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Cleanse Your Chakras With The Water Wheel

Click Here now for a FREE Psychic Reading at PsychicAccess.comThe chakras are the energy centers of the body and they sometimes become imbalanced or blocked due to toxic energy influences and negative emotions like fear, envy, anger or lust. When this blockage occurs we tend to feel ‘bogged down with no energy to get to where we want to be, be it mentally, physically or emotionally. A chakra cleansing helps to open the door for that built up energy in the affected chakra areas to dissipate.

Working with clients who request chakra readings I like to use an energy cleansing technique I invented that I call ‘The Water Wheel.’ Water is a great cleanser. Its fluidity and continuity makes it one of humanity’s most formidable allies or our worst enemy, depending on how Mother Nature chooses to express herself. Our bodies consist of 98% water and similar to the cycle of the ocean’s tides we are subconsciously also very ‘moved’ by the power of water.

The Water Wheel exercise signifies motion. It goes in a circle, but it also goes forward within that circle. The Water Wheel cleanses the chakras with the motion of water and the movement of the wheel. The Water Wheel is a visualization exercise in which you go from one chakra to the next and mentally see the colors of each as colored water. The key is create vivid visualizations and to practice, practice, practice!

The base or root chakra is associated with the color red, the sacral or naval chakra with orange, the solar plexus with yellow, the heart with green, the throat with blue, the third eye or brow chakra with indigo, and the crown chakra with violet. It is these colors one has to focus on during the Water Wheel chakra cleansing.

The colored water that you see at each chakra point should reflect the color that corresponds to that chakra. For example, when you start at the root chakra you would visualize bright red water and as you move to the sacral chakra the water would turn to a brilliant orange.

Closed or unaligned chakras can wreak havoc on you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Keeping your energy flowing through clear and unobstructed paths is crucial to experience vitality, high energy levels, and a healthy appetite for life ~ Telma Goncalves

Starting from the base or root chakra visualize the water flowing as if through an old-fashioned water wheel, like they used to have at mills. See the water rolling over and through the chakra area. See the water flow under, through and all around the chakra, until you feel or sense the time has come to move on to the each chakra. Keep the water flow moving and keep adding freshly colored water that matches the chakra, until you reach the crown center.

When you are at the top, at the crown chakra, and the water wheel has turned into a complete rainbow of colors you have cleansed and added step by step from each chakra, envision the rainbow water wheel pushing through the top of your head. See it emerging from your crown chakra and out into the Universe above. Breathe deeply. You have just thoroughly cleansed your chakra system.

This exercise should take about 30 minutes to an hour to do properly, depending on your particular need and your dedication to healing and growth, and of course time constraints. Try to make the time for this. You are well worth it and it will make a remarkable difference!

If you really want to cleanse your soul of old issues and hurts that refuse to leave you in peace, or if you wish feel more at peace and ‘together’, give my Water Wheel exercise a try. You never know, you just might like the way you feel afterwards.

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