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Shashunda is a fourth-generation psychic who grew up in a haunted old farmhouse. As a young adult, she did her best to live a normal life, until Spirit and her friends, who knew how gifted she was, convinced her to share her abilities with the world. Since then, Shashunda has amassed an impressive list of clients, mostly through word of mouth. She's worked on many websites and maintains a thriving private practice with loyal clients who value the wisdom she provides. As a psychic advisor, she's able to connect with a client's past, present and future energies to bring understanding and assistance with life's obstacles, helping people through their ups and downs. Not only is she highly accurate, but she also has a remarkable ability to bring complete peace to the heart and soul. Her clients walk away with solid answers, improved direction, and a sense of hope. You can get a reading with Shashunda at

Paranormal Encounters In Unexpected Places

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comPeople generally believe that cemeteries, historic battlefields, and old buildings such as castles, forts, and mental hospitals are the most haunted places. The truth is that paranormal activity can be found in many other unexpected and less stereotypical locations.

In fact, as a psychic, I find a cemetery to be a very peaceful place to visit. People sometimes laugh at me when I tell them that I like to go to cemeteries just to walk around and look at the life stories of the people on their headstones.

To be honest, I have never felt the presence of any malevolent energy or restless spirit in a cemetery. To me, a cemetery is like a little piece of heaven on earth. It is truly a sanctuary; a sacred place of peace and rest. I could easily spend the night in a cemetery and sleep like a baby. Graveyards are not haunted in my experience.

Now, a junkyard full of old, wrecked cars is a whole different situation. Creepy, to say the least! Many drivers have died suddenly in these cars and their spirits have never left the vehicle because they have the impression that they’re still in this life and on their way to their destination.

You see, often when a person dies very suddenly, they don’t go towards the light and cross over to the other side. They do not realize that they are no longer alive.

That is why you could not pay me to visit a junkyard. Just driving by and seeing such a place from a distance scares me! I have endless admiration for the people who restore old cars from these places. I can only imagine what kind of residual energies they bring home with them.

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