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A Strange Sign From The Heavens

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe tradition of Christmas lights and the nativity story of The Star of Bethlehem all took on a whole new meaning for me over the holidays with a mystical experience that changed me forever.

I was doing my usual evening meditation, looking out over the city lights in the distance, beyond the woods that divide my backyard from the neighbors. It was later than usual, which made it an even more peaceful and perfect moment of spiritual bliss.

Sitting there, in a state of completely serenity and oneness with all that is, I suddenly notice unusual lights in the sky hovering close to my home. They were beautiful, white lights hovering in one place, but constantly changing shapes – from a triangle, to a star, then to a circle, and so on. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before!

I wanted to call and tell someone, but it was a bit too late at night for that, and what if I was the only one who could see it? I was also afraid it might vanish as fast as it appeared, and how foolish would I look then?

Meanwhile, my mind was trying to make sense of what I was witnessing. Was this otherworldly? A ghost or angel? An unidentified flying object (UFO)? Alien or earthly technology?

Then I intuitively sent out a telepathic message to the lights, “Please confirm if you are able to connect with my thoughts? If so, please give me a sign.”

Suddenly, the apparition shapeshifted from a circle of lights into the shape of the Holy Cross, and then into what looked like a heart. I was in a state of shock. I could not believe my eyes. I wanted to ask it another question, but it disappeared just as swiftly as it had appeared.

I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my life, and more of them make me think magic is possible than not ~ Bailey Cates

The experience has been on my mind ever since. I still have no idea what it was that I saw, but I do feel that this was gift from the heavens to let me know we are all loved, interconnected and never alone. It has been a life-changing experience on a very deep spiritual level for me.

I have so many questions now. I cannot help but wonder, for example, if I am going to keep connecting with this intelligent apparition or UFO, or was it a once off event?

I have never been one to think much of UFOs and such. But I did also receive a message in the dream state just before the holidays, that suggests this phenomenon may have been very personal. In the dream, a loved one that had passed came to me and said I would be getting a ‘sign from the heavens’ as a Christmas gift from him. Interestingly, supernatural phenomena like this was something we often loved to talk about when he was still in this life.

When people stargazing, they stare at stars…and many other things which they’ve already presumed commonly and universally as stars ~ Toba Beta

What further perplexes me is that the lights came to me while I was meditating. Did I will it into existence, or did it find me spontaneously? Did I call it to me (as one friend suggests I may have done), or did it come to me courtesy of spirit and by God’s grace?

I don’t know for sure, but I am on a mission to make contact again and find out.

About The Author: Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess is a third generation empathic healer and seer. She started to give healing readings to people more than 20 years ago. She has always been interested and studied all things metaphysical from a young age. Being hypersensitive she can feel and see things before they happen. Utilizing the Tarot, and with the help of her Guides, she is a source of support for many people all over the world. After he passed over, her grandfather kept his promise and came back to say goodbye and gave her the most amazing experience. Moon knows there truly is a Heaven, and it is wonderful! Sharing her experience has helped many people after they have lost someone, or anyone experiencing some form of grief. Get a reading with Moon Goddess now at

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