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Diving Deep Into The Spiritual Waters

click photo to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA good psychic reading helps bring a sense of clarity and peace of mind, but should also help you to grow spiritually. When you get a psychic reading, you join together on a soul level with your psychic and, in a way, enter into a partnership. It can even feel like you’ve actually entered another dimension. This is because you are both raising your vibration and accessing a higher state of consciousness.

How this all works is really quite profound. Spirit leads you to a particular psychic, you feel drawn to call them and aren’t even sure why. The compelling feeling that comes over you to connect with that psychic is the first step to following your natural, internal guidance system. The topic of greatest importance to you, the one that you think about day and night, is actually what unlocks a portal that holds the key to a hidden treasure. This treasure being the golden nugget, or spiritual lesson available to you at that time.

Sometimes it takes going very far below the surface to realize and appreciate what lies above. Once you do this, smiling becomes effortless and easy, as you have gained total appreciation for what you now have ~ Marcus Herron

When you first start off your reading, you and your psychic touch into your situation at the surface level, because that’s where we all must begin a reading – at the surface level or content level of the story. It is healthy and productive to talk about our current situations, validate and confirm our feelings, and to address what is happening. Once we can see where we fit into this story and how to best navigate our way through it, there is an invitation for us to go deeper.

You and your psychic both have a team of Spirit Guides who join together to help convey the messages that need to come through during the reading. Before you were born, you and your Spirit Guides sat down and devised a plan of what lessons you would work on this incarnation. However, by the time you arrive here in physical form, you may suffer from what is referred to as ‘psychic amnesia.’

The divine plan or road map to your life can get confusing at times. Luckily, your Spirit Guides remember your sacred contract and the work you’ve agreed to do here, as well as what your soul’s mission is in this lifetime. Along with your life’s purpose, there are also spiritual lessons held within the most mundane of situations. This is where you and your psychic come together to unlock what has been hidden.

Once you and your psychic have gotten clarity on the surface level or your current situation, it is here that there is an invitation for you to go deeper, as a doorway opens to see the story in a whole different light. This is where the gem or treasure can be accessed.

When we struggle with a relationship, work situation, money, there lies beneath it an opportunity to identify where we need to learn and grow from it. What use is it, really, if we understand our current situation, but then go around and around within it, repeating the same patterns over and over again? When we are done skimming the surface, we can then dive deep into the waters of our authentic self, our place of truth, and big love.  The kind of love that we yearn for with another, but even richer than that.

The only veil that stands between perception of what is underneath the desolate surface is your courage. Dare to breach the surface and sink ~ Vera Nazarian

Diving deep requires courage, but mostly the willingness to be honest and confident, not defensive. It is here that we come in contact with our own unique gifts, self-love and self-acceptance, our treasures.

The most amazing thing about diving deep into the spiritual waters is there doesn’t seem to be an end. There are infinite possibilities and miracles available to us every second, and when we dive deep we find hidden treasures inside of us that actually change our outer world and thus heal the situation that we arrived to the reading with.

About The Author: Isadora

Known as The Psychic's Psychic, since 1998, Isadora has read for thousands all over the world, her impressive list including clients from the Obama administration, Fortune 500 CEO's and notable names in Hollywood. Her detailed (Gemini) accuracy is nothing short of astounding, with her ability to see people at the Soul Level and clearly answer questions on a wide range of subjects, from relationship matters, business decisions, to past lives, etc.—anything that requires clear answers and pin-point insight. She has the ability to identify hidden patterns that run beneath your current situation, providing you with information to positively change your future. If you'd like a reading with this compassionate, straight forward, laser-accurate and dedicated Psychic, you can find Isadora at

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