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The Healing Energies Of Plant Spirits

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHere in Latin America there is a rich tradition of herbalism and ceremonial, shamanic spiritual medicine. There has also been in recent times a global revival of plant medicine and natural healing practices, as well as a renewed interest in related indigenous wisdom traditions found in many cultures all over the world.

As a result of modern science, we have largely abandoned and forgotten the fountain of knowledge the aborigines had regarding healing and natural harmony. It took us several centuries to realize what we have lost and overlooked in the process.

Herbalism is however not only about natural medicine potentially having fewer side effects than modern pharmaceuticals. It is also about the innate energetic qualities we share with a particular plant. This approach to healin stems from a worldview that fully integrates man and nature.

In local tradition, near the Andes, the timing is just as important as the type of plant used for healing purposes. Depending on the season, or the phase of moon, for instance, the plant’s properties will vary, and its effectiveness less than optimal if used at the inappropriate time.

Both the healer and their patient’s attitude towards the plant itself is also an important factor in the healing process, as the respect and gratitude shown to the plant will determine its healing ability.

In shamanic herbalist practices it vital to understand that all entities are considered to have elemental energy, including plants and humans. This is the metaphysical premise of all plant medicine and magic. In fact, for the traditional herbalist all plants have spirits. And each one has specific faculties and properties at different levels or frequencies that can heal us in mind, body and soul.

Plant spirit shamanism brings us back to our ancient roots of being aware of the unity of all of life and of treating plants with love and respect. Research shows that plants have feelings, intelligence, and can sense our intentions and respond to our actions ~ Kathleen Daley

All plants therefore interact with us in different ways and at different levels. If we want to make the most of their healing and magical properties and get closer to their elementals, we should consider the following:

Resonance. By the principle of resonance, if you feel attracted to a plant or simply like it a lot for some reason, you can usually work with it for your benefit. It is a good idea to grow such a plant it in your backyard or have it in a pot on your windowsill. If you want to better understand your attraction to certain plants, there are good smartphone apps available these days that can help one identify plants by name and research their healing properties.

Triple Application. To make the most of a plant’s healing energies, it is essential to work with it in three ways:

  • Ingest it (if it is non-poisonous) as a food, tea, pill, powder or tincture.
  • Bathe with it, or apply it to the skin as a gel, lotion, or cream.
  • Meditate or pray with it (hold it in your hands).

We can work with each plant for several days to allow the body and mind to connect with it.

Emotion. Be aware that physical illnesses are closely linked to our emotions. Plants have specific properties that also work emotionally or psychologically. Two of the most well-known examples are the psychedelics ayahuasca and peyote.

For example, three plants that are highly beneficial as complimentary medicines for the therapeutic treatment of emotional trauma, grief and depression are orange (citrus fruit), lemon verbena (herb) and rose (flower).

Often when we work with the plants, they appear to heal us, teach us, show us things, or just play with us. These messages and healings can be deep, life-changing events that one can’t help but feel would not have been reached without the plants ~ Nick Sun


Plants have planetary influences and in the case of the orange citrus fruit it is connected to the sun’s vibrant energy. Orange connects us with the force of life and our own joy.

Orange is traditionally recommended as an antidepressant because it is believed to stimulate the solar plexus. The energy of the sun and the birth of the soul are both connected to this area.

Lemon Verbena

This plant, also known as lemon beebrush or verbena de Indias, is an aromatic herb that is rich in volatile oils and has calming properties. Its energy aligns us with expansion and fluidity.

It is also associated with planet Jupiter, so it harmonizes thoughts and emotions. Lemon verbena is recommended for anxiety and nervous tension, as it helps us to flow with changes and stressful transitions that are hard to deal with.

Most of the plants of Jupiter have a harmonious energy presence that surrounds and embraces. It gives one a sense of security and makes you feel that everything will be fine. It allows us to remain in flow.


The rose flower has a powerful spirit. Generally, roses help heal emotional traumas and psychological wounds. The rose is the flower of planet Venus that represents harmony, love, and beauty. She tells you that love is the universal force that transforms and heals everything. The rose is astringent and removes excess water. Water is also emotion. Then the plant removes excessive emotions and beautifies your heart.

Each color of rose has a different purpose. The red rose, for example, is beneficial in dealing with sexual trauma and relationship breakups. The white rose is associated with lunar energies and helps us with tranquility and inner peace. The violet rose moves us towards change, and supports us in releasing what no longer serves us.

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Paul is literally living his dream, counseling others from a bustling neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in the very place he dreamt of living as a boy. Born with a Clairvoyance that he desired to explore further, he developed his gifts as an initiate of a prominent esoteric school, studying under the tutelage of a Master who helped him to tap into the Divine Presence through Tarot and the Runes. Paul studied the Qabalah and Ceremonial Magic and founded a research group with some friends, which focused on applying spiritual principles to everyday life. For over twenty years, he has shared his talents and knowledge with others, becoming a sought after teacher as well as a highly valued Intuitive counselor. If you would like the deeper meanings of your situation revealed to you and are willing to journey with him down a path that will give you clear answers and fulfillment in your life, You can find Paul at

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