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The Core Of The Empath

Click the picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comPeople are drawn to empaths naturally. They tend to open up and pour out their souls to the empath, knowing instinctively that their secrets are safe and there is no judgment or condemnation. This is great, unless you are the empath who is burned out and exhausted with the weight of keeping everyone around you happy, with no one to talk to yourself.

I’ve been doing readings on Psychic Access for six years now, and during that time I’ve had the privilege of reading for several individuals who are born empaths, but were not aware of their innate gifts and abilities. They have since grown exponentially in their awareness and have learned to trust what is at the core of their being.

Sensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We have rescued ourselves, so many times that we have become self-taught in the art of compassion for those forgotten ~ Shannon L. Alder

Not only have they become aware of what makes them so different, they realize that they are not ‘crazy’ or ‘too sensitive’ or ‘imagining things.’ They have been told these things their entire life, but they can now trust their very sharp instincts and know that those instincts are usually spot on.

The moment empaths embrace their true nature, the gut wrenching anxiety, tension headaches and other health problems begin to ease. Their confidence soars. It is wonderful to observe that level of self-empowerment.

But the openness and bravery that are required to do this type of soul searching is not easy. It takes determination and it’s not for the faint of heart. Not to mention the difficulty of cultivating the patience required to learn where and when to say what you sense and know. Sensing the outcome of events or relationships or, more importantly, knowing something is going on with someone, before they know it, can be very challenging.

However, knowing that when we walk into a room and sense tension, or know something is going on, and not having to try and ignore or bury those feelings, opens up a very powerful sense of freedom for the empath. Instead of avoiding social gatherings, quitting a job, or leaving a relationship, empaths can utilize their ability to affect positive outcomes and mutual understanding. More importantly, the empath’s gifts of compassion, forgiveness and understanding, makes life more pleasant all the way around.

If you’re an empath, know how important it is to take care of yourself first in order to be able to help others. Sometimes there is only so much you can do for others; you might even be doing everyone a disservice by stepping over boundaries ~ Catherine Chea

The empowered empath has found the core of who they are. They are comfortable with their gift, and they utilize it in a way that benefits not only themselves, but others. Healthy boundaries are drawn; saying no becomes guilt-free; sensitive hearts are no longer afraid to be open; and life begins to move forward, instead of in an emotional pattern that repeats the same cycle over and over again.

How marvelous and what a privilege to witness.

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Empathic, intuitive, psychic from a very young age, Angelic Heights (Gail) learned well the importance of using her gifts for the highest good. Marriage and a career in the paralegal field occupied her until her early 30's. Accurate, compassionate and direct, her focus now is entirely on enlightening, uplifting, inspiring and guiding those who seek her counsel. Get a reading right now with her at

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  • Educating others is key in helping those around us in figuring out who they/we truly are. Thank you very much. Beautiful article!

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