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How To Remember Your Dreams

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMany people assume they cannot remember much of their dreams, while some even believe they never dream at all. The truth is that dreams are a vital part of our spiritual awareness and inner guidance system. Everyone dreams. In fact, we dream every night and we are able to remember more of our dreams. Dreaming is a natural, automatic part of our sleep cycle as spirit beings in human form.

Dreams are a wellspring of spiritual information, support and guidance. If we were truly unable to recall our dreams, then we could never benefit from the divine guidance and spirit messages they convey. But to interpret and understand the deeper meaning of our dreams, we must consciously remember them.

Fortunately, if you seldom remember your dreams, or feel like you never dream at all, it is possible for you to train yourself to start remembering more of your dreams! Below are three strategies you can implement in your lifestyle and daily spiritual to start improving your dream recall. The key to success here is in combining these strategies in a consistent practice.

Dream Routine

Create a bedtime routine that helps to calm you mind, body and soul and increase the quality of your sleep and dream recall. Avoid the blue light from electronic devices, as it disturbs our circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. Do not consume caffeine and other stimulants. Do not eat for at least two hourse before your bedtime. Alos, avoid unnecessary stressors or stimulation, such as reading the news or watching a horror movie.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you ~ Marsha Norman

Being in a calm, settles frame of mind will ensure you get a more restful, deeper sleep. When we are sleeping soundly our dreams are not disturbed or interrupted by restlessness, allowing us to dream more deeply and vividly. Creating a calming routine before bed has many other health and wellness benefits as well, but for the particular purpose of dream recall it makes a huge difference.

Dream Affirmation

Say an affirmation every night as you fall sleep. The affirmation should be in your own words, so that it convincingly resonates with you, but the core intention to affirm is: “I am going to sleep now and I know I will be dreaming. When I wake up, I will remember my dreams vividly and in detail.” Essentially, you are priming your conscious mind to allow greater access to the subconscious content of your subconscious.

You may now be very successful the first few nights, but do not give up. Persistence and consistency are key here. Make it a practice you do every night, and in time you will find that you start remembering more and more of your dreams. It will take time though, and it’s important to be patient with yourself and the process of creating a new habit.

Dreams are nature’s answering service – don’t forget to pick up your messages once in a while ~ Sarah Crestinn

Dream Journal

Keep a dream journal notebook next to your bed, or create one on your favorite digital device. This will help a lot with improving your recall, as well as making sense of the meaning of your dreams over time.

Write down everything you can remember of your dreams the moment you wake up. Do not think of or do anything else when you wake up. The moment you wake up, focus immediately on what you can remember. Dream recall fades very quickly after we wake up, so consciously capture those fleeting dream images and memories before it fades. Then write down as much as you can remember, while the dream is still fresh in your mind.

First aim to recall the broader outline of the dream. This will then help jog your memory to remember more of the details. Sometimes, you may have flashes of memory about a dream resurface throughout the day. Also make a note of these, and add them to your dream journal as soon as you can.

Remember that the most important thing when trying to recall your dreams is to be consistent and patient. It’s going to take time to develop your relationship with your dreams, but it is certainly worth it!

Also, if you’re looking for ways to help interpret your dreams, you can check out my previous blog post How To Interpret Your Dreams.

About The Author: Seraphim

Sarah is a natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empath whose practice has been built largely by word-of-mouth. As a child her abilities came to the fore through precognitive dreams and messages she received. Her connection with Spirit was never more personal than the visit she received from her mother who passed, in which she conveyed the moving message that she loved her. Not long after her death she discovered her mom's Tarot deck, which launched Sarah on her journey and life-calling to explore a vast array of her gifts, one of them Eye-Gazing, a psychic tool she developed herself! Sarah continues to receive steady guidance and messages directly from Spirit Guides and Angels, and has maintained a steady and successful private practice in Canada, since 1995. Very active in her spiritual community, she's often called upon to lead local events, including group meditations. The practice of meditation, she confides, has changed her life in profound ways. Sarah has developed The Sacred Art of Creation, leading empowered women's circles that facilitate self-healing, manifestation and alignment with one's higher self. If you'd like a reading with a compassionate reader who can both hear and convey direct messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, you can find Sarah at

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