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Keep Your Intuitive Energy Flowing

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIf you are psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive, or a pure empath, then chances are you find yourself periodically, or even frequently flipping the ‘off switch’ on your gifts in daily life. You certainly can’t process, neither share with everyone, the energetic information that is streaming 24/7. Sometimes it is also not understood, welcomed or trusted by others.

But, as you have no doubt noticed, this does not prevent the energy information or spiritual messages from showing up. For the gifted person this can feel like a concrete wall, especially when they are first utilizing their gifts and abilities. Many overly eager psychic mediums, intuitives and empaths have been met with a harsh rebuff, when they were starting out, from those they were genuinely trying to help, or wished to share an important message with.

Over time, if you are in an social environment that is less than open or supportive, this can cause you to doubt your own abilities, or force you to try and shut them down completely, in order to fit in, or avoid ridicule and criticism. But here’s the thing: you really can’t shut your gifts down completely.

You can ignore, rationalize, temporarily mute your gifted nature, but the bottom line is that it is here to stay. You were born with your extra-sensory abilities and healing gifts. They may have just recently surfaced for you, or you may have been aware of them from an early age. Whatever your circumstance, your gifts are a part of you, just as your eyes, arms and legs are a part of your body.

So, you might as well learn to deal with it more effectively. You will become much more comfortable with your gifts and abilities if you know how to keep yourself safe, healthy and strong, so that your energy can be powerful and free flowing.

Empaths love nature and feel at ease there. Being in a fresh, clean, green environment or around water clears negativity ~ Judith Orloff

There are many ways to shield, cleanse and protect your energy field. Research these tried-and-tested methods and educate yourself. Choose a way that is in alignment with your own spiritual beliefs and utilize it the same way you would utilize a shower, bath or toothbrush to cleanse your body. Explore ways to replenish your psychic energy and nourish your soul at a deep and profound level.

For example, I find daily meditation to be a life saver, and I love to utilize essential oils (my diffuser is used almost daily). I also benefit from frequent Himalayan salt baths, and I enjoy spending time outdoors, to experience the restorative power of Mother Nature whenever it’s possible. Something as simple as appreciating the various shades of green that abound in nature has an impact on the mind, body and soul.

Water is also a powerful ally for the gifted person. If you can’t be around a body of water, such as a stream, waterfall or the ocean, on a constant basis, at least try to have a water feature in your room, or even just the sound of water. Experiment with having the sound of the ocean, rain, waterfall playing in the background, or in your car, instead of music, news or office noise. If nothing else, having water sounds around you before you sleep can be surprisingly effective and healing.

The most important thing to remember when navigating your emotions as an empath is to take time out for yourself. Feeling things so deeply can be damaging if you don’t engage in excellent self-care ~ Jackie Edwards

Equally important is to notice the impact that negative, draining energy has on your physical body specifically. Pay attention, don’t ignore what your body is telling you. Adequate rest, relaxation, good nutrition, and regular exercise are all important to keep the gifted person in balance.

By making better lifestyle and self-care choices you will notice that you are more energized for longer, and you will feel much stronger and more balanced. Notice how you feel after a week or two of implementing these suggestions and keep your natural psychic abilities or empathic gifts flowing.

About The Author: Angelic Heights

Empathic, intuitive, psychic from a very young age, Angelic Heights (Gail) learned well the importance of using her gifts for the highest good. Marriage and a career in the paralegal field occupied her until her early 30's. Accurate, compassionate and direct, her focus now is entirely on enlightening, uplifting, inspiring and guiding those who seek her counsel. Gail believes that it is as critical to understand the energy of the people we choose to be involved with. Regardless of the nature of the issue, whether it be romance, career, business, or family, the essential needs of every client always come through clearly in her readings. She is able to hone in very quickly on major concerns and deliver accurate messages and solutions to problems. Get a reading right now with her at

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