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The Egyptian Goddess Hathor

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess representing healing, love, joy, and motherhood. She was known as the Mother of Mothers and the Celestial Nurse who presided over women, fertility, children, and childbirth.

However, Hathor is also associated with the dead, as we see in the tomb paintings where she was depicted as the Mistress of Heaven, welcoming the dead into the next life. Hathor’s connection to helping bring souls into the world through childbirth, and helping souls cross over to the land of Spirit, makes her a goddess who bridges together life, death, and Spirit, and her connection to the Great Mystery.

Hathor’s name translates to ‘House of Horus.’ Horus, is the son of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, also known by her Roman name, Auset or Iset, who is recognized for her psychic knowing, and her connection to the celestial skies and prophesy.

There is an Egyptian tale where seven Hathors are disguised as seven young women linked with fortune-telling and the Land of the Dead. They may have been associated with the Pleiades in later times. Hathor herself was known as Lady of Stars, in connection with the star, Sirius.

Her priests could read the fortune of a newborn child, and act as oracles to explain the dreams of the people. People would travel for miles to beseech the goddess for protection, assistance and inspiration ~ J Hill

Hathor is often seen carrying a sistrum, an ancient musical instrument played by priestesses in sacred temples. The sistrum is thought to have overtones relating to sexuality and fertility.

For me personally, Hathor is most prominently a goddess of healing, who emanates love and healing light from her hands. The first time I connected with Hathor’s energy I was reading a book about ancient Egypt. I felt a warmth moving closer to me and to my heart.

Then, I was guided to raise my hands, palms facing outward and I sensed her hands and palms facing mine. A glow of golden light flashed before me and I felt a warm sensation entering my palms and almost as though my hands were being supported and held and all time was suspended.

As I connected with Hathor, she conveyed to me that time is merely a concept. There is no such thing as ‘time’ in the absoluteness of the Infinite Light, which is why we can draw upon it for unlimited healing and creation.

The subject of magic is commonly associated with ancient Egypt and highly sought out by many metaphysical seekers and initiates, in attempt to tap into the powers behind the great ancient mysteries and magic. Though Goddess Isis is most often referenced with Egyptian magic, I’ve found a magic while connecting with Hathor that is uniquely different than I’ve come upon in my research of Celtic, Norse, and other traditions.

In ancient Egyptian belief, as in all pagan belief structures, gratitude toward the gods kept one steady on the path through life while ingratitude was a `gateway sin’ which then opened one up to all the other sins ~ Joshua J. Mark

Hathor teaches me through experiences, not necessarily through thoughts, and seems to possess a magic that transcends time.  From what I’ve seen she creates miracles and opens the mind to expanding awareness. She has shown me that all things are possible when we come completely into the now moment, where there is no time, no past, no future, just a continual now, or present.

Hathor has also shown me there is something galactic, beyond our understanding, that could never be translated down into language and that when we return to the now moment, the greatest gift awaits us and that all magic is found here.

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