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Stop Blocking Yourself!

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever felt like your life is just going nowhere, or you can’t connect emotionally to another person? At these times there is always one thing after another, and events in your life simply don’t seem to ‘gel’, or go right. Maybe you can’t get the job you want, or you are lonely.

There are so many barriers we have to deal with, but there is a way to overcome all of this. The best way to do it is by truly knowing yourself – through self-discovery – and by letting go of people and material things that hold you back.

So many times we invest so much wasted energy in people-pleasing. Instead of constantly trying to please others, we could use this time to live a happier life, with greater more spiritual awareness, which will in turn make us much more useful in our service to others. Instead we spend so much time thinking about things we may have done wrong, the wrong others have done to us and regretting what we could have done differently

When we try and reason about our mistakes it just leads to anguish, because we have a lack of faith – faith in God and in ourselves. But, if we go before the thrown of God and get on bended knees, we will find that inner peace, grace and forgiveness that so many people venture off to far of places, looking to find. That inner peace and joy is always there and available, we just have to look up!

Also, we are concerning ourselves too much with the things of the world, putting too much value on financial success and material possessions. These can become obstacles that keep us from connecting with those we love, or want to love. It is pure self-sabotage.

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be ~ Jane Austen

This world is just so mesmerized by ‘things!’ It’s just stuff. You can’t take it with you. This is a major thing that blocks many people, and clutters up their spiritual life. Sometimes just doing a good cleaning job on your home and life, and getting rid of things and people that are collecting dust, helps you to better see your life more clearly.

Reflect and meditate on the secular things and relationships that tie you down. Remember to see yourself as a spiritual being in a human body and you may see things differently. If there is a person that you don’t really enjoy or feel good when you are around them, just don’t hang out with them anymore. If you need more solitude, give yourself more solitude. You don’t have to be with lots of people or own many things.

Know that you can create the reality you want for yourself, easily. Learn to say no! Stop doing things that make you feel horrible the next day, whether it be drinking or listening to really chaotic music. Do things that can help you create the best possible reality for yourself. All the mystical tools you need to manifest the life you want are already within you.

The promises of this world are, for the most part, vain phantoms; and to confide in one’s self, and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course ~ Michelangelo

Before you make decisions and choices, think and feel…is this good for me? Is this going to support me and the life I see for myself and desire for myself? If not, get rid of it! Period. It’s really just that simple. A little faith and passion is all it takes to attain our goals.

We become vulnerable when we allow others to dictate what we should do or how we should be. I have known people that have actually gotten in the way of my relationship with the Almighty. Follow your internal guidance system and listen to your Higher Self. We create our own heaven, or hell here on earth with our words, thoughts and deeds.

About The Author: Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess is a third generation empathic healer and seer. She started to give healing readings to people more than 20 years ago. She has always been interested and studied all things metaphysical from a young age. Being hypersensitive she can feel and see things before they happen. Utilizing the Tarot, and with the help of her Guides, she is a source of support for many people all over the world. After he passed over, her grandfather kept his promise and came back to say goodbye and gave her the most amazing experience. Moon knows there truly is a Heaven, and it is wonderful! Sharing her experience has helped many people after they have lost someone, or anyone experiencing some form of grief. Get a reading with Moon Goddess now at

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