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How Spirit Communicates With Us

Click Here now FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSpirit communicates with us in many powerful ways. All we need to do to improve this beneficial and life-affirming spiritual relationship is to set an intention to expand our communication. We simply need to ask to work more closely with our ‘spirit team’ of Ancestors, Guides, and Angels.

Due to the Universal Law of Free Will, our spirit team can only communicate and intervene in our lives to the extent we request their guidance and assistance. They need our consent or mandate, because our free will affords us the right and responsibility to choose the direction and terms of our lives.

Therefore, we must ask for Spirit’s guidance and help before they can act on our behalf and increase their communication with us. Once we ask, our team can go to work on our behalf in any situation in our lives, whether it is a simple as finding a parking spot at the mall or as serious as pinpointing our life purpose, and everything in between.

The key to communicating with Spirit is to be aware of the language it uses. Spirit communicates with us both externally and internally.

External Communication

External communication comes in the forms of signs and synchronicities. Working with and looking for signs and synchronicities enables us to flow with the grace and daily magic of Spirit.

Signs come in many forms: they can be a book falling off the shelf that we are supposed to read; or finding feathers or pennies after asking our Angels a question; or overhearing a conversation that answers a prayer in our heart.

Synchronicity, on the other hand, is about tapping into the flow of spiritual energy in our daily lives and living with greater awareness of everyday occurrences that we often disregard as coincidences or chance. Synchronicity happens around us all the time as just the right people, events and opportunities flow in to our lives at just the right time in the right way.

Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness ~ Shakti Gawain

Internal Communication

Another way that Spirit communicates with us is through inner guidance in the form of intuitions and mental perceptions. This involves our ‘sensing’ of higher vibrating information inherent within Divine Guidance. The internal communication channels we use to tap into our inner spirit guidance are commonly known as the ‘psychic senses’ or ‘clair senses.’

Clairvoyance means ‘clear sight’ and refers to psychic visions or seeing visual imagery with our mind’s eye.

Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’ and refers to auditory perceptions, such as hearing an inner voice.

Clairsentience means ‘clear sensing’ and refers to emotional and physical perceptions, such as gut feelings, hunches, and so on.

Claircognizance means ‘clear knowing’ and refers to spontaneously ‘just knowing’ things, such as inspired ideas, solutions to problems or new factual information that suddenly comes to mind without us having had any prior knowledge on the matter.

Sometimes when we pray for guidance, we’re guided in unexpected directions. We may want a lofty answer and we get the intuition to clean our bedroom ~ Julia Cameron

With all spirit communication and divine messages, whether it is external or internal, it is crucial to note how you feel when receive the messages or information. Do you feel the ‘warm fuzzies’ when you receive a piece of information? Does the guidance leave you feeling inspired, joyful, hopeful, loved, and safe? Does the message show up in your life repeatedly, nudging you to take action? These are all indications that you are receiving true Divine Guidance.

However, if you suddenly feel anxious or fearful when you receive a message, or the messages are guiding you to take action that would harm you or another, then this is not from Spirit. Messages from Spirit will always leave you feeling loved and inspired.

Once we learn the vocabulary that our spirit team uses to communicate with us, both internally and externally, our daily existence becomes infinitely more connected and aligned with the powerful, loving energy of the Divine. Every moment, opportunity and person that comes into our lives become portends, oracles and symbols for this Divine Communication. Our lives and the world around us become filled with never-ending magic and mystical possibility.

About The Author: Megan

Megan was born with wide open gifts, experiencing dreams and premonitions at a very early age. She has had 30 years of daily tutelage from Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Ashtar Command. Since 1993, Megan has been providing honest and compassionate readings and healings, starting with friends and family, then transitioning to a professional practice, in 2006. She's certified in various psychic and healing methods, including Reiki, Angel Work, and specializing in relationship readings, giving detailed info on how long a relationship will last, whether the partner is honest, and what their intentions are going forward. Megan has accurately read for clients around the world. She is very proud and grateful for her client loyalty and has a long list of devoted clients who have worked with her for years, many since the inception of her practice. To get a life-changing psychic reading with Megan reach out to her today at

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