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Spiritual Awareness Requires A Soul-Body Connection

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA practical way to understand our own spiritual identity within the co-created reality of this world is to think of our soul as the metaphysical software, and our body as the physical hardware. Both software and hardware are needed to have a fully functioning computer that is able to solve problems and complete tasks.

In spirituality, we tend to focus mostly on the mind or consciousness aspects of our existence, such as intuitions, dreams, psychic experiences, paranormal events, our belief system, and altered states of consciousness achieved through various spiritual modalities, including meditation, chanting, trance-inducing rituals, hypnosis, yoga, music, mandala, and so on.

Yet, we seldom consider the importance of the physical experience we are having. This is a vital component in our spiritual evolution that is often overlooked! As metaphysical, energetic beings, we incarnated in human form with a physical body to have a physical learning experience. There is therefore much spiritual value in making the most of our physical embodiment in this lifetime.

The physical body we are born with unique resonates with our soul consciousness and is designed to support us through our journey on this physical plane. But too often we take for granted this amazing vessel that carries us through life. Soon after our birth we become so used to being in our body that we seldom consider its true value.

Sadly, many of us tend to abuse our body in all sorts of ways, for all sorts of reasons, and yet, our body just keeps on doing everything in its power to keep us healthy and strong, for it to continue carrying us through our spiritual journey in this lifetime.

Be kind to your body, gentle with your mind and patient with your heart. Stay true to your spirit, cherish your soul and never doubt yourself. You are still becoming, my love, and there is no one more deserving of the nurturing grace of your love ~ Becca Lee

Some people also feel extremely at odds with their own body for various, sometimes very superficial reasons, and as a result some people can be self-destructive, or highly critical or judgmental regarding their physical avatar.

Only when we fall seriously ill or suffer major injury do we realize how great it was to have a strong, healthy body. Only when something goes wrong with our physical well-being do we appreciate the constant hard work our body does in our service.

It is important to think of our body as a conscious entity. Every cell in your body has its own, individual consciousness. Furthermore, the total cluster of more than 30 trillion cells that makes up our body also has a joint, collective consciousness.

We are individual incarnations of our soul consciousness, and we participate in and contribute to the collective consciousness of this co-created reality. As above so below, universal law is at work here. Our body is a conscious entity because it is infused with our soul consciousness. This is the essence of the mind-body or soul-body connection. The soul and the body is in a symbiotic relationship. Once we fully understand and embrace this, it often changes the relationship we have with our body.

When we learn to reconnect with our body in a meaningful, spiritually responsible way, we access spiritual superpowers that come built-in with the hardware that is our body.

The most valuable benefit of this improved soul-body connection is that our intuition becomes much more powerful and clear, and much easier to access. We pick up more easily on prompts, signals and warnings our body gives us courtesy of our primal instincts; the wisdom of our ancestors; the soul or higher self, as well as God, Source, Spirit, the Divine.

Spiritual awareness is therefore not just a matter of our mental consciousness and our beliefs. True spirituality and conscious living is also very much about physical embodiment. To be spiritually aware is to also foster a deeper connection with our physical body.

If the soul-body connection is something you struggle with, or if you are not sure how to achieve it, I recommend the following strategies to help you better tune into your body awareness.

Everybody has a part of her body that she doesn’t like, but I’ve stopped complaining about mine because I don’t want to critique nature’s handiwork … My job is simply to allow the light to shine out of the masterpiece ~ Alfre Woodard

Change Your Mindset

Acknowledge the possibility that your body is conscious and constantly communicating with you. Just becoming aware that this kind of relationship with your body is accessible to you, is the first step in improving it. We need to change our perspective about our body first and foremost.

Your body is your most loyal ally and supporter in this life, as well as the most intimate relationship you will ever have. How you care for your body reflects the relationship you have with it, so begin to think of your body as your best friend – it will be transformational, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you catch yourself being unkind about your own body, or parts of it, work on redirecting those thoughts instead to things you actually appreciate about your body. This can really help shift the relationship you have with your physical incarnation.

Consciously fuel your body with loving energy. If you are self-conscious about something and catch yourself fueling those insecurities with negative thoughts and feelings about how other people judge that part of you, then change the narrative!

For example, I used to be somewhat insecure about the shape and appearance of my legs. So, instead of focusing on how they might look to others and comparing it to people who I think have better-looking legs, I started reminding myself how much I appreciate the fact that they carry me through life every day. They make it possible for me to go places and carry things around. They also take me hiking, dancing, cycling, and even swimming. They are my awesome legs and I appreciate them! After shifting my perspective, I’m now much less self-conscious about my legs. Gratitude is a powerful alchemy.

Talk To Your Body

Talk to your body. Yes, literally. Out loud. Speaking words out loud is affirming in this co-created reality. It affirms that you communicating with your own body isn’t just some silly exercise. It’s a real invitation to an actual conversation!

You can speak to your entire body, or focus on specific parts of your body. I also suggest hugging yourself sometimes when you do this, as it brings you even more into the physical awareness of your body and expresses closeness, affection, and appreciation. It also ‘gets your bodies attention.’

When you speak to your body, be kind and loving! Affirm your appreciation for all it does for you. Talk to your body often, and anytime you feel the need. If you struggle to accept part of your body for whatever reason, focus on that part specifically and send love to it, even if this feels difficult at first. Feel the love in your heart and then move that feeling of loving energy from your heart to the body part you are struggling with. This can greatly increase self-acceptance and body positivity. It helps to heal the relationship we have with our body.

If you have an injury or physical symptom, place your hands over that part of your body and send love and healing intention to that area. I do this by focusing on the love in my heart and gratitude for healthfulness, and send that healing love from my heart center to whatever part of the body is affected.

If you haven’t been taking the best care of yourself physically, for example by not getting enough sleep, not eating well, or not getting sufficient exercise, then talk to your body! Apologize, assure your body you will take the necessary steps to correct this, and also tell your body when you plan to do this. You might say, for example, “As soon as we get home, I will lay down and we can get some well-deserved rest! Until then, thank you for carrying us through and for staying so strong! We will rest up and recover tonight. I promise.”

You can use this method of talking to your body in all kinds of circumstances, but always be affirming, and be sure to keep whatever promises you make.

I do want to note that while there are tremendous benefits to connecting with your body, it is important to always see a registered medical professional if you have health concerns. This process should always be used in tandem with professional medical advice, and does not replace any form of medical treatment.

As you move into increased soul-body awareness, your body is likely to start demanding a bit more attention. Your body will increasingly make you aware of what it needs to flourish, as well as what is required for you to develop the spiritual relationship with your physical incarnation.

About The Author: Seraphim

Sarah is a natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empath whose practice has been built largely by word-of-mouth. As a child her abilities came to the fore through precognitive dreams and messages she received. Her connection with Spirit was never more personal than the visit she received from her mother who passed, in which she conveyed the moving message that she loved her. Not long after her death she discovered her mom's Tarot deck, which launched Sarah on her journey and life-calling to explore a vast array of her gifts, one of them Eye-Gazing, a psychic tool she developed herself! Sarah continues to receive steady guidance and messages directly from Spirit Guides and Angels, and has maintained a steady and successful private practice in Canada, since 1995. Very active in her spiritual community, she's often called upon to lead local events, including group meditations. The practice of meditation, she confides, has changed her life in profound ways. Sarah has developed The Sacred Art of Creation, leading empowered women's circles that facilitate self-healing, manifestation and alignment with one's higher self. If you'd like a reading with a compassionate reader who can both hear and convey direct messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, you can find Sarah at

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