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Do Psychics Ever Get Cheated On?

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI have been asked if psychics ever get cheated on, since we can perceive other’s intentions and foresee future events. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. And there are several reasons for this. But I can only speak for myself on this issue. I don’t know for sure about other psychics, but for me it is difficult to foresee my own future.

I don’t believe anyone enters a relationship with the intention of becoming the victim of cheating, but people and circumstances change over time. People grow apart. Someone who was devoted in the beginning may not be as loyal later on.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the signs weren’t there and they were ignored. I often try to see the best in people and I tend to ignore the negative stuff. Even when it’s screaming at me.

As a psychic, being in a situation where my partner is cheating is beyond painful. I often know what he is going to do, before he does it. I know what he is doing, when he is doing it. And, at times, I am more or less forced to ‘watch’ it all happen due to flashes of clairvoyant vision.

People have a tendency to be unfaithful in their thinking weeks, or even months, before actually acting upon their impulses. They begin the process by seeking out new romantic partners. Or, having secret conversations with a potential lover. Or, even searching their current partner’s emails and messages looking for evidence of infidelity, so they can justify their own unfaithful behavior.

Sometimes the cheater becomes suspicious, or even paranoid, of everything their partner does and says. They refuse to believe anything that is said. Because, they, themselves cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is impossible for them to trust anyone else, or their motives. Typically, a guilty conscience is expressed as suspicion and false accusations of another, and a clear indication of someone’s own infidelity.

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change ~ Atul Purohit

As a psychic, I have learned that I cannot accuse someone of doing something they haven’t yet done. So, confronting them beforehand is futile. Just as accusations without any proof are also futile. So, I can only sit back and wait for them to be unfaithful as I have foreseen. At least I can use my psychic abilities to gather additional evidence that is undeniable, before confronting them.

People have many reasons for cheating on their partners. The most common reason, I believe, is their own lack of self-worth. They need the attention of more than one person to feel worthy, or to validate themselves. Unless these types of people identify and solve their self-worth issues, their behavior won’t change.

If you are currently with someone who is unfaithful, know that you are not the problem. There is nothing you could have done differently. You are not lacking in any certain area. The problem is the partner who cannot faithfully commit to the relationship. They are the one who needs the help. However, marriage counseling or couple therapy is also recommended, to save the marriage or relationship. And, sometimes therapy is also needed for the victim. There are support groups for those having difficulty dealing with the aftermath of their partners adulterous affairs.

Infidelity has absolutely nothing to do with love. I has to do with an emptiness or a now bankrupt coping mechanism within your spouse that has been there long before they met you. An affair is an attempt to escape from the reality of one’s self ~ Robert Huizenga

This is a painful situation for anyone to be in. Betrayal hurts all those involved. No one is immune – not even psychics. If you find yourself in this situation. Know your own self-worth. Ask yourself. “Is this the way I want to live the rest of my life? Is this something I can forgive and get past? Is this pattern behavior for your partner? Am I willing or capable of accepting this behavior from this person?”

No matter the circumstances, never lose sight of yourself. It is all too easy to lose sight of who you are when facing these types of painful situations.

About The Author: Dawn Star

Dawn Star is a Master Tarot reader, relationship specialist, numerology and palm reading expert from Nebraska who rose to her full psychic potential after coming back from a near death experience. Powerful mentors on the other side gave her a crash course on her abilities, and then brought her back with a powerful mission to benefit mankind through her psychic talents. In her twenty year practice, she has solved murders, found missing children and watched traumatic events unfold, ahead of time. A seeker of Truth, Dawn Star's stunning Truths can be made available to you with a reading at

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