Why People Fail At Meditation

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPeople fail at meditation for a large number of reasons, but in my practice there seems to be four main reasons people are unsuccessful.

1.  I can’t stop my thoughts.

Meditation isn’t about thought stopping. It is about thought awareness. Allowing your thoughts to move through your mind is much different than engaging them.

Example: I can’t forget to stop by the grocery store and get milk.

Engaging: Oh, and while I’m there I need hamburger. Hmmm, should I buy organic this time? Probably because it’s healthier. Oh, but it costs so much and my husband will complain, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Read more »

Need Help? Just Ask Your Spirit Guides!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comTalking to your Spirit Guide is an exciting and powerful privilege you have available to you each day and night. Anytime. Yet, we neglect doing so for many reasons.

Some don’t believe they have spirit guides, while others feel they would be burdening them. Some just are too busy and don’t want to carve out the time, or feel they have to do something special in order to connect, like having to light candles, or use a psychic divination tool of some kind.

None of this is true.

All you have to do to connect with your guides is to find a quiet place, quiet your mind and then telepathically communicate. You can speak to your guides just in your mind, or out loud using your voice. It is as casual as talking to a friend. Read more »

The Strange Ways Of Spirit Guides

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSpirit guides sometimes work in strange and mysterious ways. The signs and synchronicity they orchestrate don’t always happen in a simple, straightforward way. Sometimes their methods are unorthodox and unpredictable.

I told one of my clients, for example, that certain things would happen to her in a dream. I saw that she was going to dream about her husband. Not only did she have the dream, but her mother also had the same dream… on the same night! Another thing I told her was that she would hear a bell ring in her dream. This never happened, and we were both surprised. Why did most of the prediction happen, but the bell never rang? Read more »

Chasing Rainbows In A House Of Mirrors

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe state of Divine Disconnect, when you are feeling out of touch, imperfect, inadequate or wanting in your life, is not a reflection of who you really are, neither is it some shameful personal defect that requires salvation. It is in fact a reflection of who you are not, because you have become what you are not.

This sense of being disconnected or separated from your Divine Self is not real, it is a distorted phantasm. It is your physical form trying to make sense of the distorted, grotesque image you have of your own Divinity. You are seeing yourself reflected in a house of mirrors lined with rows and rows of limiting fears, self-destructive beliefs and false idols. In this state you become cut off from your true Soul Purpose and Life Calling. You are no longer aligned with your Divine Self and you lose your direction and purpose. The anxiety, fear and pain that you then feel is your inner guidance system attempting to nudge you back into the right direction. Read more »

Spirit Guides – What’s In A Name?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comLately I’ve been thinking a lot about Spirit Guides, and I’m constantly asked how to meet them and learn their names. I’ve seen glimpses of mine, felt their protection and listened to their wisdom, but specific names were not always given.

The other day as I was sitting at my desk in a serene, meditative state, and I said out loud, “Why is it that people’s Spirit Guides always seem to have names like Mahatmas or Chief Running Deer or Lady Elizabeth? Why aren’t they ever names like Super Delightful Daisy Face or something like that?”

And, immediately one of my guides whom I have often felt, but haven’t always directly interacted with, said: “Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun! What name would you like to call me?” And I remembered the vision I once had of his kind and wise face and the way he was dressed in what looked like some kind of magical robe, or colorful tunic. It was then that I did feel like giving him a fun and magical name, instead of something simple. Read more »

Lightworkers Also Have To Face Darkness

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comLightworkers are exposed to all types of energy coming at them from a variety of sources. So, when using any type of divination tool, remember that you are opening an energy vortex to which there are no filters attached. This vortex, or if you prefer, a ‘tear in the lining’ of our realm, is open for anything or anyone from another dimension to come through.

Pull in your protection, whatever that may be, before using any type of divination tool, including Tarot cards, Ouija Boards or Crystal balls, to name a few. Do not think for a second that if you are a Lightworker it means you have automatic, full-time,  100% protection in all you do. Read more »

Tarot Trump 4 – The Cold Dish Of Revenge

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comToday’s topic is Major Arcanum number 4: The Emperor. If you’ve been following this series on the Major Arcana you will doubtless notice that I diverge radically in my associations of the zodiacal elements of this or that card. The Emperor is no different.

Most Tarot readers, if they bother blending Astrology into their Tarot practice at all, associate The Emperor with the sign of Aries. I associate him instead with the other Mars-ruled sign: Scorpio.

It bears pondering just how Scorpio and Aries are different. They are both, after all, ruled by Mars. Aries is easy to understand. It is no hardship to associate Mars — fiery, hot, and dry — with fiery, hot, dry Aries. They enjoy a congruence that is instantly recognizable. Which makes sense! The sign is an extension of its planetary ruler, after all, and vice versa. Read more »

Nephew Kole And The Christmas Orbs Of 2012

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comChristmas of 2012 I took many pictures that I never really looked at afterwards while downloading them to my computer. I should have known better, because while I was taking these pictures I kept smelling tobacco smoke that reminded me of my grandfather. I later found evidence in those images that someone special was indeed around us that day.

My nephew Kole had asked me about “Great Paw-Paw”. He wanted to know what became of him? I said he was in Heaven, but Kole disagreed. “No, he is not… he is standing right next to you.” Kole was pointing to an area next to the pool table.

I asked Kole how long grandpa had been around. “I talk to him a lot… almost every day,” he said. Later, when we sat down to eat dinner, Kole asked me to get an extra chair, because “Paw-paw” needed a place to sit too. Read more »

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