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Stay True To Your Own Best Karma

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comYou may have heard of someone ‘getting their karma’ for something bad they have done, or of wishing bad karma on another for their transgressions. Most people use the word ‘karma’ in this negative sense, usually believing that a person that hurt them will be on the receiving end of the same hurt (or worse) because of their deeds.

But wishing negative karma on another is a dangerous practice. What we think, say and do tend to come back to us, instead of another person.  So, when you say something like, “Oh, I can’t wait until they get their karma and someone breaks their heart like they broke mine,” you have in fact declared it for yourself (again).

Karma happens when it happens. Never, ever wish it on another in a negative manner.  Your thoughts, words and actions determine what you attract to yourself.

Karma can instead be invoked in an amazingly positive way.  Wish everyone good things, positive actions, and uplifting results in their life – even those who wronged you.

Congratulate that person who got the promotion that you wanted. Offer the person who stole from you a blessing. Forgive the person who broke your heart and wish them only happiness in their future life.

This will open the flood gates of good reactions to your actions. There is a cause and effect for everything, so the moment you choose to you’re your thoughts, words and actions all positive and loving, that is what you will attract in return.

Yes, it is difficult to forgive someone who abused you, broke your heart, or worse.  I have been there myself. I have also been an angry, unhappy soul in my lifetime.  I once was a person that only wanted the worst to happen to those who harmed me.  Meanwhile, things kept going from bad to worse in my life, until I decided to forgive and let go.

When you truly understand karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life ~ Keanu Reeves

The moment I sent blessings to those who wronged me, my life lifted up to the positive and the manifesting doors opened wide for me.  I finally realized that I alone create my reality.  No one else, just me.

I am are the two most powerful words that we can use in life. Use them in the positive when you are seeking good karmic actions in your life.  I am loving, powerful, beautiful, handsome, strong, healthy, abundant, fulfilled, forgiving, kind, compassionate, smart, amazing, and so on.

Consider for a moment your life. Is there anyone who you wanted to feel hurt or pain, even to suffer for something they have done to you or someone close to you? Then look at whether you are moving forward in your life or keep having the same (if not worse) things happening to you over, and over again.

It is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others. This perspective is at the heart of Buddhist teachings ~ Daisaku Ikeda

If you look at your life with honesty, you will see the patterns that repeat, and you can change that.  No, it will not be simple or easy, because how do you forgive someone that abused you, or worse?  However, the moment you can say, “I send them blessings and love,” you will start to feel a karmic weight lifting off your shoulders.

Be true to your own best karma. You deserve the best. Create the best karma for your own highest good by wishing the best of karma on others.

About The Author: Sheri

Sheri is an international psychic and angel reader who provides clear answers on finance, career, relationships, manifesting your dreams, and working-out the kinks of life. Since 2004, Sheri is the owner on an International Spiritual Healing Centre where she runs her Reiki practice - either working on clients or teaching them the levels of Usui Reiki. She utilizes her office space for readings that are conducted via mail, phone, chat or live. Since 2008, she's honed her gifts on various psychic service websites, where she's provided telephone, chat or email readings. She also works on a spiritual network for people who have suffered horrific loss, applying her own first-hand experiences with such tragedies. Sheri's work has been described as honest, compassionate and life-transforming and she would like to see all of her clients soar free to a higher level of spirituality and growth, and exponentially change the world to the best it can be. You can get a psychic reading from Sheri at

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