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Past Lives, Present Lessons

Click picture to get a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever felt inextricably drawn to visit a foreign country? Do you have a desire to learn about a certain culture or period in history that intrigues you? Are you fond of, or do you collect certain items or statues that represent a type of spiritual practice? Your interests alone can reveal so much about former lifetimes you’ve held on Earth, as well as other planets.

Reincarnation is a topic that has captivated people’s attention both historically and in modern times. There are so many documentaries and articles available that provide unbelievable evidence from people who’ve experienced past life memories.  Some of which that are most convincing are from children!

One’s entire life – his mental state, his health, his relationships, the material gains that he may or may not make – are all effects which have been set in motion by causes to be found somewhere in one’s background, in this life or previous ones ~ Brad Steiger

One young boy, who is only six years old, tells of a story while riding in the backseat of his parents car, as they are driving through an unfamiliar area. The boy abruptly sits up while looking out the window and tells his parents that this used to be his home, and proceeds to give them his name at that time, what happened there, and how and when he died. When they got home, the boy’s parents looked this up and found every detail of this incident matched what their son had told them, and that it was all true. There was no explanation as to how the boy could have known all this information, but somehow he remembered himself from that lifetime and gave a vivid description that only someone there during that time could ever know.

Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls speaks about this. Dr. Newton was a hypnotherapist who had a busy practice helping patients break free from addictions and other psychological disorders. He never had much of an interest in anything metaphysical or related to past lives. What he shared in his book is nothing short of miraculous, as his patients one by one began to come forward with stories of what happened to them while under hypnosis.

Dr. Newton’s patients talked about their experiences and memories of a time between lifetimes. The patients, none of them knowing one another, all described very similar circumstances of being in a circle of people, who some of them, they recognized as either family or friends from this lifetime. What they became aware of while under hypnosis was who these people were as a soul and how they were related to them in a former lifetime, as well as on the soul level.

They spoke about the people they knew in this lifetime, but now had an understanding of how they were related to each other in former lifetimes and coming from the same soul pod. They all reported this to be incredibly helpful when seeing that someone, who was giving them a hard time in this life, was actually in their soul pod and was here to teach them a spiritual lesson.

They also recognized family members in their soul pod taking on different roles with them in previous lives. This opened up an entirely new way for Dr. Newton to help his patients work through issues, by seeing the roles others were playing out together with them on their path, thus seeing the journey of a soul.

Many people have unexplained fears that they are plagued with that could possibly fall under the category of past life recall. Soldiers who come back from war can suffer from a disorder called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) where they are in a state of anxiety or depression much of the time and also tend to have difficulty sleeping. This type of fear can be expected and explained because of the harsh conditions they went through. But what about people who have unexplained fears that don’t run in the family history or relate to a childhood experience?

Children who remember their past lives offer the most compelling evidence yet for reincarnation… when adults listen-really listen-to what the children are trying to say, their own understanding of spirit and of children are changed forever ~ Carol Bowman

I once met a man named Leif, who when he felt scared or threatened physically, would try to grab a sword from his side that obviously was not there. Before thinking about anything, he would reach his arm to find a sword and go to draw it out for defense and protection. When I spoke to Leif about this during a reading, we looked at his most recent past life during the King Arthurian times and saw that he was a soldier riding a horse while at war and was, indeed, trying to draw his sword out from the case to defend himself, but fell off the horse and died before he could recover the sword. Leif suffered with that bodily reflex his whole life.

With the help of our reading Leif was able to go through a process of going back to the scene the moment when he died. He stood there looking over his dead body and thanked it for giving him life and the lessons of that lifetime. After the reading he much better having had that sense of completion or closure, and was able to better understand and process this old wound.

We all have dreams and subliminal memories.  It’s only our beliefs that can get in the way of being open to past life recall.  A teacher of mine once said that the more we meditate, the more easily we can see and remember our past lives.  Often times when I meet people I psychically hear their name from a past life as well as the type of work they did. Sometimes they say the hair on their arms and back of their neck stands straight up, or that they have goosebumps everywhere!

It seems as though one’s soul essence or archetype is very similar from lifetime to lifetime, until we work through certain spiritual lessons.  The metaphor, “life is a school and the lesson is love” is totally appropriate when we look closely into our past lives.

It’s truly a game changer when we explore and find a deep resonance with past life memories. It can be very empowering to reclaim these lost parts of our self and helps us to approach life with more wisdom, compassion, and even a sense of humor. If you knew from your own direct experience that you’ve lived many lifetimes in many bodies, but your soul was eternal, how would you live your life differently today?


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