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Mediums To The Rescue

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen some people pass away, they are taken by surprise and in shock. These souls aren’t sure what is going on, where they are now, and how they got there, while wondering where everyone else has gone. These individuals find themselves stuck in a physical, human mindset and unable to progress in the spirit realm.

How can such a confused soul energy become unstuck and cross over into the light? Well, that’s where spirit rescue work comes in! Some of the most rewarding spiritual experiences in my own mediumship career have been during rescue sessions that I used to attend. Once every month, a group of mediums would gather in a séance circle and with the aid of a facilitator we would engage in the rescue process. In the trance state, one of us would then begin to channel the energy of someone who needed assistance to cross over and reach the Other Side.

There are several rescue sessions that particularly stand out in my memory, even after all these years. The first was the spirit of a young woman about 35 years of age. She had been sitting on her kitchen counter in Indiana for months, wondering where the rest of her family had gone? We soon discovered that they had all been killed in a car accident and only she had returned home to search for everyone. The facilitator encouraged her to look to the light, reach for their outstretched hands and join her husband and two children.

Another time, I channeled the energy of a little boy about six years old. He was hiding under one end of his bed, which was on an angle forming a tent over him. He had perished in a house fire in Nebraska and couldn’t find his parents. We encouraged him to look towards the light and reach for his waiting mother’s hand.

Another unusual case was a patriotic young WWII soldier who had been killed in combat, but refused to abandon his post. Our facilitator had to give him a direct order to look to the light and immediately report to his commanding officer!

We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own ~ Ben Sweetland

One of the most humorous rescues was the case of a rather rotund gentleman whose home was in the Ozark Mountains. He was sitting in a rocking chair on his porch with his hands clasped over his ample tummy and a big grin on his face. When I began channeling his energy, he started to chuckle. The laughter grew louder until he was totally delirious with joy. It turned out that he had been completely inebriated when he passed away! The facilitator then with great patience helped him find the light to join his former drinking buddies.

These are just a few of the most satisfying rescue outcomes that I recall. It is wonderful to know that mediums all over the world are able to support earthbound souls in their quest to move forward, after sometimes departing the earth plane under very sudden and sometimes traumatic circumstances.

About The Author: Monica

"What you think about, you bring about; what you believe, you become." This is Monica's philosophy, derived from her twenty-five years of experience as a Clairvoyant, Light Worker and Medium, living in Ontario, Canada. Monica has been a guest speaker at various Spiritualist churches, conveying Spirit greetings and messages from loved ones during Sunday services, All Mediums Nights, Healing Services, Meditation Services and special fundraising events. She's been an advisor to several international business leaders and connects with all of her clients on a level of love light and empathy. She delivers messages containing ideal outcomes and positive solutions with the help of her guides. If you'd like Monica to help shape your destiny, you can find her at

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  • I am 72 and have several auto immune diseases, diabetes. brain aneurysm, hepatitis, kidney dysfunction and 3 types of arthritis, IBS, diverticulitis …… I have no quality of life. I have no friends, they all died. I have trouble getting out of the house. I have 2 kids ages 51and 45. My son had a back-breaking accident when he was 24 and he has my granddaughter age 21, I think she is an indigo child. My daughter, who is 51, I rarely see her and she lives 7 minutes away from me. My beautiful son lives on the streets and is a heroine addict. My 2 grandsons art 29 and 31. They live within 1/2 mile from me. I am a Spiritualist. I was approved by ‘Dying With Dignity Law’ and approved for MAID and set the date for March 7/23 – the day I was born. How do I know I wont be stuck earthbound and not go to my loved ones in the spirit ‘heaven’? I’m so tired of being sick, not being able to plan, have nothing to plan for or look forward to. Sick of taking tons of medication, sick of the arthritis pain, my heart aches from loneliness and of course I must have depression, Is it wrong to choose when I want to die? What do my mom and dad think who have passed years ago.?

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