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Divine Timing And Psychic Predictions

Click Here now for a FREE Psychic Reading at PsychicAccess.comDuring a psychic reading it is not unusual for the question to arise, “When will this happen?” The human mind is naturally geared towards anticipating, planning, strategizing and looking for patterns and solutions.  Asking ‘when’ supports our goal to ensure progress in the hopes of achievement.

The desire to know or estimate when something will occur can be traced as far back as ancient times, when our ancestors relied upon the movement of the planets and changing seasons for planting seeds, harvesting crops, stockpiling food, and so on.

In the physical world we have schedules to adhere to these days, and our time is dictated every day by clocks, watches and time zones. However, in the spirit realm there is no such thing as ‘time’ as we know it.

What if all clocks were obliterated and we had no more calendars saying which day of the week it is?  Some metaphysicians and spiritualists believe that humanity invented what we know as ‘time’ and ‘dates’ as a means to measure the progress of our species.

Psychics can see into the future of probable outcomes for their clients to help them make choices that will support a specific outcome. These predictions come from the spirit realm.

There is however one problem with that. Remember, in the world of Spirit there is no such thing as chronological time. So, when a psychic sees a particular future event during a reading, a number of factors may still determine or change the timing of when it might occur.  This is also known as ‘divine timing.’

The main factor usually influencing the ‘when’ of an outcome is our own free will. The choices and decisions we make every day can either speed up, slow down or even prevents outcomes from manifesting. The second factor is what is known as ‘divine timing.’ Spirit may hold off on a certain outcome, for example, until the circumstances are ideal and we are ready for it to come to pass.

Though we plant the seeds when we like it, and have the freedom to choose the quality of seeds we plant, note that the harvest is brought about by the higher consciousness in its Divine Timing ~ Sanchita Pandey

For instance, a client might ask a psychic if she will be getting a promotion at work soon. The psychic sees that the company is going to offer her a new position with higher pay.  But when this will happen? The psychic might see a window of time, like a season or timeframe in which this will likely occur.

After the reading, the woman goes to her employer and demands the raise and promotion she is expecting, but she is forceful and impatient with her approach. This triggers a chain of negative events, where the employer becomes agitated by her aggressive, demanding behavior and decides to take more time to think about offering her the promotion.  He may even begin to doubt her level of professionalism and whether she has the people-skills to take on the new position.

The woman’s free will choice to act prematurely, behave inappropriately and interfere with the process of manifestation, has now slowed down the timeline that the psychic predicted in the reading, to the point that it may not even manifest at all! Our free will as spirit beings in human form enables us to make whatever choices and decisions we prefer, and every choice we make determines our fate and destiny.

From what I’ve witnessed over the years, the very best way to invite something to manifest in our life is to create the most ideal set of circumstances for a perfect harvest to blossom and come to fruition. Here are some powerful keys for working with divine timing and creating the ideal circumstances for manifestation:

> What is it specifically that you truly want? (This can sometimes be the most difficult question and one that requires a clear-cut answer for it to work its future magic.

> What do you need to do in the physical world to create the ideal circumstances and what seeds should you be planting now for the future?

> How will it feel when your goal is reached, and this outcome finally comes to pass? Immerse yourself in the feeling, as though it has already happened.

> Have you surrendered this wish or desire to the Universe?Did you let it go, or are you clinging to it and obsessing over it?

Doreen Virtue gives an apt example of how to align with the Divine Timing of the Universe.  When we go to a restaurant and place an order with the waiter, we do not run into the kitchen moments later demanding, “Where is my food! When will it be ready?” No, we know and accept that we’ve put in our order and that it will be filled and served in due course.  This element of trust and working in harmony with Divine Law is key to making yourself available to the perfect timing of events.

In the Tarot, there are two cards that convey this concept. The Lovers card symbolizes being in the right place, at the right time, for all the right reason, while the Devil card represents being in the wrong place, at the wrong time… also for all of the right reasons.

Sometimes we have to let our dreams go in order to allow God to bring them back to us – in his way and his timing ~ Melody Carlson

I love the example of these two cards and what it teaches us. We come into this physical world to grow spiritually. When we attach ourselves to an outcome that is not unfolding quite as we had counted on (The Devil), we set ourselves up for disappointment. There is a fine line of how much we can really control here. When we ‘let go and let grow’ (The Lovers), the greatest blessings enter our life.

What does all of this have to do with psychic predictions and timelines? Think about a pregnant woman. We can have an idea of when her baby will arrive, but do we know for sure, down to the exact day or time? If it’s to be a natural birth, we cannot possibly know this, despite all our modern science and technology. Divine timing has a greater plan that we are usually not consciously aware of.  Divine timing is the result of a superior intelligence and wisdom, far greater than our little human minds.

We are all equally loved by the Creator and there is a Divine Plan for each of us. Spirit is in control and no one is superior or inferior, favored or discriminated against in any way.  We each have a spiritual calling and life purpose and the more we turn the ‘when’ and ‘how soon’ over to a Higher Power, the more quickly Grace can step in for our highest good.

May the Grace of Divine Timing manifest all that you wish, need and desire… in perfect time, at the right time.

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