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Spirit Messages Of The Red Cardinal

Click Here now FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIf you live in North America, you’re probably familiar with the northern cardinal bird, also known as the redbird or red cardinal, commonly found across the continent. These bright red songbirds traditionally feature in the folklore, legends, and spiritual beliefs of various cultures.

The blood red coloring of this little bird’s plumage fascinated our ancestors and it is considered to be symbolic of life and vitality. Interestingly, in the Christian tradition the blood of Christ is a central religious symbol and the red-robed senior clergy of the Catholic Church are also knows as Cardinals.

In indigenous cultures, the cardinal traditionally also represents ongoing life, as well as a strong, lasting relationship because cardinals are a monogamous bird species. The appearance of a red cardinal in your life may indicate a need to start something new or examine existing loyalties and obligations.

Their red feathers certainly stand out amid the more common brown and green found in most of nature. The female cardinal is a lighter shade of pink than the bright red male, which is less easy to see. When you do notice her on your path, she is reminding you to look closer – chances are positive developments are on the horizon.

In native lore they are also associated with the direction of true North, symbolizing the guiding, unchanging Spirit. Folk tradition tells us that to see a cardinal means a departed loved one’s spirit is near, or an angelic guide is trying to send an important message.

Cardinals are also associated with the number 12, representing the annual cycle of months, as red cardinals are a year-round species. In addition, red is the color of the root (first) chakra in Eastern wisdom tradition, and also the Astrological sign of Aries, first in the Zodiac.

The cardinal is serving as a hinge on the doorway between Earth and Spirit, delivering messages back and forth. To this day red cardinals’ sightings have been embraced as the most notable spiritual messengers ~ Selina McSherry

Unlike many other birds, cardinals are also known to engage with their own reflection in windows or mirrors. If you discover an agitated little red visitor pecking away at your window may be an important sign. Windows represent the soul, or the boundaries you set, and the cardinal is reminding you, especially if you are empathic, to be more firm with your relationship boundaries and energy shielding.

Another quirk of this species is to fly low to the ground (perhaps to avoid predators). If you encounter a low-flying cardinal while out walking, consider this to be message that you have the opportunity to take your destiny into your own hands and make a positive change.

If you’re seeing more than your fair share of these birds it could mean the cardinal is one of your spirit animals. Our animal spirit guides show up in our life when we need spiritual support, guidance and inspiration. Totem animals represents who we are as a person, while a power animal is a spiritual energy we can call on for assistance in certain situations.

From finding freedom from the earthly resistance that holds us back to communicating with our loved ones that have passed away – the significance of cardinal symbolism is undeniable ~ Garth C. Clifford

If the red cardinal is your totem, it means you are energetic, innovative and a good strategist. You like to start new things, and you are always open to helping others, even when you cannot necessarily afford it. As a power animal, we can invoke red cardinal when we lack inner strength, persistence and self-belief. Cardinal also gives us courage when we need to stand up to others, especially people who are two-faced and inauthentic.

Next time you’re in the garden or walking through the woods, see if you can catch a glimpse of cardinal’s alluring red feathers. They are beautiful creatures, and even more intriguing when you consider the spiritual messages and empowering energies they bring.

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