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When A Prediction Timeline Slows, Or Stalls

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSpiritually aware people are always on the outlook for omens, signs, and synchronicities. We know from experience that these everyday sightings and experiences are reassuring nudges from spirit. It serves as indicators that we’re on the right path, as well as forewarnings when we are not.

Spiritually wise people take it one step further by supplementing their intuition and inner guidance with predictions and forecasts obtained through various forms of divination, psychic reading, mediumship, and channeling.

But psychic predictions do not always unfold exactly as we expect. The outcome of any prediction is always subject to modification. This is especially true in the forecasting of time. In any reading, time is usually the most tentative and fluid. This may happen for various reasons, but there are two important influences that most often determine timing.

The first important reason things do not always happen when we want them to, is known as divine timing. In this case, the outcome or manifestation occurs at a moment in time that will best serve our highest good. Things always happen for a reason, because God, Source, Spirit, the Divine ensures that it unfolds in our best interest. It is therefore vital that we practice patience and forbearance when it comes to the timing of outcomes. We might think we know what is best for us, but the Universe always knows better.

Sometimes we have to let our dreams go in order to allow God to bring them back to us – in his way and his timing ~ Melody Carlson

The second reason timelines do not always live up to our expectations is our own free will, for which we only have ourselves to blame. Our daily thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions determine our energy vibration. The timing of even the most positive, exciting outcomes can be unwittingly delayed, or even blocked, by our own negativity, doubt, indecision, fear, and self-limitation.

When a prediction timeline slows or stalls, my recommendation is to do some serious soul-searching and dial up your spiritual self-care. Our energy beams out like a radio signal! If our attitude is cynical, frustrated, pessimistic, or negative, or our mindset fuzzy, foggy, and lacking focus, our signal is ambiguous and weak.

We can only attract into our life the things that match our energy signal. The clearer, stronger and more confident our signal is, the more likely we are to experience outcomes and manifestations as originally predicted.

As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time ~ Denis Waitley

I find that my more experienced clients, who frequently consult psychics, know how to recognize and fine-tune the energies that’s present in their life and usually understand why some of their outcomes do not manifest sooner, or later. Best of all, they tend to also feel they have earned their outcomes, rather than merely feeling entitled to them. Going forward, these clients tend to become the best citizens in society, paying forward what has been so benevolently bestowed upon them.

Life has been challenging over the past few years, but no matter happens in our life, the grace of God, Source, Spirit, the Divine will remain abundant. Harness what you have every day, keep doing your best, remain grateful, and keep looking at the glass half-full. You will in time realize your goals and dreams. With the right attitude it may just happen sooner than you think.

About The Author: Esther

Esther knows the best way to survive trauma is to keep looking for the positives in life! She left a successful career as a pharmacist in 2017, to help others see their way through the darkness. She honed her psychic gifts and developed strong counseling skills that helped thousands. She hosts her own radio show on Wednesdays and has been a sought after guest on other programs. An expert in Astrology and Tarot, she maintains a list of 250 personal clients, she's served over 2000 clients from all walks of life, and has dispensed accurate information and insights to those in need. She uses a holistic approach that allowed her to deal with her own serious illness and avoid an organ transplant! In life, she's conquered pill addiction, divorce, a serious illness and has the life experience to help others overcome their own obstacles too. For over 10 years, she led an education group for psychiatric patients and has an acquired wealth of knowledge in general health and wellness. There's no better door to knock on than Esther's. This gifted intuitive has walked in your shoes and has come out the other side healthy, happy and fulfilled. You can find Esther at

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