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Why We Need To Give Up Hope

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI am not someone who believes much in having ‘hope.’ I never hope for things. To me ‘hoping’ means ‘clutching at straws’ and ‘selling myself short.’ To merely hope for something is to remain in uncertainty and demonstrates a lack of trust and faith in the abundance of the Universe.

I learned this the hard way in my own life. In the past, whenever I used to ‘hope’ for a change or outcome in my life, it seldom brought me anything worthwhile. In fact, it usually just prolonged the misery.

The notion of ‘hope’ reminds me of the popular adage: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” People often say this whenever they deem something impossible. And herein lies the problem with the word ‘hope,’ as it carries the same negative vibe: “I don’t believe it likely or possible, until proven otherwise.”

This kind of intentional energy is contrary to the creative power we carry within as spiritual beings. Constantly expressing doubt and skepticism is certainly not a sign of higher consciousness or spiritual awareness. Instead of demanding proof for what we wish for, what we should be saying instead is: “I’ll see it when I believe it.” This carries a completely different vibration, don’t you agree?

Do you find yourself being more of a ‘hoper,’ instead of a believer? If so, then you may find it helpful to change this kind of negative, defeatist energy when you need a change in circumstances or you are wanting something positive to manifest in your life.

Let’s say you are currently unhappy in love, or have a bad job situation, or experiencing financial problems. Normally you might think or say something like: “I hope everything will turn out okay.”

If you stumble about believability, what are you living for? Love is hard to believe, ask any lover. Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist. God is hard to believe, ask any believer. What is your problem with hard to believe? ~ Yann Martel

Now close your eyes and carefully contemplate the energy of this statement in the context of the love, job, or financial situation. Feel into it with your gut. How does it feel? Are you feeling more reassured, more certain, more positive now? Or is your gut a big question mark? We both know the answer to that!

This is the problem with ‘hope’ and ‘seeing is believing.’ It doesn’t feel safe. It does not feel secure. And a ‘sure thing’ in life cannot be attracted by uncertain energy. Like attracts like. Certainties and uncertainties do not flock together!

Do the same now again, but this time say: “I trust everything will turn out well.” Now feel into this too. How does the energy of this statement feel in comparison to the previous one. Already feeling a little more safe and secure, right?

Then do it again, but this time say: “I believe everything will be fine.” This energy is even better, not true?

If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths ~ Betty Eadie

Now take it up a final notch with: “I know that everything will turn out well.” This is a completely different energy to merely hoping for the best, isn’t it? It is the best version, as it implies complete faith and trust.

You see, this is why I always advise my clients to give up hope, and instead trust, believe and know. Everything your experience and receive in this life starts with you and your energy: your mindset, thoughts, beliefs, and attitude. And words too have great power. Choose it wisely.

About The Author: Runa

Runa is a reader with unique gifts and she, herself, is a gift that keeps on giving to others and her community. She is spiritually, artistically, and creatively talented, nourishing her soul through selfless work with incarcerated teens and through her reading practice in Germany and with clients around the world. She is a Rune expert, a Reiki Master, a gifted oracle reader, accompanied always by her Northern Light Guides, present at every reading. Along with her compassionate, direct truths and the non-judgment readings she offers, Runa provides positive energy that relieves burdens and reveals a pathway to future goals. From early on, she could read the energy of those around her, but her study of ancient runes and symbols opened a book for answers to assist and guide others along their path. Runa has read for over 20,000 clients from all walks of life, and for many corporate clients, as well. She owns her own reading praxis in Germany, where she lives with her husband and beloved cat, “Monster.” For 15 + years, she's inspired, enriched, and emboldened the lives of adults and teens, helping them to fearlessly embrace and creatively express themselves to achieve their dreams. If you'd like a reading from this extraordinary Rune goddess, you can find Runa at

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