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Although Monica had very real imaginary playmates when she was young and enjoyed reading about psychic phenomena in her teens, she didn’t realize she possessed a special gift until she attended an All Mediums Night at a Spiritualist Church, twenty-five years ago. She was so skeptical, she sat near the door for a quick get-away, if needed. That night changed her life forever! Continue reading

Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI’ve have been doing psychic readings for many years now, and I still feel the same joy I did when I was just a youngster drawn in by the lure of the Tarot.

Throughout the years I’ve had some wonderful clients and some incredible readings, as most professional psychic readers will tell you. But throughout the years I’ve also had some unpleasant moments. The most disagreeable experiences have been with clients that got angry with me, because of what I saw, or didn’t see. Those angry clients can ruin your psyche for a minute, for an hour, sometimes even longer than that. They can make you doubt yourself, and question your own abilities. Continue reading

Guiding Earthbound Souls To The Light

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comEarly one morning, I recently received a message from Judy, a client of mine, to say her close friend had been shot and killed before dawn that day. Judy wanted to know if I could try and communicate with her friend.

It was too soon for spirit communication of any kind, but later that morning I did try and connect as promised. I felt we were dealing with a soul who was stuck, not quite knowing where she was after such a sudden death. I told Judy that we needed to help her friend find her way to spirit, to the light.

I asked her to remotely assist me in helping her friend in order to guide her to the light; I made suggestions to Judy on how to go about this. I felt that Judy’s friend was temporarily earth bound and that our guidance and prayers would help her, even if she chose to remain close to loved ones for the time being and make her presence known, until they were able to find some peace with her sad passing. Continue reading

Contact After Death – How Long Does It Take?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have been asked how long it takes a soul, recently crossed over, to come back and connect with a loved one. This is particularly a concern for those souls who depart in a violent manner or through illness, and often at a young age.

I’ve learned through experience that the actual time in our Earth time can be different from soul to soul. It tends to depend on the belief system of the person prior to them returning to spirit, because if they didn’t believe there would be a time of ‘orientation’ to their new surrounds.

Sometimes people will come to me for a mediumship reading hoping to connect with a loved one who recently passed away, and they would be disappointed when they don’t get any messages from the individual they had hoped to connect with. Fortunately, they are often relieved when another family member or friend comes through for them, usually with a message about their recently departed loved one. Continue reading

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