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My Near-Death Experience

Click Here FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAbout 12 years ago, right before Christmas, I had a lot going on in my life. I was taking care of my two kids and my brother. My cousin had a three-month-old baby, whose mother was in the hospital with complications due to diabetes. He brought me his new baby and asked if they could stay with us, and if I could care for his son while he worked. He was working the night shift, from around 7pm till 4am. Of course, I said I would help in any way I could.

Between my kids’ and my brother’s schedules, and now this new baby who was colicy, I was exhausted at the end of the second week. Somehow, I also got food poisoning. Never having had food poisoning before, I didn’t know the symptoms and thought I had a touch of stomach flu. Being so tired, I hadn’t realized how sick I actually was. After about 18 hours of fluid loss, I become so dehydrated that I had a seizure. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I fell down. Apparently, I was clinically dead for around 1½ minutes.

I did not experience all of the typical near-death phenomena. There was not any floating over my body; there was no white light, no tunnel. I was simply here and then I was there. The first thing I remember is walking along a sort of grassy path. I don’t remember turning around to look behind me, but, I just knew that there was a darkness from which I came, back there.

There were two people there to greet me. A woman and a man, the woman spoke to me first, and the man was a little ways behind her. Today, I could not tell you who these people were. But, when I was there, I was so glad to see them. It was like when I had sent my kids to summer camp, and they were gone for all those summer months, and I missed them terribly. It was the same feeling I got when seeing my children for the first time returning home. I had a deep love and bond with these two people.

The next thing I remember is that I was taken to the top of a mountain. There was no journey to get there, I was just there. The only way to describe the mountain is that it was like standing on top of Pikes Peak and looking out. I was so high up that the only thing I could see was blue sky.

If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there’s not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing ~ Dr. Dianne Morrissey

Upon arriving at the top of this mountain, I was greeted by an eight or nine foot tall being. He was a light blue, swirling, and mist-like person…some kind of light being. I didn’t know who he was exactly. The only thing I do know is that he was a Supreme Being of some sort. Supreme above me, that is. But, I also knew he was not God.

When he spoke to me, his voice echoed through me. Like really, really loud bass sound, booming through me. He spoke in some sort of ancient Arabic dialect. I recognized the language as my own, my true first language. And, it was like music to my ears.

We spoke briefly, and then the whole sky, turned into a huge screen, and I viewed my past lives, my present life and the future. I remember viewing all three, past, present and future simultaneously. I remember sitting with my knees pulled to my chest, almost enjoying watching the events. I did this, for what I thought was four days and three nights.

All of the major life crisis’s that leave most of us devastated, were almost funny when I was watching it over there. None of the worldly calamities, or mundane concerns mattered there. It was not documented whether or not I went to church, or if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. I wasn’t confronted by Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, Vishnu, Adonai, or Yahweh, or anyone else of a Divine nature.

Although my near-death experience was nearly thirty four years ago, there is virtually not a day that goes by that I am not aware of making decisions based on that experience ~ Geraldine Berkheimer

I remember the feeling of pure bliss. I experienced complete and total contentment. I finally felt like I was home! And, it felt really good to be home.

After viewing all the events, the huge being of swirling, blue mist returned. And he told me that it was time for me to go back. I asked, “Go back for that?” while I pointed to the Earth. The Earth looked rather small from our far off position.

“No way”, I said. “I’m not going back for that, I’m home now and I’m staying here”. I vaguely remember getting some lecture about it was time to return and me not remembering what I had seen. I remember asking why they would bring me there and do and see all that I had, if I wasn’t going to remember? The being told me that my higher self would remember, and it was my higher self that guided me. Then he said something about the souls on Earth needing…? I replied, “They don’t need me to learn their lessons, they will learn them whether I am there or not. Then he said something about me having work to do. I was arguing defiantly, I kept repeating, “I’m home and I’m staying home”.

You must realize, while I was there, I cared about Earth and the people there, but my kids were not my kids, they were souls that I loved. But, not like a mother loves her children. But, I fully understood that there was a bigger plan. I didn’t feel like I was abandoning my children. It was just so natural, that souls come and go. And ‘time’ there was so different; an entire lifetime was only a few moments.

For any culture which is primarily concerned with meaning, the study of death – the only certainty that life holds for us – must be central, for an understanding of death is the key to liberation in life ~ Dr. Stanislav Grof

The next thing I know, in the midst of my tantrum, I was back to where I entered from. I was back where the darkness or big blur was previously behind me. I was still arguing with the being, but now the woman who met me was there and so was the man. Out of nowhere, the woman hit me, very hard in the middle of my back! Don’t let anyone tell you that they are non-violent on the other side, because I am here to tell you that they are!

The only way I know how to describe what happened next, is like when you were a little kid, and you put your face on the television screen to feel the static. Well, that’s what that blur was; it seemed like five feet thick wall of static. For the first time, since I was there, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I then realized, that woman had just pushed me! I remember a brief descent and then, slamming hard back into my body.

My soul entered my body from behind. Not like you see in the movies, where people gently lying down on their motionless body. She hit me so hard, that when I entered, my whole body was raised about two feet off the bed (my body had meanwhile been moved to a bed, while they were trying to revive me). I remember screaming. And, I remember crying. I don’t actually remember the actual ‘entrance’ anymore. I just know that I now fully understand why babies cry when they are born. It is a very traumatic experience to come into the physical.

As each second passed there was more to learn, answers to questions, meanings and definitions, philosophies and reasons, histories, mysteries and so much more, all pouring into my mind. I remember thinking, ‘I knew that, I know I did, where has it all been?’ ~ Virginia Rivers

I remember feeling so confused. I couldn’t understand how I got to where I was? It was like getting ready to go on vacation, packing and then leaving, vacationing, and then the next thing you know you’re back to where you were when you were packing, but hadn’t left yet. I was confused, but I never doubted what had happened to me, where I went, or the people I saw. I never thought I was dreaming.

I wasn’t really afraid of death before that experience, but since then I am terrified. I want to raise my kids, and I want grandkids. I also know, if given the opportunity, I won’t argue again to stay here. I wouldn’t fight for my life in ICU. When I was there my life was a distant memory, something I vaguely recalled. I did have some recollection, but not vivid memories. I am afraid of not being able to remember.

I returned with the memory of bits and pieces of past lives. I can remember parts of four other, previous incarnations. I also saw parts of the present, and what I would be doing now. And, I do remember the part of the future that I was shown. But, I have never talked about that before. And, I’m not ready to at this time.

It took a few years but it was finally revealed to me who and what the eight foot, blue, swirly, mist, light being was. But, that too is another blog.

About The Author: Dawn Star

Dawn Star is a Master Tarot reader, relationship specialist, numerology and palm reading expert from Nebraska who rose to her full psychic potential after coming back from a near death experience. Powerful mentors on the other side gave her a crash course on her abilities, and then brought her back with a powerful mission to benefit mankind through her psychic talents. In her twenty year practice, she has solved murders, found missing children and watched traumatic events unfold, ahead of time. A seeker of Truth, Dawn Star's stunning Truths can be made available to you with a reading at

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