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Prayers For Protection During Psychic Readings

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe following prayers are some of my favorites to use during psychic readings. The original authors are unknown. Try them yourself next time you get a reading from your favorite psychic.

Prayer A

The Light of the Divine One surrounds us
The Love of the Divine One enfolds us
The Power of the Divine One protects us
The Presence of the Divine one watches over us
The Spirit of the Divine one is within us
Wherever we are the Divine One is.

Prayer B

Highest God Level Guides and Relations
of all the Seven Directions come and be
with us. Guide us, protect us. Heal us.
Teach us. Use us as an instrument for your
good and peaceful work.

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Spiritual Spring Clean

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comTo bring about a fresh start, or to end a chapter in your life, a spiritual spring clean will assist in putting a spring in your step towards getting ahead.

Firstly, you may wish to begin with a little de-cluttering. If you are accustomed to being surrounded by loads of personal belongings, it may take a little while adjusting to having more open space, but you will enjoy the openness as you allow new material things and experiences to fill, what you temporarily feel is a bit of a void.

Do follow your heart though should you like your environment to be filled with objects, but make sure those treasured items have good memories attached to them and that they are functional – a broken clock would be non-functional. Continue reading

Blessing Your Food And Drink

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI always think a cup of coffee or a sandwich tastes special when someone else prepared it. Perhaps it was made with good intention?

If a meal or a beverage is prepared with love, the very intention behind the preparation has to be more beneficial to our system and to our sense of well-being. This idea has often occurred to me over the years and there was confirmation of this in various Buddhist articles I happened to stumble across.

Just like our body, mind and spirit, food is made of energy. Energy is further transmitted by touch, and good or bad energy can be transmitted by contact. Even without speaking, subtle invisible thought-forms can also pass from one person to another when one person prepares food and another eats it.

So, as your sensitivity increases with your spiritual growth, blessing your food will be especially important if you consume foodstuff or beverages prepared by strangers. If you just think about how many people are involved in negative pursuits, doing a blessing only makes sense. Low vibration foodstuffs also originate where they’ve been genetically altered, not to mention livestock reared in terrible conditions. Continue reading

Receiving Spiritual Guidance From Your Ancestors

Get a FREE psyhic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen people hear the term ancestor worship, it tends to conjure up thoughts of primitive practices, but it is actually a very powerful spiritual experience. I personally see it as communing with our ancestors and the technique I use is similar to that of the Yoruba people of West Africa.

If one looks at various tribes on the African continent, as well as other continents, ancestor worship is a common practice among indigenous people.

Although I cannot say I have any special reverence for my ancestors, the closest word would be respect for all the trials and tribulations they experienced. Going back through my bloodline I know that there have been prisoner-of-war experiences, material hardship and even suicides, to mention but a few, so my predecessors also had their unique life stories. Continue reading

How About Making A List Of What You Don’t Want!

Get a FREE psyhic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAll of us have in some way, shape or form made lists of what we want in our lives. Whether you’ve written your desires on paper or listed your intentions in your mind, you have decisively moved in that direction and pulled in that energy.

Some of us have also received exactly what we asked for and found it wasn’t what we wanted at all…so it was back to the drawing board. As the years pass, the list of wishes, hopes, desires and intentions become more streamlined due to our life experiences.

We make our wish lists thinking that it will bring our ultimate happiness and fulfillment when we ultimately get what we asked for. I work with many clients, for example, whose ultimate wish is for their lovers to leave their spouse to be with them instead. That’s all they want. Continue reading

Karma, Or Karmic Choice?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI recently had the most amazing conversation with my dearest friend. It was one of those moments that fulfill the desire for knowledge and connection to a truth. We talked about Karma.

It’s odd how we sometimes throw around words that we think we know the meaning to, but we don’t. In popular definition it is said that whatever deed you participate in, whether negative or positive, will return to you with the same results. Simple enough, or is it?

Is Karma a cosmic rule? Most of us think so, but there is more.  At this very moment, as you read this you are living in the moment. If you look to your left, imagine a place where there are straight roads, then curvy, and there are mountains and hills representing your past. If you look to your right, imagine the mirror image of the scene on your left. This represents your future. Continue reading

Everyday Dowsing

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDowsing can be used in our daily lives for tracking down missing car keys, that have been absent-mindedly misplaced, or finding lost jewelry and other specific objects. Dowsing is also great for locating a lost pet… or even a child playing hide-and-seek!

The origins of dowsing can be traced back thousands of years, before technology and satellites were there to help locating oil…or pyramids. All those years ago, country folk would use a ‘Y’ shaped tree branch or twig to find water wells, or hidden treasure. It is commonplace these days to dowse for water, auras or even land-mines.

The only reason dowsing is being considered to be a ‘psychic tool’ is because scientists haven’t been able to find a logical explanation for how dowsing works. This is also complicated by the fact that some dowsers have better results than others. Their accuracy often depends on how attuned the dowser is to their dowsing tool. Fine tuning to this art seems to come with experience. Continue reading

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