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The Twelve Archetypal Secrets Of Sacred Love

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe need for true love and meaningful romance is a profound longing we all share as spiritual beings in human form. But finding the love of your life is not an easy feat in this day and age. Yes, the pursuit of romantic love is certainly not for the weak and cowardly.

I have heard many weary love pilgrims claim they have called off the search. Many even choose to believe that they no longer want an intimate relationship with anyone; they are completely content to remain single and unattached for the rest of their lives. Who needs a soulmate after all, right? The truth is that we all share a deep-seated need for affection and authentic connection with that one special mate. And deep down we all know it.

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine ~ Maya Angelou

We were not created to be solitary beings. Research in neuroscience, for example, indicates that our brains are absolutely wired for social connection and belonging. But one does not need research findings, or sacred texts for that matter, to prove the basic need we all have for a shared love or romantic relationship with a significant other. All we need to consider is how much it hurts when our love goes unrequited, or when yet another relationship fails. If finding true love was merely an old-fashioned obsession for those who are foolish, or too needy, then why do our hearts break into a million pieces when love is lost, or rejected?

Connecting with others is not merely a basic human need, like food and shelter, but it is also a sacred spiritual quest. For without entering into what author Marianne Williamson calls the “psychic womb” of a loving relationship, we become paralyzed in our ability to achieve our soul purpose and life calling. Our sacred mission of fulfilling our true destiny becomes barren, the outlook of our future bleak and unfruitful. Many of us also dream of a better, safer, more caring world, without realizing that it all begins with creating and maintaining a deeper love in our homes and in our hearts.

Every moment of every day people who are all perfectly capable of giving and receiving unadulterated love and belonging, throw in the towel and give up on their dream of finding a sacred companion for this journey. As spiritual beings in the flesh we were all designed and constructed for love and belonging, but for many the quest is simply too emotionally demanding and painful, the process too challenging and complex. For some it also becomes impossible to find true love from inside their prison of self-righteous perfectionism, narcissism or materialistic greed.

Love is a hero’s journey, and the hero’s journey is a noble but difficult path ~ Marianne Williamson

The solution is however simple from a spiritual perspective. The reason so many of us struggle to find and keep love is that we have lost touch with our sacred origins. We have forgotten our spiritual roots, the source of our being. We have lost the ability to see our potential beloved through the eyes of our inner divinity. We too often choose to see limitation, instead of potential. The reality coma has made of us numb. Our egotistical sense of entitlement in a superficial, materialistic world has made us blind to love. We no longer see, for we no longer feel or believe.

If you are struggling to find and keep love, how can you change your approach to invite sacred love into your reality experience? In my consulting practice I use a set of guiding principles that I have devised based on Dr. Carol Pearson’s system of the twelve universal archetypes. Pearson based her system on the archetype theories of renowned Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. We find these archetypes throughout ancient mythology and many sacred texts, and we continue to apply them in creating shared symbols, artworks, literature and popular entertainment. Yet, when it comes to our love lives, we have become devoid of any archetypal foundation.

I have been employing these Twelve Archetypal Secrets of Sacred Love with much success in working with people all over the world, and have been witness to the miraculous transformation it has brought to clients who have made the effort to apply these archetypal keys to unlock the door to sacred romance and lasting relationships. I hope it will do the same for you, and therefore I am offering these twelve keys to you in the form of themes for meditation that you can incorporate into your daily spiritual practice. You can also apply these twelve statements of archetypal love as a set of affirmations. Use them the next time you encounter conflict in your current relationship, or when you write your marriage vows, or before you go on that nerve-wracking first date, or when you consider the qualities you are seeking when creating an online dating profile or a vision board to attract the perfect partner.

I will find that special person who is wrong for me in just the right way. Let our scars fall in love ~ Galway Kinnell

Sacred Love is Adventurous. We are both designed to search for a better life and a happier future, my beloved. You and I both wish to expand our horizons, and follow our unique dreams and desires. Let us support each other in our quest to remain true to ourselves while discovering new worlds. Let us together fulfill our separate and unique true life callings. Let us walk this road into the unknown together, hand in hand, just you and me.

Sacred Love is Compassionate. We are both designed to be caring, generous, selfless beings, my beloved. We are perfectly capable of helping and understanding each other. We both seek compassion and inter-dependence from one another, despite the modern myths of rigid independence and self-righteousness . Let us unconditionally care for each other in a cold, heartless world. Let us embrace each other with empathy and kindness. Let us be forever generous with our hearts.

Sacred Love is Courageous. We are both designed to be strong and brave champions, my beloved. You and I are powerful love warriors, skilled rescuers of the guiltless, determined defenders of the blameless. We both have the capacity to stand up for love, to show up and be strong for one another. Seeking sacred love is not a threat, or a form of weakness, for we know that we are both winners in our shared quest for affection and lasting devotion. Enter with me into this challenging arena, let us conquer together this potential battlefield to claim our prize of true, everlasting love.

Sacred Love is Fun. We are both designed to enjoy life and suck the marrow out of every day, my beloved. You and I can transform the mundane routine of our daily subsistence by making each other laugh more often. We can transform the necessity for physical survival into a constant source of excitement and joy. Let us be free and foolish together. Let us amuse and entertain each other. Let us fully embrace life together and make the most every moment. Let’s have some fun my love.

For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home ~ Stephanie Perkins

Sacred Love is Innocent. We are both designed to be innocent, spontaneous children seeking safety and belonging, my beloved. We both fear rejection and abandonment. Let us reach out to each other in trust and faith, for we can give ourselves permission to remain hopeful, inter-dependent and vulnerable in our innocence. Let us choose to see our innocent capacity for fidelity and sincerity in each other’s eyes. Let us be safe with one another my love.

Sacred Love is Magical. We are both designed to be magnificent sorcerers, my beloved. You and I hold the magical power to transform ourselves and each other through enchanted love; we possess the mystical talent to make our shared vision a reality. Let us harness our metaphysical power to truly love and be loved. Let us cast a spell on each other, let us be charmed by the miracle of romance and authentic connection. Let us pool our supernatural ability to conjure up true love. Together we shall invoke the ultimate romantic sacrament my love.

Sacred Love is Passionate. We are both designed to be lovers, my beloved. We both wish to experience sensual pleasure and achieve meaningful intimacy. Let us create the passion we both seek by making every effort to gain each other’s trust and commitment. Let us discover together the true meaning of soul sex. Enter with me into the sacred space of a divine connection. Let us together follow our bliss.

Sacred Love is Revolutionary. We are both designed to be agents of radical change and transformation, my beloved. We both wish to destroy the loveless pursuits and self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. Let us weed our shared love garden by demolishing our old attitudes and eradicating the undergrowth of failed romance, past disappointments and self-destructive behavior. Let us sow the seeds of our new-found sacred love in the fertile grounds of a clean slate, a fresh lease on life. Let us both be ruthless in removing all forms of carelessness and bygones from our lives. Let us together ignite a potent love revolution.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds ~ Nicholas Sparks

Sacred Love is Sovereign. We are both designed to be the rulers of our hearts, my beloved. You and I both wish to create order and structure in a chaotic world. Let us together take command of the love we share and accept responsibility for each other’s well-being and happiness. Let us not aim to dominate and control, but instead shape our love with compromise and mutual respect. We can do what kings do, my love. Let us rule our kingdom of love together in peace and harmony.

Sacred Love is Transcendent. We are both designed to be wise sages and seekers of the ultimate truth, my beloved. Let us stand in a place of authenticity with each other. Let us seek wisdom, understanding and insight, instead of deception, denial and skepticism. Let us promise to truly get to know each other without judgment. Let us together find enlightenment. Our love shall seek the truth, and it shall set us free.

Sacred Love is Visionary. We are both designed to be imaginative beings and powerful creators of our own reality experience, my beloved. You and I are born innovators. Let us not surrender our divine right to experience sacred love by yielding to the limiting beliefs and lack consciousness of others. Let us find new ways to love and nurture each other, free from the opinions and values of a loveless world. While others may choose to remain blind and give up on possibility of finding and keeping true love, we shall continue to dream together, and hold on to our vision of an enchanted, life-long romance.

Sacred Love is Wounded. We are both designed to be wounded, orphaned children, my beloved. You and I both yearn for the loving arms of the parents and care-givers we once had, or never had. We both long to return to the safety of the maternal womb. Let us not be victims of the past; let us not succumb to the painful scars we acquired in a sometimes cruel world. Let us not be cynical, negative and judgmental. Enter now into this psychic womb of healing and rebirth with me, and let us emerge as the resurrected, divine lovers we were always meant to be.

© 2014 Anthon St Maarten

About The Author: Anthon St Maarten

Anthon St Maarten is an international psychic medium, intuitive consultant and destiny coach. He has been consulting professionally as psychic medium since 2004 and has since established himself as a trusted advisor to many people all over the world. He is also a sought-after inspirational speaker, metaphysics teacher, radio personality, spiritual author and blogger, with a special interest in New Thought spirituality, metaphysics, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. He is best known for his bestselling practical spirituality book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny You can get a psychic reading from Anthon at

2 Responses to The Twelve Archetypal Secrets Of Sacred Love

  • Loved reading this. I am deeply into archetypes in general & to hear them in this context blows my mind. My husband & I have this connection. I had the spiritual interest before he did but he was already naturally quite enlightened. We knew each other as children & caught up again in our 30s it seems it was written in the stars :). Interestingly though he walked back into my life right about when I proclaimed as you have mentioned. I had been a serial relashionshipper most of my life but the year before we got together I’d spent single & it brought me back to myself & my own alignment. I finally made peace with just being me & if it meant being single forever I was ok with that. I swear I hardly had time to turn around after my deep surrender & there he was. We now have 2 beautiful children & continue to grow in these ways with them & I love that we are influencing them with our example. Renovating our house brought us to new levels as well. The symbolic act of expanding our connection through expanding our home was an adventure that solidified us even stronger. Thank you for this golden nugget of wisdom I enjoyed so much.

  • Thank you for your kind feedback Fiona, it is much appreciated. May your sacred romance continue to grow and flourish!

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