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The Fourth Chakra

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe fourth chakra, or Anahata is located in the heart center. It is symbolized by a circular flower and 12 green petals called heart-mind. The animal totems of the fourth chakra are the antelope, dove and nightingale. The musical note that resonates with this chakra is “F”.  This is considered the heart chakra and love chakra.

The color is green. It rules the shoulders, heart, blood circulation, upper back and lungs. Foods to stimulate the fourth chakra include Lettuce, kale, zucchini, spinach and all green vegetables. The corresponding gland is the Thymus. Physically, Anahata governs the immune system, all blood related issues and circulation. Mentally it governs connection with others’ personal power, while emotionally it governs empathy, compassion, romance, friendship and family love, and spiritually it directs unconditional love.

The love we feel at the fourth chakra is felt toward everything we encounter, because it is felt within as a state of being ~ Bee Bosnak

This chakra is where we fall in love and where we hold every rejection and betrayal we have felt throughout our lives. Many times, when someone has gone through a difficult break-up, they will feel actual pain or tension and restriction in this center.

Many people have even been hospitalized when they have felt great emotional pain. There is a chord of light that links the ones we love to us, that moves from heart to heart. When one of the two breaks this connection it is felt deeply both emotionally and physically in the heart center.

A fourth chakra out of alignment can create physical problems with the corresponding body parts ruled by this chakra. This includes heart problems, problems with circulation, a weakened immune system, anxiety, chest pains and upper back pain. If this energy is out of alignment, it prevents one from tapping into unconditional love and empathy, and it makes it difficult to trust or “let another in” – often making one feel depressed or anxious. In severe cases, complete disconnection from this energy center can lead to sociopathic behavior and personality disorders.

The heart chakra is dedicated to overcoming separation and division. When the heart center is blocked, there is a sense of alienation from others ~ Deepak Chopra

When this chakra is well aligned it makes one feel connected to Source. One feels loved by the Universe. There is a feeling of self-esteem and self-love. One can feel complete within oneself and also able to connect with and love others unconditionally.

This is the center we heal from emotionally. When this chakra is open we can channel energy to others and help others to heal. This center allows one to exude compassion and warmth. There is an inner joy and calmness that is easily seen by others.

Deep breathing, Yoga and meditation stimulates and clears trauma out of the fourth chakra.

Forgiveness Meditation

A meditation for the fourth chakra:

1. Sit in the easy pose (on the ground, legs bent, spine straight).

2. Close your eyes.

3. Roll your eyes up to the brow point, as if you are looking at something on your forehead while your eyes are closed.

4. Rub your hands together to create heat and energy.

5. Cover your heart with your left hand. Cross your right hand over the left.

6. Visualize yourself sitting on the side of a small creek. Hear the water running, the birds singing. Feel the sun and light breeze on your face. Across from you is every person in this life that has betrayed you, lied to you, cheated on you, gossiped about you, stolen from you, abused you, and so forth.

7. Now visualize a small bridge that runs across the creek. After a few minutes, stand up at the end of the bridge, on your side of the creek. One by one allow each person to come across the bridge to your side. Hear them apologize for what they have done. Know that this is their higher self speaking with you. After their apology, hug them and let them go on their way. Continue until there are no people left on the opposite side of the creek.

8. Spend a few minutes meditating on green light coming into your heart center, after each person has left. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

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