The Powerful Bond Of A Love Connection

Visit and get a FREE reading!I think we can really feel the intensity of true love the most when we are young and experience falling in love for the first time. The feeling is so strong and all encompassing.

When love takes over everything in the world just feels so much better. The grass is greener and everything is perfect and good, in a way that words simply cannot express. If you fall madly in love with someone, and you are really lucky and get to have and hold that love, it is even more profound and deep-seated.

I was fortunate to experience this once. It happened while I was working as a bagger at a local grocery store. I stood up, after stocking the paper bags, and suddenly locked eyes with a wonderful soul. He obviously felt the same way, because he returned with his phone number that he had written on a small piece of paper for me. Read more »

Difference Between ‘Psychic’ and ‘Intuitive’

Visit PsychicAccess.comAlthough the difference is subtle, there is a fundamental difference between being ‘psychic’ as opposed to being ‘intuitive’.

The term ‘psychic’ refers to having a special sensory system, better known as a psychic sensory system or chakratic sensory system.  This sensory ability enables you to ‘get’ or ‘perceive’ information. Much information can be derived through psychic perception.

Unfortunately, the shadow-side of having such a psychic sensory system is your potential entanglement with unwanted energy.  ‘Getting’ information automatically implies that the source is outside yourself, and you are thus vulnerable to taking on what is not yours. You may also be exposed to out of balance power distortions. Read more »

How To Manifest The Perfect Partner

Get a FREE reading at right now!How does one ‘manifest’ your perfect mate using the Universal Law of Attraction? What does it take? How do you do it?

I recommend writing down at least 100 qualities you are seeking in your ideal life partner.

December 31st, 2005 I unexpectedly found myself alone on a New Years Eve. I had just ended a five-year second marriage. I was now also without my new fiance, who had proposed marriage to me less than four days previously, but has dumped me on that New Years Eve. I honestly thought at that point that I would either be getting back together with him, or move on to yet another relationship within the next two to three months. I was sad and disappointed, but I wasn’t worried about the future. After all, I am a smart, attractive, successfull and desirable woman, not true? Read more »

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Get a FREE reading at right now!There are many ways that extra-sensory perception (ESP) manifests in human beings. There are also a variety of ways through which psychic readers express their ESP abilities.

Each psychic is blessed with special ESP abilities, which can be used to divine answers for others to questions about the past, present or future.

Be wary of psychics who claim that they are more gifted than others. Psychics who are confident in their own gifts do not make judgment statements about the abilities and talents of other readers. The variety of gifts and abilities that psychics possess is actually a very good thing.  A greater number of people with questions can be helped, because there are so many different forms of ESP that can be used to answer their questions. Read more »

Releasing Emotions From The Past

Get a FREE reading at right now!In order to let go of past emotions holding you back from moving forward in life, you have to acknowledge them first. Doing this does not give them more power or influence. All it means is that you have spiritually and verbally addressed these fears.

When we acknowledge negative emotions it does not give them power, although some of us do use it as shield to ‘protect’ ourselves from hurt, or the additional misfortune letting go may bring.

We all have problems letting go of things that no longer serve us. We grow, years pass, we change, but sometimes the perceptions of ourselves based on the past still remains with us.

“No one can beat me up like I can”, is an expression I often use myself. Yes, there is a lot of truth to that. When we get ourselves into situations, whether they are personal, work-related or romantic, we often run a typical scenario through our heads that ultimately holds us back. We usually do this subconsciously. Read more »

Shield Yourself From Psychic Intrusion

Visit PsychicAccess.comShielding is an important aspect of being psychic, and one of the toughest skills to master for psychics who are just learning to use their abilities.

To be able to read people the psychic has to be open to the flow of spiritual energy. As we become more intuitive, and more aware, the need to block unwanted energy, or keep energy from becoming intrusive, grows stronger.

Some psychics are able to turn it on and off at will.  Others, myself included, can have a difficult time protecting themselves from psychic intrusion, and must therefore prepare themselves by ‘shielding’.  There are several ways to shield yourself, and all of them are effective, but there are pros and cons to each of them. Read more »

Should You Change Your Destiny?

Visit PsychicAccess.comI received an email from a client at PsychicAccess who asked me why we would choose to do things in our lives knowing that a particular event will turn out negative, especially when our psychic senses send us these negative vibes in advance?  Can we not prevent these events from happening?

This was a good question offering me the opportunity to share from my personal experience.

Many years ago, I decided to get married, after dating my soul mate for four years. At first I told my special love that I did not want to get married. I did not understand at the time what was holding me back?  However, I had a horrible premonition about getting married. I thought this was strange, since I dreamed about marrying since I was a child. Read more »

Premonitions And Visions Of An Empath

Visit PsychicAccess.comIt’s interesting to find out that generational psychic gifts are just that – generational!  Yesterday, I had the most heartfelt talk with my mother, about the intuitive insight that not only the two of us have, but also my mother’s sisters and father.

I listened attentively to my mother, who relayed situations where premonition had been the forerunner in her family. This was rarely ever spoken of, even though my mother has had prophetic dreams for years. For example, some years ago it was my mother who called to tell me I was pregnant, before I even knew or suspected it.

I then shared with her my frustration with the fact that many times, over the years, I had visions of incidents long before they happened, and really no one to warn?  Not to say they were all  negative – on the contrary, many of my visions or intuitive messages have been positive experiences. Read more »

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