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Co-Creating With The Angels

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have worked with the Angels and Spirit Guides throughout my life, and have discovered many lovely ways to get answers and support from these celestial beings.  I will be writing of my experiences here, and how they can help us to co-create with them for our life’s purpose.

Although it may seem all too simple, all we really need to do is ask. The Angels need our permission to work on our behalf.  The exceptions that I have experienced are those emergency situations, when you find Angels arriving on the scene to remove us from immediate danger. They usually then disappear as quickly as they appeared.

The Angels are waiting for us to seek their assistance in small or large matters, and they delight in helping us. We each have one or two Guardian Angels who are with us from birth, but there are many Angels and Archangels who surround us with love and support. We just need to ask! Time is not linear to the Angels, so they can help all of us at the same time. Continue reading

Walk Gently On The Path To Self-Awareness

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMany of us work hard on our personal evolution, self-awareness, and spiritual growth. Sometimes this takes us down the trail of intense self-criticism, often leading to disparaging thoughts that we will never get “better” or be “good enough.” I have traveled down this dark trail many times myself.

In addition to this being a very cruel way to treat yourself, it is a radioactive attitude that leaks out into other relationships in our life. Even if it does not manifest in overt ways, we all know energy travels… and energy travels all the time. Self-hatred cannot be contained; it changes the orbits of our electrons. Continue reading

A Family Of Little Orbs Return

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen I was very young I remember seeing this white orb. It was small and at times it got bigger. I would always smell perfume when this happened. My mother was a “clean freak” so I knew it was not dust. At times I could also see traces of orbs of the same color and they would follow each other, or hit the floor and bounce. The pattern was like a family of orbs.

As time went on, I could hear singing like a choir of women. I would look out the window, thinking it was the neighbor lady, but her car was not in her driveway, so I knew she was not home. Continue reading

How Fulfilled Are You?

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Have you found your niche? Have you discovered what you were meant to do in this lifetime? Doing what you love, while helping others and serving the greater good, is tremendously fulfilling. If you have not found your life purpose yet… the sooner the better.

Personally, I love it when I begin a conversation with a client and I can intuitively reel in information that I can pass on, by way of the Tarot as well as my spirit guides, ancestors and my intuition. To then have a really happy customer by the end of that conversation… well, there is something to be said for that feeling! I feel so good knowing I have helped someone to see their life in a completely different perspective. It is very rewarding. Continue reading

Being The Goddess

Visit PsychicAccess.comBeing the Goddess was not an easy task, and the young girl knew this from the very first time she opened her hazel eyes to the world.

Inside herself she felt it, from the inside out, that she was meant to do different things, that she was meant to bring something to others from her own experiences.

“What does it mean?” she would whisper to herself late at night.

She was amazed at the fact of it sometimes, and at other times afraid. “Let it go”, They said to her, “now is the time to be what you were called to be, without thinking about it so much”.

All little girls are the Goddess, and the young girl discovered this as she grew older. She pondered these thoughts many times. How could she bring a message to bear that she herself knew nothing about yet?

But as she grew older, and lived some of what life had to offer, she knew there was plenty of tale to tell, about what went on in the heart of the Goddess. Continue reading

Blackmailed By Our Culture Through Fear

Visit PsychicAccess.comThere are five basic emotions: fear, anger, grief, love and joy; in this order, because this is the order in which most humans experience these emotions.

I am sure you know many people who are fear-based. Perhaps you are fear-based yourself.

Fear-based people have allowed our culture to blackmail them into believing that they must live up to certain standards to be acceptable.

For example, many people are dealing with this uncertain economy through the lens of “Oh, we must maintain the status quo, no matter what!”

Try to see this imagined burden for what it is: a mirage, not to mention an energy leak. This mirage stems from the fear that we won’t be able to keep up appearances; in other words not be able to afford the items that our culture decrees makes us acceptable to the status quo. Continue reading

I Cannot Help You, Only You Can Do That

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comNo one can help anyone, really. We can share our experience, strength and hope (as it is said in 12 Step meetings). But all the great tools are just that – tools. Tools don’t use themselves; people use tools.

Inspirational speeches and motivational programs can indeed be helpful, however it can become a kind of drug. It will not ensure your ultimate self-realization. Motivation ultimately needs to come from a Higher Source and an Internal Source – otherwise we risk becoming a slave to someone who makes us feel good.

Additionally, motivation is not always the necessary ingredient. Sometimes we simply need self-discipline, which is not a popular concept in modern society. Self-discipline requires delayed gratification, which is the opposite of addiction, and is a hallmark of developmental maturity. Self-discipline does not mean we have to go all “boot camp” on our self, only put one foot in front of the other, and persist. Continue reading

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