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Invoking Michael, The Warrior Archangel

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comArchangel Michael is not who most people think of when they think of angels. In multiple faith traditions he is depicted as a warrior, complete with sword and shield. Often he is also shown defeating a dragon or some other monstrous creature.

Other than being a leader of heavenly armies, Michael has several important roles in spiritual tradition. His name in Hebrew means, “Who is like the Lord?” and his title of “Archangel” means “Prince of the Angels.”

In some depictions he is shown holding scales. This is an allusion to his position as Guardian of the Dead as their souls leave Earth. Much like the Roman god Mercury accompanied souls to the Underworld, so Michael is also said to fly alongside newly deceased souls on their journey to Heaven or Hell.

The archangel Michael took supreme command. He reassured their minds by his serenity. His countenance, wherein his soul was visible, expressed contempt for danger ~ Anatole France

Multiple religious denominations, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the Pagan traditions, consider Michael a venerable figure. Because of this, he is a figure who can be called upon for many reasons.

Inviting angels into your life through magic is a perfect way to expand your consciousness and learn more about yourself. When magically calling upon any angel, visualization is key. Michael’s color is red, so stones such as ruby or garnet are popular for this kind of work.

His feast day is Michaelmas, celebrated on September 29th, and his day of the week is Sunday. Spicy herbs such as cinnamon or horseradish can also be used in this magic, as they are associated with the warrior archangel. If you like, feel free to use an infusion of rose oil to represent Mary, because she is also associated with all angels.

Remember that he is a warrior. An athame, or ceremonial dagger, can be used to represent Michael’s sword. This is also a useful tool to have in any magical undertaking.

When invoking Michael, the most popular prayer or incantation is one against evil, though he is also associated with protections, such as peace and harmony, success in life, or even for athletes before sporting events.

As in any magical undertaking, make your energy positive and always remember to express your thanks to Michael and all the angels for interceding.

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