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Can You Rely On Psychic Prediction?

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comProphecy is the act of predicting the future outcome of an event. Many sacred texts have references of a prophetic nature. Historic figures like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are infamous for their prophecies. In ancient times leaders would consult prophets. Many times it was before an important battle, to see if the gods were on their side. Let us fast forward to the 21st century and consider prophecy in modern day readings.

Predictions for relationships, career changes and such like, as well as the timeframes for such events to happen, are common requests during psychic readings. They are all valid requests and meaningful to the client. There is usually a desire and passion for direction and knowledge within the request.

What is important with these predictions is to bear in mind that the mechanics of Natural Law prevail in the future outcome. Quantum Physics, at a simplistic overview, is about probabilities. Sort of like winning the lottery and the probability of picking all the lucky numbers. It is deterministic and every so often there is a winner. Energy communication, however, is not as deterministic.

As we travel through our landscape, we are occasionally pulled left and right and even nudged back or sucked forwards from time to time. But amid these ‘winds’, we are always choosing, always creating, always shaping our lives. It is impossible not to ~ David R Hamilton

Free will and the influences of others tend to modify the probable outcome of a psychic prediction. As with Schroedinger’s cat, the outcome of an event is not known until observed (logical). Current research indicates that our observations and consciousness actually influences an event’s outcome. You might say that’s not possible… witnessing an event can actually change the event?

Let’s consider a plausible scenario that could be viewed as prophecy. If I ask a psychic about my job interviews coming up in five days, which I am very excited about, and even confident, the reader might say, “I feel like the interviews will go well, most likely followed by a job offer. However, there’s also something bigger and better for you apart from this job.”

Boom! A comment that is comforting, and yet, at the quantum effect level, can influence the outcome of the interview. Then, on interview day, I stay focused and confident, knowing that it is ‘in the cards’ that it will go well. So, I relax and the initial interviews go well. But then the next interviewer on the list is a substitute. He is a Type-A personality, and maybe I do not work very well with Type-A’s. He also asks me a question or two that seems too personal, so I tune out from him. I get flustered and my confidence slips. My heart pounds. I remember the psychic’s words of a probable job offer, yet in the moment I am confused, anxious and ‘messing up.’

My emotions are now rampant and I begin to panic hoping the Type-A doesn’t suspect anything. My responses are not so articulate and my tone shifts to a more defensive one. Three days later I get a phone call from their hiring department. They are not offering me the job. I then question what I did wrong, because the psychic said there was a high probability for me to get the job. Anxiety. Self-questioning. Regret.

Two days later, I get a call from someone inviting me to come in for a job interview. Is this that “something better” the psychic mentioned, which I had disregarded in the excitement of the moment? Was it meant to be? After all, I wanted the job I first interviewed for. Further sadness and uncertainty set in, which may ultimately jeopardize the rest of my job hunting journey.

Destiny for all practical purposes is in the control of human beings. Whether we exercise this prerogative ever in life or not… is purely dependent upon us! Every human being can manifest destiny… takes total charge of destiny by pursuing a goal of life dear to our heart ~ Vijay Kumar

The moral of the story? Prophecy exists and we have access to that information from the Universe and from within. The prophecy is however based in the energy of the moment. Energy communicates across time and space and we influence the prophecy’s outcome. This means that we then have the ability to delay, cancel or speed up the event.

The secret is also that whatever the focus of our intention or desire is, that we focus on the feeling of the outcome. See in your mind’s eye a successful job interview and offer. Even better, if you are wishing for a better job, visualize the emotional environment: the joy, enthusiasm, supportive peers, and job satisfaction. Yet don’t attach it to a specific company. Allow the Universe to provide the company. As the renowned inspirational author, Mike Dooley says, “Don’t worry about the Cursed How’s. It is natural to try and attach someone or something to be the vehicle to our dream or happiness.”

When a prophetic statement comes into your consciousness, embrace it as a vital data point of possibility. If the prophetic statement is supportive, use it to bolster your path forward. If the prophetic statement is unsupportive, then use it to bolster your path forward. Reframe the situation. Change your paradigm by letting go of the attachment and shift to a positive vein.

This philosophy is particularly perfect for relationship challenges. Instead of trying to change your relationship partner, or fighting for your voice, or distancing yourself, focus instead on the ideal emotional experience of the relationship that you wish in your life. Focus on achieving that, while reviewing what you co-create and letting go of attachment to the specific individual. Shifting inwards you can get the answers. The subtle shift in your energy shifts your partner’s energy, so that reconciliation is possible.

Embrace prophecy, but know you have an influence on it, and recognize how it impacts you.

About The Author: Graham

Graham has developed a powerful connection with Spirit that he shares with the world, passing along valuable and detailed information that includes specific dates and time frames. His service to Spirit has allowed him to transform countless lives and it continually validates continuity of life. Spirit has even saved his own life! Colleagues have learned to trust his advice, even if they can't explain how he does what he does. With many loyal clients around the world to attest to his talent, Graham continues to reach many more through his eight CD audiobook on Mediumship and other Metaphysical subjects. Graham was born in England but now resides in New England. He's a certified Medium, Channel and Spiritual Healer, to name but a few of his offerings. He is also a teacher and has served on Spiritualist committees in the US and in Europe. He's provided thousands of readings and also loves to give back to the community, offering his services at fundraising events, local hospices, churches and camps—wherever he is needed. If you'd like precise and accurate information on your life path, you can find Graham at

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