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The Romantic Challenges Of An Empath

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe past two months or so I have been reading for an unusually high number of clients that are discovering their empathic abilities. The majority have been in very high stress romantic situations, which does nothing but magnify what these very sensitive people are experiencing. While this is no doubt confusing, frightening and intense for the empath, remember it also greatly impacts your partner.

An empath is defined as a person who has the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily. This can manifest itself in many ways from a physical feeling to an inner knowing that something is not as it seems. If you are an empath, your radar will hone in instinctively on the truth of a person or situation.

Personal relationships, especially romantic ones can be a nightmare for empaths. When a person is saying one thing and the empath ‘knows’ or feels  that person is feeling differently or being dishonest, the challenges begin. Continue reading

Love Cord Connections

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI can tell really easily if two people are connected with what I call the ‘love cord connection’. I can tell if it’s just lust, desire or a crush, or the real deal full-blown love… the kind of love that never dies. I can see if two people are karmically connected. I can see if they have had past lifetimes together and what exactly they were to one another.

I can also tell if two people chose to be born in the same soul group together. Usually if they chose to incarnate in this lifetime together there is still much to be had by way of soul growth and soul evolution.

Sometimes two people may have a difficult time connecting. It may be that they are connecting at the wrong time, or maybe one of them needs to achieve some soul growth before they can meet up with the person they love so much. Being brought again once more into another life they can have that opportunity to connect with that person. If it doesn’t work out there’s always other lifetimes to be had to get that opportunity. Continue reading

Finding Your Silent Space

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen we are able to control our response to any outside stimulus, we can more easily link in to subtle frequencies, enabling us to connect to the source of our being and to our own spirit guides.

To reach an inner sense of calm we need to still our thoughts. As our thoughts run haywire we can observe the pattern and try to ascertain why they run wild, and then attempt to bring them back to center and silence them.

If you are planning on developing this technique of stilling your mind for whatever reason, be it to connect with your spirit guides or just to be peaceful, keep at it without expecting immediate gratification. The process does take time, but is well worth the effort. Apart from assisting with your spiritual journey, the process will increase your energy levels, sharpen your thoughts and increase your sense of well-being.

There is a saying, “To remain silent is also an answer”. There are occasions when we are confronted with a tricky question or we find ourselves in a confrontational situation and we beat ourselves up to find a prompt reply or action. Either delaying our response or saying absolutely nothing is often the best option for us, whilst we silence our thoughts and find the best answer in that sacred space. Continue reading

Going Back To School

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAt the beginning of this year I did not realize how much my life was going to change. So many times over the years I have told clients that you never know how life can change when a blinking of an eye. Well, that is exactly what happened to me too.

On the last Friday of February 2012 I lost my full time job and they made me retire. I was very shook up, because it was very unexpected and I gave them 27 years of dedicated service. Suddenly, I was on the side of the fence, where many of clients have been who call me to ask what is going to happen in their lives.

How was my life going to pan out? As a psychic we usually see with clarity for others, but not for ourselves. It was time to reflect on my future; what I needed to do and where I was going. I knew in my heart for the longest time that this day was going to come, and I needed help to see what was going to happen. I asked God to show me ways in my life that I never seen before and one thing that came up was I needed to go back to school. Continue reading

Two Cards Short Of A Celtic Cross

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI’ve written many blogs about psychic issues, spirituality, God, The Goddess, The Universe and so forth. The more answers I get the more questions arise. And I am always learning and being shown new ways, paths and messages. This is one of those messages.

We ask so often, “Why does this happen? What is the answer? Why did he hurt me?” I have at times also asked these questions, because I am human after all. Anything I teach I have learned the lesson myself – very often the hard way! But I have found that for many questions, ultimately, there are few answers. Because the answers we think we want can never truly satisfy us. Why am I bringing this up? Why am I talking about this and what am I even talking about, you may well ask. It’s because of an experience that happened to me recently. Continue reading

Are You Addicted To Chaos?

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWe sometimes are so used to having problems that we only get readings about the chaos in our lives. Psychic readers can try to gently steer a person towards serenity, inner peace and joy, but it can be difficult. If you have a history with a psychic, and there is a level of established trust, they would be the right person to ask, “What should I be working on?” – rather than yet another psychic reading on “Why did George (or Lucy) not come home again last night?”

If people want to discuss their chaos, we readers are limited to that topic. Often the level of question indicates what you are ‘ready’ to hear or learn about. This can also be done with readings for yourself. I like the Osho Zen Tarot cards, which I ask what do I need to learn about a situation. I then simply pull one card and meditate on the answer for a few days. Continue reading

Substance Abuse Destroys Relationships

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHow much time have you put into your relationship? How much time, effort and in many cases money? Sometimes it comes down to this: is your partner worth your time and energy? Are they affecting your time with God, your children, your parents? Are you distancing yourself from those you love the most, because you are not happy in your relationship? Are you getting from your relationship what you need to feel connected to the divine spark within you?

Often times we date, marry and have children; then our spouses disconnect, they find that time with their friends is more important. They shift their priorities to the vices or hobbies of their friends and their most intimate relationship begins to suffer. Continue reading

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