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The Mediumship Messages That Matter The Most

Click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAfter the passing of a loved one, many people turn to psychic mediums for confirmation that their deceased loved ones have transitioned safely into the Spirit realm.

Typically, during a mediumship reading our deceased loved ones will relay evidence through the psychic medium to prove that they are the ones communicating from the Other Side. This may include references to jewelry, or other personal possessions, they have left behind; mentions of the things they enjoyed while in the living; places they used to love going to; shared family memories; as well as very specific personal information, like their first or last name, date of birth and passing, and so on.

It’s always very rewarding to create this psychic link to connect with a deceased loved, because much information can flow through in such a short amount of time. Sometimes our loved ones offer guidance and advice to better our lives, and even predictions about forthcoming events in our lives.

Some mediumship clients are concerned that they did not get the opportunity to say goodbye, or show their love and gratitude to a loved one while they were still in this life. Some clients are also curious about opinions their deceased loved ones may have regarding current issues in their life.

For example, if there is family conflict about an inheritance, they may want to know how the deceased loved one feels about it, and what advice they may have to offer on the matter. Most of the time the departed loved one will encourage the family to strive for peace, compassion and forgiveness, but the rest of the decisions are usually left up to those in the living.

The material things we are so attached to in this life, are typically of no interest to our deceased loved ones. They have moved on from this material world, and have more important matters to address when they communicate during a mediumship reading. Our deceased loved one want us to know they’re okay, but in my experience what seems to be most important to them is our spiritual growth while we are here. I can’t be sure of why this is, but it seems to have to do with lineage work.

Often, I wonder if a deceased loved one or spirit guide hasn’t partially guided us to meet in a mediumship session, specifically to help you get back on track to your life’s mission and purpose or hash out the issues, so they can help you fix or heal a long standing situation ~ Amanda Linette Meder

Say I am reading for a man and his paternal grandfather comes through during our reading. He may show me a farm or plow, give me his name, just to quickly identify who he is, but what he will spend more time conveying to me is a habitual pattern that runs in the family. The deceased grandfather may tell me that my client suffers from low self-esteem when it comes to being successful, and that he shared that same pattern while he was in this life, and was handed down to his son, and his grandson.

I will then aim to gently convey these messages of larger magnitude. Not only will she attempt to help the client, but also  help his grandfather, and ultimately, the entire paternal bloodline. It seems that when someone in the living is able to break through or heal a problem that others in the lineage suffered from too, the healing work reverberates and liberates both the ancestors and descendants, up and down the entire lineage.

The ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer Ho’oponopono, invites us to offer a sincere apology to those who we have harmed, be it purposefully or accidental, and forgive those who have caused us harm or pain. It is a very powerful ritual, one I have been fortunate enough to hold ceremony for in a sacred setting. The reason this prayer is so potent is that it holds a power that can bring someone to a new frame of mind, and open their heart to a natural state of love that we all inhabit underneath lifetimes worth of pain and suffering.

Spirit often encourages their loved ones to research their lineage and ancestry to find out about where they came from and understand more about the stories of their descendants. This can lead to a more compassionate understanding of their immediate family and themselves ~ Tracy Farquhar

The Hawaiian forgiveness prayer is connected to ancestral work and is similar to the important message our deceased loved ones come into readings with, which is, underneath all of the comings and goings of life, all of the patterns we carry in the bloodline, the one and only thing that remains in the end is unconditional love.

Next time you receive a message, sign or visitation from a deceased loved one, or when they come through in your psychic reading, pay attention to the deeper spiritual or healing messages they have to offer. It could change your life!

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