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click on photo to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe all have a soul light that is eternal and bright. It shines through our physical being when we are aligned with our authentic self. We are all individually created to be different from one another. If we can remember that, especially when others appear to reject us, we’ve accessed the key to unlock our soul archetype.

When we compare ourselves to others, we get off track and can try to muster up a fictitious self that becomes impossible to uphold. It creates expectations that trap us, and can actually prevent us from shining our own, unique light into the world.

Have you ever felt like you are different, or don’t fit in? The first step to finding your authentic self, and tracing back to who you are as a unique soul, is to detach from others.  Sometimes there is a feeling of loneliness associated with this, but if you keep moving forward, and through it, and trust in what’s unfolding, you will land in a place where true confidence resides – the kind that can never be taken away. You will gain a self-respect that will allow your gifts and talents to flourish.

The world is a brighter place when we each manifest who we are ~ Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

So many of us forget to do this, and we get caught up in worrying about what others think of us, rather than following our joy, passions, and interests. I see this most often with people who are dating, or are in new relationships, who find that the person they are interested in is ignoring them or not responding to their texts or calls. So much concern the goes into feeling like they did something wrong, or wondering what is wrong with them, and why the other person is not contacting them. This leads back to the subject of feeling ignored, flawed in some way, or not measuring up to what we should be.

Let’s say you start dating someone, and in the beginning everything seems great and they appear to be really interested in you. Then one day you wake up and they stop calling or texting you. A day or two goes by and you still don’t hear from them. Then, the one week mark arrives and you still don’t hear from them at all. What happened? What went wrong?

The first thing we do is assume that we did something wrong. We tend to think of all of the things we don’t like about ourselves, which can trigger our deepest insecurities. Sometimes this can bring up memories from childhood experiences during grade school or our family dynamics growing up. We are flooded with thoughts from our past and reasons we think we’re not good enough as a person. This can be self-defeating and a great waste of time, to say the least, but it is very common.

Regardless of the reasons why this person is not making contact, very rarely is it because of the reasons we think. Granted, I’m not saying there aren’t certain circumstances where there is good reason to not want to date someone anymore, such as while out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, your date decides to swing across the room from the chandelier like Tarzan! However, if that is someone’s way of shining their own light, more power to them, eh?

Most of the time though, it is not because anyone did anything inappropriate, or wasn’t good enough. There are a myriad of patterns running within all of us that cause us to make selections, without even being conscious of what we are choosing. Divine intervention puts us around those whom we need to be with for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and there’s a hidden lesson and gift to be had from that exchange.

When we can find the gift of the meeting, we can unveil more of our shadow and thus shine our own light ever more brightly. People come along in life often times to challenge us, to show us who we truly are and where we need to grow. I’m not condoning bad behavior and saying they are wise teachers to us. Often times, the opposite is true. They have much growing and healing to do as well. Divine intervention orchestrates things so beautifully, that all we have to do each day is wake up and live life.

I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be ~ Dita Von Teese

If your light is not seen by someone else, they either don’t have the capability of seeing it, or choose to not see it at this time, and quite often because they can’t even see their own.

Yes, this is a ‘biggie.’ When you shine your light and be yourself around someone who isn’t shining theirs, problems can arise. This isn’t an excuse to gloss over bad habits, or avoid something you need to improve in yourself, but rather to look closer and practically at the situation. If someone is not appreciating your light, it is okay! Spirit sees your light, and so do many others people.

Shining your light doesn’t mean you have to have everyone’s attention all of the time. All it really means is that you are in your element, so to speak. If you love to garden, while watering the grass and planting, you are shining your light. If you enjoy dancing to music, dance your heart out in front of the mirror, and you are shining your light. Also, anything that you are drawn to, interested in, or curious about is pointing you closer to your authentic self where part of you is awaiting your arrival. Following what you want to follow, for you, and no other reason, will lead you to the greatest light of all – your soul’s purpose.

Next time you find yourself giving your precious energy away to worrying about what someone else thinks of you, remember to pivot your attention back onto your own breath and sacred center within. Come home to the eternal flame that resides within you, connect with it, let it burn brightly, and shine your unique light out into the world. It is the best way to find others who are shining theirs as well!

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