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How To Be Patient In Times Of Crisis

Click Here for a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comJust about every day, we face some sort of obstacle, delay in communication, or a situation that doesn’t go our way. And in times of an unexpected crisis, our first response is too assume the worst, or panic.

Negative feelings can creep up and overtake the mind, sending us into fits of rage, sadness or disillusionment, due to the lack of patience in surrendering our control and allowing those emotions to pass with total acceptance.

When we become impatient, our entire being is out of balance and the auric energy field becomes muddy and chaotic. Agitation and strain then become the primary motivator, and there is a loss of self-awareness within.

Impatience never makes things happen faster, or better, and the worst way this can manifest is when we try to force an issue, or get a person to instantly say yes, or go along with our vision.

Whenever impatience or uncomfortable feelings arise, it’s vital to make a conscious effort to redirect that negativity and nip it in the bud, so you can stay calm during the toughest times. Here are some strategies to help alleviate impatience when your feeling triggered.


Take several deep breaths from your stomach and exhale out the stress, focusing on your third eye as you release your breath. Think of something funny or inspirational so you don’t unleash unnecessary aggression.

Patience teaches us to turn provocations into invocations, to transform frustrations into celebrations ~ William Arthur Ward


Put yourself in the other person’s position. Maybe that person is going through a tough time, not handling it well and needs compassion. Or maybe there is a delay and you need to wait longer than usual.


Find a physical outlet like walking, biking, dancing, yoga, tennis, swimming, and so on, to keep the body and mind occupied in a more constructive manner. It could even be as simple as gardening or working with your hands.


Find a creative outlet like journaling, music, painting, drawing, pottery, dancing, so you have a way to express yourself and focus on something fun, uplifting and imaginative, instead of obsessing over things you cannot control.

Struggles often serve to release the wisdom, patience, and strength we all possess but too seldom demonstrate ~ Jim Stovall


Talk to a good friend, find a support group, or seek the guidance of a spiritual advisor or psychotherapist. Sometimes all we need is someone who will listen, provide sound advice and quite possibly put a smile back on your face!

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Attracting people from all walks of life, Laura has always been the type others come to for advice and direction. An initiated shaman, she's helped others to transcend fear and resolve dark aspects to achieve greatness in life and overcome limitations from the past.Spiritually, she's a mixed bag of traditional meets mystical, blending the best parts of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths with intuition and magic. She's been referred to as a witch, but considers herself a shaman. She uses her psychic gifts and divination tools to help you see the truth, awaken your spirit and overcome any problem. Contact Laura for a psychic reading at

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