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Rescue Work – Learning To Help Lost Souls

Click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comRescue sessions intrigued me from the very start of my mediumship career. In order to facilitate a rescue, several times per year the advanced mediumship class at my spiritualist church would sit in a meditation circle. Reverend Doreen would then go through a process to invite people to come through, if they wanted or needed help. These were people who had passed into Spirit but were confused as to their current whereabouts or circumstances, and didn’t know what to do next.

About eight of us would sit quietly on our chairs until someone came through to one of us in the circle. We spoke in their ‘voices’, sometimes even using their accents. Reverend Doreen would question them as to their names, occupations, the last thing they remembered, and so on. These stories were fascinating and came from all realms of life here on the earth plane.

After the clearing almost everyone could feel the feeling of peace and serenity come over the room. One man who could see spirits stood up and stated that he could see many spirits come forward during the calling and he watched them as they transitioned into the Light ~ Patrick Rodriguez

When Reverend Doreen felt that she had enough information, she would call through a family member, or some other strong connection whom the person to be rescued would recognize. She would then direct the person who needed to be rescued to follow this familiar contact into the light, so that they could continue their journey.

Several of these sessions still remain as clear as a bell in my memories. The first time, a little boy came through to me. He was hiding under his bed. One end of the bed had collapsed, so there was just a small triangle of space to protect him. He didn’t realize that he had died in a house fire, so he was frightened and looking for his family. Reverend Doreen was able to call his mother through and had him take her hand to go to the light.

Another time, there was a young woman in her early 30s sitting on her kitchen counter. I can still see her as plain as day. She was dazed and confused, because the house was so quiet and she didn’t know where everyone else had gone. After careful questioning, Reverend Doreen was able to determine that the entire family had perished in a car accident. The others had found their way to the light, however, she had been left behind somehow. With expert finesse, Reverend Doreen was able to get this woman to follow an elderly family member, in order to join her husband and children.

Sometimes Reverend Doreen had to get stern with obstinate participants. There was one occasion when a man came through to me in uniform, with his musket at his side. He was stubborn and defiant and refused any assistance, although he was looking for his regiment. This time, instead of a family member, Reverend Doreen brought his commanding officer through so he was ordered to come to the light. He followed his superior’s order without hesitation.

There was some humor too. The funniest situation occurred when a roly-poly, older gentleman came through with a strong southern accent and slurred words. He was a jovial fellow, with not a care in the world. He was sitting in a rocking chair on the veranda of an old rundown cabin with his thumbs hooked in his suspenders, laughing and rocking to his heart’s content.

The miserable, abandoned spirits who sink down deeper and deeper, who become unable to rise, and who gradually lose their personality…. undergo what your sacred records name the second death. They do not emerge from the hell they have created. They are lost. ~ W. Stainton Moses

Reverend Doreen was able to determine that he was completely drunk and that his moonshine still had blown up somehow. Apparently, he had been a well-known character and had provided illicit alcohol for people in the local area. It took some patient coaching to get him to focus through his happy stupor, however, eventually Reverend Doreen was able to help him on his way.

It was always a wonderful feeling to know that we had helped people to proceed on their journeys. Reverend Doreen was a seasoned expert who could deal with the most difficult situations. Rescue work should never be attempted by someone who is not qualified to conduct such a delicate operation.

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