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It’s Good To Get A Second Opinion!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PyschicAccess.comI can’t speak for other psychic readers, or what they may do when it comes to this practice, but I personally encourage my clients to get a reading from a fresh set of eyes – someone with a new perspective on their situation that I may not be seeing. Want to see another reader? By all means!

Do we as readers get too close to our closest clientele? Can this affect our readings? I’d like not to think so. In some client cases I know both parties involved, I may even have done counseling for them. I’d like to think I keep a very objective outlook and that I’m able to see past any emotions and any triggers that may come up in the process of a psychic reading or counseling session.

My psychiatrist told me I’m going crazy. I told him, “If you don’t mind, I’d like a second opinion.” He said, “All right. You’re ugly too!” ~ Rodney Dangerfield

I may come out of a reading with a favorite client, or someone I have been reading for a long time with, and feel a little frustrated at times. But this is because I know the person well enough to know that they know better than what they are letting on, or than what they are doing. But having frustration and having it cloud a reading are two very different ideas.

Honestly I even have a few clients where I may not even like the person they are in love with! I’ve met them, obviously, as these are face-to-face clients that I’ve known for years. I’ve met both parties and while I may not like one, and in fact may even wonder “what in the world do they see here?” But that doesn’t mean anything, unless I feel very strongly in a psychic sense that the person means them harm (other than the obvious heartbreak of course). I’d never say anything along the lines of “well I don’t think…” I’m not paid to think or offer my personal opinion. I’m paid to read for you and do it to the best of my ability, or not at all.

One client whom I love dearly, and have read for more than 15 years – both for her and her daughters – had a horrible habit of getting into the worst possible dead-end relationships, and then she’d excuse their behaviors. It drove me so crazy as her friend that the only way I was actually even able to break through her patterns of choosing bad partners was to take her to a psychic friend of mine, a male reader, and say please have a look at it. I even paid for the reading myself. When she came out, she looked at me with wide eyes and said I’m never not listening to you again. I never asked what he said to her. He never told me and she didn’t volunteer it. And I didn’t need to know.

Denial is a liar. It compounds the problem, because it keeps us from seeing a solution, and taking action to resolve it ~ Bill Kortenbach

Whatever he said to her she took to heart. She broke things off with the guy and after a little bit of faltering started to find her own way. Years later, she said what my reader friend had told her made her open her eyes and I knew I had done well by taking her to see him. We are still friends, and I still read for her and her daughters.

My reader friend and I are still good buddies and I wouldn’t hesitate to send him another client. If I need a reading he’s my go-to guy, even after all these years. Yes, I do try other readers myself from time to time, but that is very rare. It’s been about 25 to 30 years I’ve known this man. And I’ll tell you a little secret about him, because I used to read in the room right next to him for many years. This is how I knew he would say just what she needed to hear. He has a unique perspective on men being a reader, and also as a gay man. For some reason he’s able to see into the core of men and why they do what they do on a different and sometimes freaky level. The things I couldn’t say to her, he could.

In closing, it’s my opinion that a person definitely doesn’t need, nor should they go about getting reading, after reading, after reading. But getting a psychic reading from someone other than your regular reader can sometimes be a good thing. It may make you see things differently. It may even make you appreciate your regular reader more or it could open your eyes to something new. You never know until you try!

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