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Cleansing Your Crystals

Click Here now for a FREE Psychic Reading at PsychicAccess.comIf you regularly use crystals in your spiritual practice, it is vital to have a regular cleansing routine for them to work at optimal levels.

Crystal energy work uses the subtle energy vibration emitted by a crystal, for example to rebalance the human aura or energy field for mind-body-soul health and wellness.

Crystals have a vibrational frequency based on its geometric structure giving each crystal a unique default wavelength known as its oscillatory frequency or its ‘energy signature.’ It is a stable energy emission that is applied to rebalance and heal our own energies.

The human body also has its own oscillatory rate or energy frequency, but our vibration is constantly shifting and changing due to various internal and external factors, including our thoughts, beliefs, mood states, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle choices, relationships and our environment.

The difference between the energy frequency of humans and crystals is that while ours fluctuates and is constantly changing, the vibration of a crystal in its natural state remains constant, stable and unchanging. It is like the factory settings on a brand new computer.

However, like a computer or the human body, crystals can also become contaminated with negative energies, much like viruses or malware. For our healing crystals to continue working the way nature intended, it is important to cleanse them properly or a regular basis.

Some practitioners cleanse their crystals and stones after each session, and this is not a bad idea, considering we expose them to all kinds of energies, no matter how unintentional, every time we handle them. Think of how many smudges and smears you create on your phone screen or glasses every time you use them and then imagine what the many energy imprints your crystals must endure with regular use.

Crystals have a memory. They absorb the energy of whatever’s around them—the people who handle them, the environments they travel through, the gross vibes from the gum wrapper next to ’em in your purse ~ Kerry Ward

There are several ways to cleanse crystals and depends very much on the type of crystal, what it is used for and the level of cleansing required. Before you begin any cleansing, research the composition and type of your crystals, and any potentially harmful interactions. Consider the types of crystals you have and whether they will be affected by excess alkaline or acidic substances.

Natural cleansing and recharging methods are obviously recommended and more easily accessible. For example, bathing crystals in clean distilled water, sunlight, or moonlight are all good methods for restoring the core energy of crystals.

The type of crystal also dictates its ideal cleansing method. For example, a stone associated with the element of water, like aquamarine, is best cleansed in water, while a nocturnal stone, like lapis lazuli, will get better results in the moonlight.

In addition, using another crystal by placing it together in a bag, can also help rid the affected stone of excess energies. Clear quartz crystal is most often used for this.

For deeper levels of cleansing and recharging, consider immersing your crystal in pH-balanced soil or salt water (purified seawater) for a period of time. Another popular method is dry brown rice, which can be discarded after use.

Think of this way: You wash your clothes. You clean your house. And there’s surely nothing better for your physical and emotional well-being than a nice hot bath. Well, crystals need that same sort of regular cleansing, too — except it’s more than just dusting them off every once in a while ~ Nina Kahn

Sound vibration is a also a powerful cleansing option. One can use a Tibetan singing bowl, for example, to restore the vibrations of your crystals. Don’t place the crystals inside the bowl, but rather around it, as this could damage them. Alternatives include playing harmonic music, singing or chanting.

The end result of your cleansing ritual should be crystals that are reset to their original state, back to its ‘factory settings.’ A computer (a kind of thinking crystal in itself) in its dormant state, won’t cause harm or create good unless its user directs it to do so. In cleansing our crystals regularly, we are updating its ‘anti-virus’ protection against outside influences, so that they may work best.

No matter how often you cleanse, and how deeply, it’s important to communicate your intent at the onset. The energies you put out, whether positive or negative, will remain as residuals in your crystals. By nature, they have neutral auras and will only reflect and amplify your intentions as you express them.

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