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A New Year, A New Branch

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comNew Year’s day is probably the closest we have to a global holiday. Think of all the people all over the world, in the span of 24 hours, were focusing on some of the same intentions just a few days ago. That’s powerful energy.

On my social media I shared these words, “Hello World! May our wishes be trued and cause no harm.” Adding the “cause no harm,” is a habit from my days practicing Wicca in the mid-nineties. My introduction to Wicca came from a crone from Salem, who interviewed me for my first job as a professional psychic. Her wisdom, and the beauty and wisdom from Wicca, continues to enrich my intention. Remembering to add “cause no harm,” fortifies my belief that I can, indeed, have something that doesn’t take away anything from someone or something else that causes them harm.

Wait. How can I write on paper, while not taking the life of the tree from which it came? I don’t know. After learning that grass was alive, my mother had to drag me across the lawn every day, because that meant I wouldn’t have to walk on it. I still wince when walking on grass, especially when I think about it being alive. Now that I think about it, this happens more often than I realized before!

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It’s Good To Get A Second Opinion!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PyschicAccess.comI can’t speak for other psychic readers, or what they may do when it comes to this practice, but I personally encourage my clients to get a reading from a fresh set of eyes – someone with a new perspective on their situation that I may not be seeing. Want to see another reader? By all means!

Do we as readers get too close to our closest clientele? Can this affect our readings? I’d like not to think so. In some client cases I know both parties involved, I may even have done counseling for them. I’d like to think I keep a very objective outlook and that I’m able to see past any emotions and any triggers that may come up in the process of a psychic reading or counseling session. Continue reading

The Karmic Lesson Of A Child’s Suicide

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAs I’ve mentioned before, the next step in my psychic development is mediumship. Even though I’m kicking and screaming the entire journey, it’s happening anyway.

A few years ago, one of my mentors took me to a house in which a 17 year old boy had committed suicide earlier that week. I believe suicide attempts are meant to be a lesson, and successful suicides are karmic lessons. This was to be a lesson for his parents.

The first thing I noticed walking into the house was an almost overwhelming sense of sadness. Not so much from the other members of the family, but from the young man. We walked through the common areas of the house and I was able to pick up impressions from a couple of nick-knacks, and some pictures spread through the living room. Happy pictures filled with happy memories – the ones you would see on a mother’s face on her birthday, or mother’s day, or Christmas. Continue reading

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