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Spiritual Is Sometimes Just Coffee, Cats, And Crochet

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen I’m not working, spirit still comes to me when I’m in a very relaxed, mindful state. This often happens when I’m having my early morning coffee. Usually it is my guides telling me what to focus on for the day.

Sometimes I also perceive the name of a client who will be contacting me that day, or some information about a person in my life, or even a warning about something I need to be aware of.

The communication is always very clear, direct and significant, so I have made it a habit to always have my journal with me, especially when I have my morning coffee. That way I don’t miss or forget anything, as I sometimes did in the early days.

I also often receive spirit messages when I spend time with my sweet cats. Cats are little Zen Reiki healers, their purrs have a hertz frequency that is very healing and conducive to a spiritual state of mind. For some reason I can also see people’s auras better when the cats are around.

Another time my psychic awareness is heightened is when I am crocheting and suddenly I just know things. I “zone out” a bit and then answers just come to me about things I have been wondering about for myself and those I love.

When I do readings for clients, I receive guidance from their guides and ancestors. They come forward with information that I need to share with each client. It usually comes quickly, so I tend to speak and type very fast when I channel readings.

See the world through the eyes of your inner child. The eyes that sparkle in awe and amazement as they see love, magic and mystery in the most ordinary things ~ Henna Sohail

I recently had a client who inspired me to write this very blog because I was able to give her a very simple yet profound message from spirit. When I shared the information with her, it blew her away.

It was a Sunday morning. I was up early, having my usual morning coffee, when this particular client’s name came to me, courtesy of one of her female ancestors. I was informed that the client would be calling me later that day. Ironically, I was then shown that I should advise her to stop drinking so much coffee (who am I to judge, I thought for a second!).

I was also warned that she might protest or make excuses, but that I would have to tell her to instead start knitting again, and to keep going to the water aerobics class she wants to quit. “You have to tell her to keep going and to cut down on the caffeine,” I heard.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was the client I was expecting.

“Moon,” she sighed, “I’m not feeling too well these days. I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m getting these heart palpitations, and I just feel like I’ve been all over the place. I feel so frazzled and in disarray. I am not enjoying life at all. What is going on?”

Expecting some profound psychic wisdom or esoteric answer, she was surprised when I simply told her what her ancestor said about the coffee and knitting.

“That’s definitely my grandmother,” she said after a moment of shocked silence. “She passed away in November.”

She then became very emotional, because her grandmother taught her how to knit; they often used to do it together. She also told me how her grandmother used to make rosaries with very thin thread for the church where they both attended mass.

Simple things bring infinite pleasure. Yet, it takes us a while to realize that. But once simple is in, complex is out – forever ~ Joan Marques

I told her that I also like to knit and crochet because it relaxes and comforts me.

She blurted out, “You know what, Moon? I need to start knitting again because it has always been so comforting to me. I think I’m going to start today!”

I then told her that Grandma also thought it would be a good idea for her to go back to the water aerobics class. Another shocked silence followed. Then amazement. Then a confession.

“You know, I have always been a little skeptical of psychics,” she admitted. “Now I’m convinced you’re the real deal.”

She then explained that Grandma’s advice was exactly what her doctor had told her just a few days before. “I’ve been cheating, but starting today I’m going to switch to decaf and get more exercise!”

I felt that her grandmother was happy that I had given her this message to help her become healthier and calmer.

You see, spiritual awareness and spirit guidance is not just about the exotic, the esoteric, or the fancy stuff. Sometimes it is just about coffee, cats, or crocheting. And sometimes a seemingly silly or mundane message from the spirit realm can change, or even save someone’s life.

This is why experienced psychics know to give their clients everything they get, no matter how strange it may seem at the time.

About The Author: Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess is a third generation empathic healer and seer. She started to give healing readings to people more than 20 years ago. She has always been interested and studied all things metaphysical from a young age. Being hypersensitive she can feel and see things before they happen. Utilizing the Tarot, and with the help of her Guides, she is a source of support for many people all over the world. After he passed over, her grandfather kept his promise and came back to say goodbye and gave her the most amazing experience. Moon knows there truly is a Heaven, and it is wonderful! Sharing her experience has helped many people after they have lost someone, or anyone experiencing some form of grief. Get a reading with Moon Goddess now at

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