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Clearing Toxic Energy From Your Home

Get a free reading at Click Here!When I read for a client, I am not just reading their energy, but I am also reading the energy of their loved ones, co-workers, friends, their home environment, as well as their work environment and community. During a psychic reading in can become evident, for example, that the home environment is toxic, stagnant, or energetically polluted, which has a negative effect on my client.

This pollution is not always metaphysical in origin. Sometimes it is caused by a physical contaminant. For example, it can be a mildew issue, which will make me smell mold and sense moisture, like a smothering humid feeling, or see black mildew spots on a psychic level. The toxicity can also be due to a leak of actual chemicals, bugs or something else that has become a threat to the client’s health.

It’s the simplest properties that will help you clear yourself of negativity … The profound power of a simple prayer. The strength of a deep breath. The gentle guidance of good music ~ Jeffrey Wands

The polluted energy can also be transpersonal. For example, someone else living in the home who has a toxic energy, or a visitor who left a residue of their polluted energy in the home. The client can also be carrying other’s energy into their home day after day, for example from a toxic work environment. Another cause can simply be poor feng shui in the home.

Empaths are especially vulnerable to bringing other’s negativity into their homes. Empaths feel what others feel, which is actually all of our natural states. If empaths don’t do some sort of energy clearing or protective work, they are very susceptible to carrying around the emotional weight of others. This can make the energy of their house feel ‘heavy’ or ‘murky’, as well as make the empath feel tired, drained, irritable, heavy and even depressed. They may begin over sleeping or not sleeping at all. They may be craving sugar, alcohol or caffeine. It can affect the empath in various ways.

The most effective way to clear the energy of your house or environment is to change your own energy. Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a powerful way to make your energy so powerful that you actually change the energy of any room you walk into. Just like a negative person can darken the energy of any room they walk into, a person of the light can brighten up the room they enter. It’s like switching on the kitchen lights in the middle of the night…and seeing the cockroaches run and hide! Negative people and energy run from the light.

The next best way is to clear a house is with sage. You set the sage on fire in a dish or abalone shell, and it will smolder. As it smokes, you walk from corner to corner saying a prayer. Something like, ”I clear the previous energy of this room and allow only love and light and positive energy to re-enter”. This should be done after every visit from anyone who does not have perfectly clear, kind, loving energy and intentions. It also should be done if anyone who is physically ill enters your house, as the pain, sadness and anger around that illness can become toxic, and remain in your home.

Your energy is the dictator of your future… your destiny. So start doing what you have to do today so that you’re removing negative energy and preventing it taking a firm grip of your life ~ Rhodri Jones

Color is another way to purify the energy of your house. We are very much affected by colors. A great way to keep a positive vibration in the house is using the higher colors. Higher colors are colors that resonate with the higher chakras. Colors like blue, purple, green, and white are highly spiritual and calming.

There is a reason why fast food restaurants use orange, red and yellow for their décor. Studies have shown these colors stimulate the nervous system and force you to eat faster and consume more. However, a ‘revved up’ nervous system is not good thing in the home. Some yellow can be cheery, but too much can cause too much stimulation. If you have an exercise room, red is great for energy, and orange is a great color for an art room, since it stimulates creativity.

Another powerful way to keep toxic energy out of the home, is to minimize radiation. Hairdryers, cell phones, computers, tablets, television sets, electronic alarm clocks, and especially microwave ovens, will negativity change the vibration of the home and many people unknowingly become depressed and anxious when exposed to a lot of radiation. It also negatively affects the thyroid. Major advances in technology in the last 20 years has brought with it also a dramatic rise in depression, anxiety and thyroid issues.

Also, keep an eye on your energy and emotions. If you have a heated phone conversation, take it outside of the home. If you are feeling angry, afraid or sad, clear your house. Just like cobwebs and dust begin to build up in the house, so does negative energy.

About The Author: Satya

Satya lives in Northern California and is a natural Clairvoyant, Empath, Conduit, teacher, author, animal lover, healer, Reiki Master and an advanced yoga instructor. She has provided valuable psychic assistance to Hollywood stars, athletes, and everyone else in-between. A multi-layered Intuitive, with many unique gifts at her disposal, she can give you a doorway into the past as well as a gateway to a happier future. With her long distance energy work, she provides healing for people and animals too! She instantly spots karmic connections from past lives that directly affect current situations, helping clients to move through them quickly. For accurate solutions on just about any pressing problem, you can find Satya at

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