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Making Peace With An End-Of-Life Decision For Your Pet

FREE psychic reading at, Click Here NOW!!!A few weeks ago I was faced with a very difficult decision. Although I have had to make this type of decision many times in my years of caring for pets, it never gets any easier. Not even knowing that it is in the best interest of the animal makes it any easier.

This time it was a very beloved rescue dog who, despite the neglect and abuse he had suffered for several years prior to his rescue, became the most loving pet I have ever had. Sadly, the time had come for him to leave this world…and for me to let him go.

Clients sometimes ask me if they will see their pets again on the other side when it’s their own time to cross over. From the messages and signs I’ve received from my own pets over the years, I not only believe this to be true, I know for a fact that we are reunited with the souls of our animals when we leave this earthly plane.

The bonds of loyalty and love that I have experienced throughout my life with my own pets, as well as other people’s animals in my care, have been profound. The loss of such a deep bond is always devastating for animal lovers. I know from both personal and professional experience that physical death can never break the bonds of love we have with our loved ones.

Even though I have studied and practice animal communication myself, it is never easy for me to have “that talk” with an aging or dying pet. I believe you have to, or how else will you know when it is time? You do not have to be a pet psychic or animal communicator.

If I have any beliefs about immortality it is that certain dogs I know will go to heaven, and very very few people ~ James Thurber

A pet owner who truly loves their fur baby will always know if they are present in the moment and pay careful attention to feeling their animal’s energy. However, this requires stepping outside of one’s own needs and emotions in the moment to focus on the needs and desires of the animal.

Something I have learned from Spirit over the years that is reassuring and comforting is that animals do not view death as negatively or fearfully as many humans tend to do, for they live very much in the moment. They are in tune with their own bodies, the cycles of life and death, and the universal flow. There is no questioning for them, just being.

Sometimes it is an animal’s soul choice to transition suddenly. It is something that all souls decide as part of our soul plan before we are born. But with a sudden death, this concept is often hard to grasp and accept at first. However, it is easier for them because I find that pets will often hold on to life for the sake of their caretakers until they feel their humans are ready to deal with their transition.

If we have the ability to do this ahead of time due to prior knowledge of their health status, then I feel it is our duty to take the necessary steps to spare them the added burden of staying around longer for our sake. The greatest gift we can give to animals in our care at the end of their earthly journey is to release them emotionally as much as possible so that any discomfort they may have is not prolonged because they remain in the body for us. This is loving them unconditionally.

We can do this by spending extra time caring for and communicating with our pets while dealing with our own guilt, sadness and grief so as not to make it their problem.

The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon. But, to be sure, if he lived for fifty years and then died, what would become of me? ~ Walter Scott

If you have the opportunity for such a period of preparation with your pet, simply be present with them in silence. Sit or lie with them while you center yourself and open your heart to receive impressions and images of what your pet wants. Some good questions to ask are:

Do you want to make the transition yourself, or do you want help?

How will you let me know when you are ready – will you give me a sign?

Do you want me or someone else to be there?

Do you want to be buried, and if so, where? Do you want to be cremated?

You may be surprised to learn that your pets know exactly what they want. It’s usually what will bring the most comfort to their humans. Yes, they are that loyal and supportive to the end and beyond.

Because we receive so much unconditional love from a pet, loss and grief can often be harder for some than the loss of a person. Acknowledge your grief and the stages of grief. Seek help if needed.

You may experience emotional fluctuations. At times you may feel calm and that you are coping well with the loss, only to suddenly feel raw or overwhelmed again. This is normal when we are grieving.

The important thing is to allow yourself to feel it and, if necessary, to seek counseling from a grief counselor. To help make the process more bearable, there are also some wonderful books and YouTube videos that can be very comforting and supportive both before and after your pet goes over the Rainbow Bridge.

Know that you will see your beloved pets again when it is time for you to return to the spirit realm. This is always a great comfort. However, no matter how strongly you believe this, you still need to process your feelings and allow time for healing.

About The Author: Shani

Shani is a qualified practitioner in Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, body spin, and animal telepathy who received psychic development training at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Research in England. A published writer, her articles and predictions have appeared in several respected magazines and on psychic websites, and she has read for many celebrities and even heads of state in Africa. Because of her empathy, people find it easy to connect with her. Every month, she attends a psychic circle and the information that comes through from Spirit never ceases to amaze everyone present. Though she was born in London, Shani has traveled the globe and has studied the art of African Mysticism, bringing her unique flavor to those seeking her incredible talents. What she has taken away from her many travels abroad, is that there is always a sort of longing clients have to be connected to the source of their being. Get a reading with Shani at

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