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Working With Raphael, Uriel And Azriel

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Archangel Raphael is surrounded by a beautiful green glow that has a warm and soothing quality to it. Raphael is a healer of body, mind and spirit. When you call on him it is important to take deep breaths, because you will actually breathe in molecules of his essence. This will serve to heal you from within on a cellular level.

Raphael’s healing energy reprograms our cells with divine light. It can elicit profound and deep healings of physical and mental health issues, but consistency is the key. While his healing presence may cure a benign sniffle in just one session, a health problem that has become embedded in your cellular memory over a long period of time will require multiple treatment sessions with him. So, keep going!

Do not become frustrated if a situation doesn’t resolve itself overnight. In time the balance will eventually tip in your favor and the negative or toxic energy will be released from your mind and body once and for all.

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel feels like a loving ‘grandfather.’ When I sense his presence around a client, it usually signals to me that a heart-to-heart conversation about life is in order.

Uriel seeks to gently guide us to the answers we most need, rather than simply telling us what we demand to know. He provides deep insights and spiritual wisdom. He helps us to understand our life lessons on a deep and visceral level, rather than simply on an intellectual level.

If you are struggling in your life, Uriel will be the light in your darkness. Watch for his subtle cues and loving guidance. It will help you shift from aimlessly running in circles towards finding the best path to healing, closure, acceptance and understanding.

Angels are heralds of eternity sent to help mankind break through when they cannot break out ~ Graham Cooke

Archangel Azriel

Archangel Azriel is often referred to as the ‘Angel of Death,’ because he supports the bereaved who have recently lost loved ones.

However, I frequently also see Azriel around clients who are going through life transitions or major personal changes. He is also supportive of those grieving the loss of a romantic relationship, a job, a failed business or financial loss.

Azriel’s main focus is the release of emotions associated with grief, loss and letting go, so that that we can learn from these experiences and move more rapidly into acceptance, forgiveness, joy, and inner peace.

About The Author: Megan

Megan was born with wide open gifts, experiencing dreams and premonitions at a very early age. She has had 30 years of daily tutelage from Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Ashtar Command. Since 1993, Megan has been providing honest and compassionate readings and healings, starting with friends and family, then transitioning to a professional practice, in 2006. She's certified in various psychic and healing methods, including Reiki, Angel Work, and specializing in relationship readings, giving detailed info on how long a relationship will last, whether the partner is honest, and what their intentions are going forward. Megan has accurately read for clients around the world. She is very proud and grateful for her client loyalty and has a long list of devoted clients who have worked with her for years, many since the inception of her practice. To get a life-changing psychic reading with Megan reach out to her today at

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