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Reawaken Your Psychic Ability

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMany of us are born with the ability to perceive the unseen, sense the future and communicate with spirit. Childhood conditioning and trauma, religious and cultural influences in how we were raised, and various circumstances and life experiences can suppress our psychic gifts, often because we were told it is silly, inapproriate, or even ‘evil.’

If you can relate to this, then you need to know that your psychic talent is never lost or destroyed. You can reconnect with your natural gifts by engaging in various spiritual and metaphysical practices that will reawaken and develop your psychic abilities.

I started this process myself years ago by experimenting with various forms of meditation. Meditation teaches one to achieve altered states of consciousness, to become more aware of perceptions and energies that we otherwise do not notice in our normal waking state.

I also started keeping a ‘psychic journal.’ I wrote down my dreams every morning, as well as any unusual thoughts and feelings I had about a person or situation. Using these notes as reference, I would later check the relevanc and accuracy of my perceptions and premonitions.

Studying various divination methods also helped me a lot. For example, Astrology helped me to better understand the ancient metaphysical concept of “as above, so below,” and how it affects our daily lives. Astrology references universal consciousness and divine design, and the direct affect it has on us. It gave me greater insight into why people born under certain zodiac signs behave the way they do, and how each planet affects us, especially when it retrogrades, or moves into a new sign. It also explains why people get more emotional when the Moon is full, or why communication breaks down when Mercury is in retrograde.

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Tarot and other oracle cards are also great for psychic development. I recommend using them in a daily meditation practice. Focus on just one card every day and then write down whatever impressions you perceive about the card. Compare your own impressions to the card descriptions in a Tarot manual or dictionary. Not only is it a great way to increase your psychic awareness, but you also get to learn the Tarot in the process.

I also recommend Yoga, because it increases awareness and the ability to connect with your inner guidance. I started slow with basic poses (asanas) like the sun salutations and eventually graduated into Kundalini Yoga, which further served to open up my third eye.

Another important step for many gifted people is to reconnect with their inner child, who may have been supressed or traumatized growing up. Rediscover what used to make you feel happy, joyful and inspired as a child and incorporate it back into your life. For me, it was painting and spending time with kids, because it helped me overcome some of the pain that caused me to forget who I really was.

Everyone has a unique story of who they are, what they believe, and where they come from. If you can let go of what hasn’t supported you spiritually, and begin to stand fully in your own truth, then your intuition will expand and new metaphysical possibilities will open up like magic to transform your mind, body and soul.

About The Author: Laura

Attracting people from all walks of life, Laura has always been the type others come to for advice and direction. An initiated shaman, she's helped others to transcend fear and resolve dark aspects to achieve greatness in life and overcome limitations from the past.Spiritually, she's a mixed bag of traditional meets mystical, blending the best parts of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths with intuition and magic. She's been referred to as a witch, but considers herself a shaman. She uses her psychic gifts and divination tools to help you see the truth, awaken your spirit and overcome any problem. Contact Laura for a psychic reading at

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