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The Truth About Being “Too Busy”

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIt is good to be busy. But some people are always too busy. Too busy to do the things that really matter. Too busy to go where we really want to go. Too busy to make a difference. Too busy to love. Too busy.

I admit that I am one of those people who, when asked how I am doing, often gives the standard one-word answer: “Busy.” Some people who like their jobs and choose to work a lot are called workaholics. I have been called a workaholic by friends and family. My response is always that I am grateful to still be able to do what I love.

Yes, some of us like to be busy. We like to be doing something all the time. For me, being busy gives me a sense of self-worth and security. When a task is completed, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Being busy is also a way to thrive. Some people do their best work when they are very busy and under pressure. We are indeed blessed when we have a job that we truly love to do. But that does not mean we never need a day off without feeling guilty?

The pandemic has been a challenge for us busy people. How do you stay busy when you cannot leave the house? One thing it did for me was give me “permission” to take an online art class without feeling guilty. Also, friends and family have given me more puzzles than one could ever have in a lifetime. In the past, I would have felt guilty about doing these things for pleasure instead of work.

Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise ~ Lin Yutang

This is often a problem that busy people struggle with: allowing themselves to do more of the things that make them happy. Many of us also tend to feel guilty about spending money instead of earning it. We live in a society that glorifies being busy. If we take a vacation, we feel guilty and our minds stay in work mode.

I have found that burning the candle at both ends causes burnout. Being busy creates stress that affects us physically, mentally and spiritually. The universe often has a way of putting a hurdle in our way to slow us down. This does not always happen in a pleasant way, so it is best to take some time off before divine intervention leaves you no choice.

We have a lot to learn from the younger generation in this regard. I really admire my granddaughter. When she is tired and overworked, she has no problem saying no to an invitation to go out with friends and instead stays home and rests. It is best to be true to yourself. True friends will understand and respect your need for self-care.

For some people, being busy is an escape from thinking about things that are difficult to deal with in life. It is a form of procrastination to avoid taking care of their physical, mental, or spiritual health. They tell themselves that they are just too busy to deal with this issue right now.

Too Busy For Spirit

In my experience, the aspect of holistic well-being that busy people neglect the most is their spirituality. Finding time for spirituality in a busy life offers a more holistic approach to well-being. It addresses not only the immediate demands of work, but also the deeper aspects of the human experience, contributing to a more fulfilling and balanced life. For very busy people, finding time for spiritual pursuits and practices is essential for several very important reasons:

Stress management: Engaging in spiritual practices, such as meditation or prayer, is effective in managing stress. It provides a break from the demands of a busy schedule and promotes relaxation and mental clarity.

Emotional well-being: Spiritual practices often involve self-reflection, gratitude, and mindfulness, which contribute to emotional well-being. These practices can help us regulate our emotions and provide a stable foundation, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Adaptability and resilience: Spiritual practices emphasize qualities such as patience, resilience, and adaptability. Developing these traits through spiritual practices can be valuable in meeting the challenges that come with a busy and demanding life.

Balancing priorities: Spirituality encourages us to consider aspects beyond the material and immediate demands of work. It helps balance priorities to ensure that personal, family, and spiritual needs are met in the midst of a busy lifestyle.

Preventing burnout: Prioritizing spirituality acts as a preventive measure against burnout. Making time for self-care and spiritual nourishment helps maintain a sense of balance and reduces the negative physical and mental effects of a busy life.

Perspective and purpose: A spiritual practice connects us to our true values and beliefs, giving us a broader perspective on life. This sense of purpose can guide our decisions and priorities, especially in the face of a busy lifestyle.

Meaning and fulfillment: A busy life can sometimes lead to a sense of emptiness or lack of fulfillment. Spiritual pursuits provide opportunities to explore deeper meaning and foster a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Self-discovery and growth: Spiritual practices often involve self-discovery and personal growth. In the midst of a busy schedule, these practices offer moments of introspection that allow us to learn more about ourselves and our life’s journey.

Relationships and connection: Some spiritual pursuits involve a sense of community and connection with others who share similar values. This social support is crucial for busy people who might otherwise feel isolated due to their demanding schedules.

The word “busy” is the relationship Weapon of Mass Destruction. Remember: Men are never too busy to get what they want ~ Greg Behrendt

Too Busy For Love

Being genuinely busy is one thing, but using it as an excuse is another. One of the worst ways people use the excuse of being busy is in relationships. They are too busy to call or text, too busy to show up on dates, too busy to spend time together, too busy to say I love you, too busy to care. Too busy.

They may indeed be a very busy person, but often that is just an excuse for not making the effort to love. In romantic relationships, the truth is usually that they are not that interested in getting to know the other person, or they have commitment issues. In the words of Greg Behrendt, author of He’s Just Not That Into You: “The word “busy” is the relationship weapon of mass destruction. Remember: guys are never too busy to get what they want.”

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you get done. Really busy people get things done! They are so used to multitasking that some even volunteer for additional tasks. Surely a busy person should be able to make time for his or her loved ones. If someone wants to have a relationship, they will always find time to at least text or communicate in some way. If the guy you’re dating is too busy to see you, something else is going on. Period.

If you are dealing with a “too busy” partner or spouse, it may be time to express your feelings calmly and openly. Let your partner know how their busy schedule is affecting you and the relationship. Use “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory, such as, “I feel lonely when we don’t spend time together.

Have a frank conversation about each other’s expectations for communication and time together. Clarify what you both feel is appropriate given your current circumstances.

Above all, focus on your own well-being and self-care. While it’s important to nurture the relationship, it’s equally important to have a fulfilling life outside of it. Pursue your interests and maintain a healthy balance.

About The Author: Elizabeth

Elizabeth's talents go back several generations. She found her own gifts and embraced them at an early age, recognizing the difference between herself and most others around her. She's since honed and mastered many metaphysical practices, providing hypnotherapy, Psychic Mediumship, Mysticism, and Hypno-Reiki to her clients in Maine, and in areas around the US and in Canada, where she travels. A lover of pets, they are her greatest teachers and these unconditionally loving creatures often chime in on a reading in addition to the Angels, Guides and loved ones who provide resolution and answers for each of her clients. Elizabeth is also an author with much spiritual wisdom to impart and is currently working on a book. If you'd like to be a recipient of her unique Psychic Wisdom, find peace and receive answers that will also benefit your highest good, you can reach Elizabeth at Psychic Access.

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