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The Spiritual Wisdom Of Solitude

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn the age of digital ‘connection,’ we are becoming more socially disconnected than ever before in human history. In fact, loneliness has become a secret epidemic profoundly affecting many people all over the world. A 2022 study of the prevalence of loneliness across 113 countries found that “problematic levels of loneliness are experienced by a substantial proportion of the population in many countries.”

There is strong evidence that loneliness or social isolation is a serious health risk that increases premature death from all causes, similar to smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise. It is also specifically linked to higher rates of heart failure, dementia, depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Loneliness must however not be confused with solitude, which is in fact a powerful aspect of spiritual practice that has been practiced since the dawn of time.

Loneliness is the feeling of being alone and isolated, regardless the amount of social contact. In other words, social isolation can cause a sense of loneliness in some of us, but we can also feel intensely lonely without being socially isolated. One can feel lonely even when there are many people present in our life.

Solitude, on the other hand, is the conscious choice to be alone, usually for the purpose of personal reflection, recharging one’s energy, spiritual contemplation, or simply enjoyment of your own company. It’s about purposely choosing to be present with yourself, rather than the lack of social connection.

Solitude is therefore a positive state of mind, allowing us time and space to focus on our thoughts and feelings, and to grow within. In fact, solitude is essential for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In the silence we listen to ourselves. Then we ask questions of ourselves. We describe ourselves, and in the quietude we may even hear the voice of God ~ Maya Angelou

Solitude helps to develop our self-confidence. The more quality time we spend with ourselves, the more we learn to to trust our own judgment and our ability to make wise decisions. It boosts our self-esteem and resilience, leading to better choices throughout our lifetime.

In addition, solitude improves our focus and concentration. When we are spending time alone, our mind is more free to focus on important tasks without external distractions. It improves our productivity and levels of achievement.

Solitude also promotes creativity. When there’s no one around to influence our ideas and choices, we are free to explore new possibilities we may not have considered before. We can also invent solutions to problems that previously seemed intractable.

Furthermore, solitude is a conduit for healing. Time alone allows us to thoroughly process our feelings and experiences, which helps to heal emotional wounds, resolve the effects of trauma, and bring insight and greater peace of mind.

Solitude is also a pathway for self-knowledge. When we are alone, we have more time to deeply think about our strengths and weaknesses and the direction we want to take in life. It helps us to find meaning and purpose.

Most of all, solitude is a powerful and highly recommended spiritual practice. It is no coincidence that most of the great spiritual teachers, prophets and avatars throughout history spent time practicing solitude. There is no better way to experience the presence of God, Source, Spirit, the Divine than when we are alone.

I feel the same way about solitude as some people feel about the blessing of the church. It’s the light of grace for me. I never close my door behind me without the awareness that I am carrying out an act of mercy toward myself ~ Peter Høeg

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna describes solitude as an essential characteristic of the wise who are seeking supreme wisdom. Solitude is also considered a crucial component of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In the Bible there are repeated references to Jesus seeking solitude to pray and contemplate his ministry. And the philosopher Socrates sought solitude in order to commune with his divine inner voice.

Who are you with when you are alone? Whose voice do you hear? If you do not know for sure, it may be time to find out. Make solitude a part of your everyday spiritual practice. Whenever a lonely moment comes along, make the most of it. Embrace every opportunity to spend some quality time alone. It will change your life in ways you never before considered possible.

About The Author: Zondra

Zondra is a highly successful Intuitive and Life Coach, dispensing her unique gifts she's developed over the last 20 years. Zondra acts as the remote control in the hands of her clients, helping them to select the best channel for their dream outcome to appear. A 5th generation psychic, her innate psychic gifts and her curious nature allowed her to explore and master NLP and Mental Training to incorporate coaching techniques that blend beautifully with Tarot. She's advised many on national and international markets and has experience serving companies in Portugal, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, and in the US. She uses her experience to benefit others, to help them find ways to make real and important changes in their lives. So, if you'd like to change your life channel pronto, you've just reached the home of a very compassionate, non-judgmental practitioner, gifted in helping you manifest the life you'd prefer to be living. Zondra can be reached at

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