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Simple Energy Work To Balance The Elements

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe ancients believed that the Universe is composed of five elements, namely Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit (Ether). These classical elements are an important theme in Ancient Greek, Indian and Japanese philosophy, Hermeticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Medieval Alchemy and Western Astrology.

The elements are therefore also a key aspect of various ancient healing practices and metaphysical traditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine in particular stresses the important role of the elements in healing. Working with the elements is believed to create and maintain energetic harmony and balance which is essential to good health and holistic well-being.

The classical elements are also a key component in Neo-Pagan, Wiccan and Druid teachings and practices. When casting a protective circle in a ritual, for example, the practitioner traditionally calls the four cardinal directions or ‘the four corners’ (North, East, South and West), along with the corresponding elements for each.

The five elements are essentially energies. Energy can be experienced in different ways, however, when the elements are aligned within us, we tend to be able to better handle imbalance and adversity in the outer world.

The energetic harmony of the elements within us can easily get ‘out of whack’ and become imbalanced or blocked due to everyday life events and circumstances, but with increased self-awareness and a few simple self-care habits, you’d be surprised how easily your natural state of energy balance will come back into alignment.

The five-element theory mirrors the interdependent, dynamic, ever-changing energy present in nature. In the controlling (or destructive) cycle one element can control or be controlled by another element ~ Teresa Biggs

Earth Energy

Earth is the element of grounding, stability, fertility, and the cycle of life. An example of someone who is well-balanced with the earth element tends to be centered, calm and grounded and often also someone who spends much time in nature.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, the universal life force manifests as three different energies, or doshas, known as vata, pitta, and kapha. We’re all made up of a unique combination of these three forces. A kapha person is a good representation of what it means to be ‘earth-based.’ Kaphas are stable and peaceful and practical in their approach to life. In contrast, someone who is deficient in earth element energy tends to be ungrounded, disorganized, anxious, restless, or ‘spaced out.’

Crystals and gemstones are the perfect remedy for people like this for they are naturally grounding and stabilizing. The best stones for this purpose include hematite, smoke quartz, obsidian, onyx, red jasper, and black tourmaline. Additionally, the simple act of walking barefoot on sand or grass, or even hugging a tree, helps to balance the earth element in us.

Air Energy

Air is the element of thought, speech, knowledge, learning, mental intention and the universal life force. Someone who is low in air energy may have many racing or fearful thoughts and mental obsessions, for example.

When one walks into a room where people have been arguing, you can feel it. The air feels ‘thick’ and heavy; there is a density to the atmosphere. The opposite is true when you enter a space where people have been praying or meditating!

To balance the air element within, become more aware of your mental focus and thought patterns, as well as your writing, reading and communication habits and where you could make some much needed changes. For example, engaging in angry, hateful comments on social media every day is sure to destroy your air energy reserves! Instead, try some breathwork while listening to soothing music or read an inspiring book. Smudging yourself and your home with sage or incense smoke also works wonders.

The principles of the five elements became widespread and are fundamental in practices such as acupuncture, feng shui, shiatsu, chi gong, astrology and healing through foods ~ Simon Brown

Fire Energy

Fire is the element of inner strength, transformative power, willpower, courage, protection, purification, and assertive action. Fire is hot and warms things up and burns through stagnation. To assess your inner fire, consider if your will is too strong, too weak, or well-balanced? Are you often hot-headed? Do you find yourself feeling physically warm when others are complaining it is cold?

To balance your inner fire, drink cooling ice teas and finish your showers off with colder water for invigoration and refreshment. Making a conscious effort to slow down physically is excellent too.

Water is the element of emotion, intuition, inner reflection, the subconscious and the mystical. In my experience as a psychic practitioner, water is a powerful element. In fact, if the world were to be covered by the oceans, water would win out above all the other elements. Humans can also not survive very long without drinking water, and in the emotional arena tears are extremely purifying.

Water Energy

A water element energy imbalance tends to show up as pent-up emotions, neurosis, and being overly emotional. People with too much water energy can be so free flowing that they are unable to root in the earth, or they are easily carried away by recurring waves of emotional turbulence.  Empaths and highly sensitive people especially have a tendency toward water energy imbalances.

Being an empath myself, I find I absorb like water the feelings of others around me. If your are a sensitive it is important to set and maintain firm energy boundaries and to discern when you’re being overly giving to others. Without energetic self-care to maintain a balanced water element, one loses your inner rhythm and easily find yourself swept away into a flood of emotional waters infested with slimy seaweed!

Some ways to support a healthy water energy balance is to stand or sit outside on the earth and imagine a grounding cord connecting you to the center of the earth. Imagine a radiant crystal in the middle of the earth and anchor yourself to it. Then visualize how all your unwanted or unpleasant emotions are flowing back into the earth.

The water element also corresponds with the Moon and with the second or sacral chakra located a few inches below the naval. This is an area we tend to supress and store unwanted emotion. Women especially need to care for the womb area and take inventory of emotional repression or feelings of fear or sadness stored here.

Spirit Energy

Spirit or aether is the nonphysical element (or ‘fifth element’) that serves as a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical realms. Spirit is the bridge between the body and soul. The element of Spirit is etheric and not easy to identify in the tangible world, yet it permeates all the other four elements.

An energy imbalance of the spirit element can show up as depression, hopelessness, or feeling disconnected from your higher self and God, Source, Spirit, the Divine. People with low spirit energy find themselves unable to tap into their intuition and have a nihilistic, disbelieving outlook on life.

Some great ways to realign with the element of Spirit include practicing meditation, prayer, dreamwork, journaling, automatic writing, or divination, such as oracle card reading. Set an intention to connect with your spirit guardians, guides or angels and watching out for signs from your deceased loved ones, such as feathers, coins, birds and butterflies showing up out of nowhere.

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