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The Evolution Of Your Metron

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have recently had more and more clients ask me about their spiritual connection, and how it has past life influences and future implications.  With the advent of communication technology we see that we are coming into an evolutionary shift of consciousness as it relates to relationships between individuals in the human family.

Let’s first look at social and spiritual structures in relationships. I would like to resurrect for the purpose of this blog the Greek word metron (μέτρον). Metron is a unit of measure that we can use to explain our sphere of influence, and also the spiritual gifts and styles that we use to influence this sphere.

Many of us have a limited metron, and consistently manifest together with the same grouping of souls on the planet. We each have a familiar structure that is related to soul agreements before incarnating on the planet. This is why we sometimes meet a person and have the feeling that we have known them our whole lives. What is happening is that our souls are united in the same metron. Continue reading

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