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Always Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever followed the progress of an athlete training for the Olympics? The loyalty and commitment to their end goals can be  wholly inspiring.

Nothing will impede the true competitor from achieving the gold that their heart is set on. We see these people getting up at the crack of dawn, practicing for hours at a stretch, often missing family gatherings or pleasurable moments with family and friends.

What drives them to this degree? Is it all worth it after all, and what does this mean for us ordinary human beings? Do we believe it is only certain chosen ones who will stick to this task and see it to completion, even if the desired results is not reached? Or is such persistence something we are all capable of? Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming – Create Your Own Adventures

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAlmost all of us have experienced a dream that seemed exceedingly real. These dreams can be so vivid that when we awaken we sometimes question whether it had actually happened, or not? Maybe you won the lottery in your dream, or met a favorite celebrity. These dreams can be so pleasing that we immediately wish we can repeat the experience. The truth is, we can!

As with any form of meditation or creative visualization, it takes practice and dedication to do dream work and experience lucid dreams. The most important thing to do, as we take this journey, is to keep a dream diary. Keep it by your bedside and record everything you can when you wake up from a dream. Because our most vivid dreams tend to take place before waking, we tend to remember the most at this time. Every detail is important, especially if you hope to repeat the dream later! Continue reading

Thanksgiving Gratitude With A Sprinkle Of Desire!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comToday we once again find ourselves thinking about the things we are grateful for. But should we be thankful and appreciative only one day of the year? The Thanksgiving holiday is wonderful opportunity to start a simple gratitude practice of kindness and sharing, which we can apply in our daily lives.

Social media offer us many fun ways to practice gratitude and contribute to creating a better world. We hear and see more stories of paying it forward with random acts of kindness on the Internet these days. We see charitable campaigns, empathetic activism, compassion and benevolence increasingly expressed on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – in stark contrast to the other side of the news found in the mass media. Continue reading

True Spiritual Guidance Is Never Based On Desire

Get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe often seek guidance and messages from spiritual sources.  Some people long to be told what to do from a Guide, or Angel, or God. There is however a caution to pay attention to when asking for guidance – our ego!

I have seen people marry, or make major life decisions, based on nothing more than their own certainty of receiving a “message” that later proved to be merely an ego or desire-based thought. It takes true detachment to separate true spiritual messages from mere thoughts and ideas that only reinforce what we (our ego) wants. This can be particularly challenging, because real spiritual guidance often does not make sense at the time, or may go against what we want. Continue reading

The Divine Disconnect

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe separation between man and his Divine origins is the genesis of all religions, cults and belief systems in our world, and it is also the primary driving force behind all science, art and philosophy.

Searching for metaphysical meaning and life purpose is a natural attribute of the human condition. Exploring the existence of God or Divine Consciousness beyond our current reality is an innate yearning we all have. No amount of scientific or technological advancement will ever extinguish this urge from human awareness. Whether we admit it to ourselves, or not, we all feel the need within to bridge our disconnection from the Divine.

We begin to separate from the Divine Self the moment we are born. At birth we have no sense of ‘self’, and we have no awareness of being separate from Spirit or Source, but in time we quickly begin to identify with our new physical environment and with the human Ego or Material Self that we choose to adopt, based on the feedback we receive from others. We gradually also adopt the social role assigned to us by our family, our peers and our community. Continue reading

Aligning With Your Soul Path

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHow does one know if you are aligned with your soul path? One of the best ways is to learn to connect with your Higher Self,  keep yourself in alignment, and listen to your own inner guidance. But, not everyone chooses to listen and be aware of this intuition. All should be aware. Intuition exists for one purpose only – it is your guide or map to enable you to travel your chosen path through life.

We all have this God given ability, but not all are listening to their inner guidance. Everyone has multiple helpers in the spirit realm and all use the vehicle of intuition to speak to us and guide us on our way, and keep us in alignment. These spirit helpers are there only to assist and guide us. It can be very frustrating for them when we don’t listen. How do we learn to listen?  The best way is to get into alignment with our higher spiritual self and our path. Continue reading

Intuition, Or Logic?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen does one know when to initiate a decision –  and what makes a decision intuitive? This one moment, this moment of inception is hard to qualify. Perhaps the decision already exists. Or perhaps the intuition was impulsive, but correct.

In my work, I tend towards analyzing a person’s psychology first. Are they wanting approval? Are they fearing abandonment? Are they bargaining for a loss to be returned? All these basic motivators, these life experiences, will allow you to see how you make decisions. Are they based on protecting your interests or others’? If they are based on another’s interest it may be logic as this may be for validation, peer approval, but if oneself only, intuition.

There seems to be people who are protective and sometimes aggressively so, and those that heal and nurture. These two different types of personality types would also affect the type  or quality of decision making. So this means to a certain extent decisions may seem based on intuition, when you can sort them into certain personality types that are prone to these types of decisions. Yet, experiences can charge certain a person to take direction in a certain way. Continue reading

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