritual development ultimately shape our transition to the other side. Each experience clearly reflected the preferences and beliefs of the individual, no matter what religious or spiritual framework they were rooted in during their lifetime.

The uniqueness of each transition I was privileged to witness underscores the profound impact our karmic choices and worldview have in shaping our consciousness beyond this life. Our spiritual beliefs and soul growth achieved during our time on Earth ultimately shape our transition to the afterlife.

Our consciousness shapes the reality we experience in both this life and the next. We are constantly shaping our destiny and our daily reality with our thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions – including how we will experience our transition from this world to the next.

Shared Death Research

Research into the shared death phenomeon is still in its infancy, leaving much to be explored and understood about this profound phenomenon. While anecdotal evidence and individual accounts have shed light on the existence and impact of SDEs, scientific studies have been relatively limited.

This gap in research means that the mechanisms, prevalence, and full range of effects of SDEs on individuals are not well documented, leaving a significant area of human experience and potential therapeutic benefit largely unexplored. The lack of comprehensive studies not only hinders our understanding of SDEs, but also affects the ability of health professionals to provide informed support to those who have had these deeply transformative experiences. As interest in the intersection of spirituality, psychology, and end-of-life care grows, the need for rigorous and comprehensive research on SDEs becomes more apparent.

A 2021 study by the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI), entitled Shared Death Experiences: A Little-Known Type of End-of-Life Phenomena Reported by Caregivers and Loved Ones, examined more than 100 stories from people who’d had these experiences.

They found that SDEs can occur in a variety of ways: some people feel a strong sense of knowing when a loved one has died, even from a distance; others witness unusual events; some feel they’re accompanying the dying person on their journey; and there are those who feel they’re helping their loved one move on.

This study shows that SDEs can change people’s beliefs about life and death, help them heal from their grief, and maintain a sense of connection with those who’ve died. Sharing these experiences with healthcare providers can be difficult, but also healing. Recognizing and talking about SDEs could greatly improve the care and support people receive as they grieve, and help them find deeper meaning and comfort in their experiences.

In a 2022 multicultural survey, a group of researchers from four countries explored shared experiences of death by surveying four samples with different cultural backgrounds: Italian, Mexican, Brazilian, and Taiwanese people. One hundred and twenty-one participants reported 146 such experiences.

The main characteristics of these experiences (visual, visual-auditory, and sensory experiences), which accounted for 74% of the total, were experienced both in the dream state and in a normal state of consciousness. Furthermore, most of these experiences were experienced before (47.3%) or after (39%) the death of the person related to the participants.

More importantly, these experiences influenced the participants’ interpretation of death, favoring the belief that death affects only the body, but the consciousness of the deceased survives in another reality and can sometimes communicate with relatives and friends still alive in that reality. No significant differences were found between the different subsamples.

According to William Peters, founder of the Shared Crossing Project, death does not happen in an instant, as science often suggests, but rather over a period of several hours. During this process, several phenomena occur on different time scales. These phenomena, which occur before, during, and after death, include premonitions, visions, terminal lucidity, near-death experiences, and post-death communication, among others.

In his research, Peters has found that the intensity of an SDE often correlates with the depth of the relationship between the individual and the dying person. Health care workers and family members with strong bonds to the dying person report more frequent SDEs.

These experiences challenge the conventional understanding of consciousness and its connection to the physical body. SDEs have been reported throughout history and across cultures, adding an intriguing layer to the study of consciousness, the process of dying, and the potential for an afterlife or continued existence of the soul.

Researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and neurology, among others, are studying SDEs to better understand their causes, implications, and what they may reveal about human consciousness and interconnectedness.

Understanding Your Shared Death Experience

If you’ve had a shared death experience (SDE), it can be a deeply moving and possibly confusing time. Here are some steps you can take to process and understand your experience:

Acknowledge your feelings: Recognize and accept your feelings, whether they are confusion, comfort, sadness, or something else. It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions after such a profound experience.

Document your experience: Write down everything you remember about your experience as soon as possible. Include details about what you saw, heard, and felt. This can help you process your experience and may be valuable if you want to share it with researchers or support groups in the future.

Research SDEs: Learning more about shared death experiences can help you understand what you’ve been through and realize that others have had similar experiences. This knowledge can provide comfort and validation. A good resource is the Shared Crossing Project website at

Seek support: Talking about your experience can be therapeutic. Seek out understanding friends or family members, a grief counselor, or a spiritual advisor who is open to discussing such experiences. There are also online forums and support groups for people who have had SDEs where you can share your story and hear others’.

Talk to professionals: If you’re having trouble coming to terms with your experience or if it’s affecting your daily life, consider speaking with a mental health professional who has experience with end-of-life issues, grief, and unusual experiences like SDEs. If you need spiritual insight and guidance regarding the experience, contact a reputable psychic medium or spiritualist for a psychic reading to connect with your deceased loved one in spirit.

Reflect on the experience: Take some time to reflect on how this experience has affected your views on life, death, and the afterlife. Some people find that an SDE can lead to a deeper understanding of their own spirituality or beliefs about the afterlife.

Give yourself time: Processing a shared death experience can take time. Give yourself time to grieve, to wonder, and to heal. There’s no “right” way to feel or timeline for making sense of what’s happened.

Contribute to the research: If you’re comfortable, consider sharing your experience with researchers studying SDEs. Your account could help advance understanding of these phenomena and support others who have similar experiences.

Remember that having an SDE is a unique and personal experience. There’s no one “right” way to interpret or deal with it. The most important thing is to take care of your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

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