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Do What You Love To Do, Now!

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSeveral years ago, I used to do a little mobile hairdressing. One such hair appointment took me to the lavishly decorated penthouse of a retired doctor. The walls were lined with a magnificent collection of books.

As I was cutting the client’s hair, he said to me: “You see all these books my dear? Well, I worked hard as a doctor, and put off reading all of these wonderful books until my retirement one day, but now I can no longer see.” It was too late, he was blind.

I will never forget his words, emphasizing the importance of doing something we are passionate about as soon as we can. By being overly focused on anything, but the now, we trap valuable life energy from flowing into feeling the joy of any given moment. Continue reading

Hugged By An Angel

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhat is the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Guardian Angel? In my experience a Spirit Guide is a loving person who has walked the Earth long before we were born. It could be a relative who has come back to guide you through this lifetime.

When I was a young boy, my mother used to tell me that certain Spirit Guides were trained and chosen to be sent down to help someone who is asking for a guidance. They always try to help you, but they will never take control of your free will. They always let you make your own choices and decisions.

At times we might have as many as four to seven Spirit Guides in our inner circle. If you ask, you shall receive. You have to believe that they were sent for a reason. They are here to help you reach the goals you have set out in your life. Continue reading

Would Turning Your Fantasy Into Reality Be Wise?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHow many thoughts do we have per day? Nobody seems to know for sure and the experts don’t agree, but they all seem to concur that it is ranges somewhere in the thousands. We also have many daydreams and fantasies that cross our minds on a daily basis.

Many of these thoughts and daydreams we would never share with our mates, friends, or family. Many of us never act on our fantasies, for various obvious reasons: we want to stay married, or we want to stay in the same job, or we fear failure should we attempt something new and different. Some of us may even fear that we could end up behind bars in extreme cases. Continue reading

Archangel Gabriel, The Messenger of Heaven

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comLike his fellow archangel Michael, Gabriel is one of only a handful of angels mentioned by name in multiple faith traditions. His name means “Strength of God,” and he is powerfully associated with dreams, visions, and messages.

In the Christian tradition Gabriel was the angel who delivered the news of Jesus’ birth to Mary, and in the Muslim faith he delivered the words of the Koran to Muhammad.

Traditional depictions of Gabriel show a tall, silver-haired figure in flowing white, or grey robes. Some have said he is actually a female figure, or that angels have no gender. Naturally Gabriel then is associated with the Moon, the astrological sign of Cancer, and feminine energy.

Perhaps Gabriel’s most important role is that of messenger. When invoking this archangel, consider what messages you need to receive. Are you listening properly when awake? Is there a theme in your dreams that means more than may be expected? This is when calling upon the archangel Gabriel can be very meaningful. Continue reading

All’s Well That Ends Well

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPsychic reading clients need to understand that at times psychics can be off on the timing, when a client asks for a date during a reading. It has happened many times that I would predict a date or offer a timeline that only came to pass a while later, or even sooner.

I know it is hard on the client sometimes, because they want that person to come back soon, or they want a problem that is causing them anxiety to be resolved. I always try my best to give an accurate date when a client asks for it. But time frames are hard to read and seldom exact. As a psychic client myself, I have learned this over the years through personal experience. I always take the time forecasts of psychics with a grain of salt. Continue reading

The Haunted Typewriter

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen I was growing up my mother had a typewriter that had been in the family for a long time. I never knew much about its history.

One day I was invited to a family reunion at my aunt and uncle’s house. After my mother had passed away I never had much contact with them. We sat around and talked about my mother being a psychic and how she experienced many paranormal stuff as a child. My aunt took out a family photo album she had shown me before and in one of the pictures there was a picture of an old, black typewriter. She told me that it was a 1920’s Royal typewriter and that my grandfather received it as payment for working on someone house. The homeowners didn’t have the money to pay him for his services. Continue reading

The Shaman’s Schmetterling In Gottsdorf

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIn my previous blog I shared the story of the sign I received from the ancient oracle during my visit to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Well, the magical presence of the butterfly totem did not end with my visit to Greece. In all of the other countries I was to visit on this particular European tour, I would encounter butterflies at every sacred site, and during special moments I shared with significant others.

The miracle continued when I arrived at a country inn in Gottsdorf, outside Berlin, Germany. This was to be the venue for a four day meditation seminar I was attending. The event was set to take place in a cozy Yoga studio attached to the small hotel.

The moment I entered this room, I noticed a small altar the seminar organizer had set up for the time we would be working in this space. The display was charming and colorful, but that was not what drew my attention. No, what struck me instantaneously was the large, vibrant butterfly hanging on the brick wall behind the altar.

Yes, indeed. I had received yet another mystical route marker along this personal odyssey into self-realization. This time the butterfly was not black and white, like the one who came to whisper in my ear at Delphi. Instead a brightly colored paper butterfly waved hello to me from above! It was like a psychedelic kaleidoscope reminiscent of the shapes one sometimes sees in sacred geometry art… or tie-died T-shirts from the 60s. Continue reading

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